The Spring Challenge – We are Awesome

Saturday was the spring challenge in Kaikoura. Me Becs, and Tanya put togther a team for the 6hr race. The purpose: a fun weekend away with a little adventure thrown in. Well I don’t think at 7pm last night we were thinking fun was in out vocabulary.

Bouncy Bouncy Bike

We packed our stuff up and left chch at about 1pm on Friday. Tanya had borrowed a couple of roof racks and with my roof rack, we had 3 for all the bikes. We were past amberly on the way to the hamner turn off (about 1hr out of chch) when we heard a bit of a thud and then all turn around to see one of the bikes bouncing off down the road behind us. I thought that it look remarkably like mine, when we stop the car, I got out to see which bike was missing from the roof, and yes it was mine. Hmmm, at that point I was seeing in my head a mangled wreck of a bike and already thinking who to contact to get a replacement bike of as quick as possible. Yes Nades was on the top of that list 🙂

But we went back to see the bike and quite surprisingly it was all pretty much in one piece. The brakes were a wonky, but no damage to frame or wheels, the only thing that looked serious was the quick release on the back wheel was seriously stuffed, oh and the seat had a hunk of foam cut out of it (but was still attached by the material that covers it). So hoping that we would be able to find a mechanic in Kaikoura that would be able to fix it we carried on.

The registration was before you got into kaikoura, so we stopped there first, thinking that there might be a mechanic around and we also registered. I asked pretty much anyone who looked like a mechanic or official if there was a mechanic around. But all I got was there was one at r&r in town, and they close at 5.30 (it was 4.50), so rather than stick around for the raft breifing we hot footed it to the store.

The mechanic were a little stunned at how well the bike had come off the fall from the roof, one comparing it to surviving a fall down nigara falls. Well a bit of realigning, checking it was safe, taping the seat back together and $5 for a new quick release everything was hunky dory and I was a little more comfortable that all was now well.

Don’t let go of the T grip

After the drama of the bike, we still had to go back to registration to go to the raft briefing. I was slightly nervous of the rafting, as never done it before, but how hard can it be? Briefing made me a lot calmer. The main point I came back with was never let go of the T grip. Also they said with the snow melt the river was a grade 3 river. That made me slighlty nervous, because I know how scary a grade 2 can be in a little kayak. Can’t say have the kayking experince helped at all, in fact it made me more nervous especially at the start of the raft stage.. more on that later.

Nobodies nice when they are pushing to get their maps

Briefing was at 7 o’clock that night. Nathan gave us the introductory/ sponsors / safety speech. Then he invited all team captains to go down the back and get the course maps and directions. Mayhem insued, got the matter confused more bcause nathan didn’t know left from right to start with, then he cleared it up, then I didn’t know if he was talking left or right from his prespective or mine, and then theres the fack that I can’t tell the left from my right. Well I found the right spot eventually, but everybody was in a mad rush to gets theres. There was no politeness from this group of women, pushing and shoving. Felt a triumph getting there in front of the rest of them 🙂 (Does that make me the pushiest unpoliteness of all ?)

So now was the first chance to see what we would actually be doing.Because of the snow melt in recent days they had to use a continucy course. In the 6hr case that included a 20K bike on SH1

2.5K run

11K Raft

48K Mountain Bike (20K on SH1)

14K hike

14K Bike

2.5K Hike

Sweaty sweaty – hard to lift leg – HEAVY wetsuit – run

Saturday morning dawned cloudy but mostly fine. Rain was predicted for the end of the day, but we were hoping to have finsihed by then. We had a 9am start, and with a 60min drive to the start we didn’t have that early start. I had hired a wetsuit, and it was really heavy and tight behind knees, so was hard to lift the legs. We decided to run with the wetsuit on, as did 99% everyone else. I am not sure if this was the right decision, given how if might have effected me for the rest of the day.

I had been ill on Wednesday, and my stomach still wasn’t processing food probably. I was not sure if I would be able to take on enough nutrition for the race. The morning of the race my stomach was still feeling wrong. But told myself take kalinas hard pills and just do it, better to give it a try than not go at all. Plus I wanted to do the raft.

Anyway the 2.5K run to the rafts was HOT, and was really really hard to lift the legs and I felt quite neuseau near the end. But got to the rafts we did, we seem to get in quick and was about the 8th raft on the river.

“Give me the paddle… Mines Broke”

The team that was sharing the raft had the most annoying woman on the boat… “Go, Go, Go we can pass the raft ” she would yell and then giggle. For crying out loud, Shut up women, I wanted to yell, just lets get down the river. To begin with I was reading the river like I would in a kayak. It was kinda a scary because there were holes and wave trains I would hold a different line, but the guide had the steering. But the raft just go through and not need to worry about reading the river and just trust the guide. About 1/4 way down the guide who was sitting behind me, grabs my paddle, his had broken. So we were down to only 4 paddles. Did mean more breaks I suppose.

We had a excellent guide, and he took us the faster braid, but was slightly more difficult I think and we past a few rafts by do so. Out of the raft and then up a couple of steep banks, in that bloodly tight kneed wetsuit to transition to the Mountain bikes.

Hold up Tanya we’re coming

Tanya was riding a hybrid with slicks, where as Becs and me were pushing down the highway on our nobbly mountain bike tyres. 25K on State Highway 1 was a killer, i would have given anything for my lovely road bike sitting at home, but also the seat on my lovely road bike at home wouldn’t have gone astray. My ass hurt by the end of that stretch on my old taped up seat.

It felt good to get of the statehighway and onto a gravel road, then we crossed a river and were on to farm land. Had a bit of fun for a while then the tracks started to get steep and it was get off and push time. About this time my lungs started to hurt. It took a couple of goes on the inhaler to get rid of that feeling. My stomach was feeling kinda ok, but I couldn’t take on solid food, I just stuck to the leppins.

Power Cookie Girl

Once we got over the hilly farm tracks we got to a check point. Em was there is her Power Girl costume and giving out some of her new power bars. I took one but I had a feeling I couldn’t eat it. At this check point they also gave out some questions that we had to answer along the way. So the last part of moutain bike was answering all but 1 of these questions, mainly along rolling gravel roads. About 1K(we didn’t know how far it actually was) from the next tranistion I had to stop, because I thought I was going to be sick, I was feeling out of it, I had nothing much more to give, I took on more sugar and water and kept going. Finally got to transition, and I sat down for 5 min and regathered myself.

At this point I was really contemplating pulling out. But I didn’t want to let the girls down, so I decided to keep going and see how I felt on the hike. We had about another 2K to go on the bike, and we had to carry out hiking gear as well. This took us to the carpark at the bottom of mount Fyffe.

Mount Fyffe… F@#%ing Mount Fyffe

I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t anything what we got. It was a 14K hike, so I gave us 2 odd hours easy. But this was 7K straight up, this was no gentle slop this was steep, probsbly 18 degree if not more and it hard let off for the entire time. I struggled a lot for a long way. A 12hr team over took me, and I think they were a bit concerned, they told me to take on some sugar, and offered me some stuff. Almost threw up 2 or 3 times.I told them I was taking on sugar, and I was, constantly taking it on, but it didn’t seem to be helping

It started to get really cold and then the rain came in. We stopped and put on the warm clothing, and some how that break seem to help and I think finally the sugar started to help. I perked up a lot after that.

“Just another 15min”

Just another 15min… is what the teams coming down kept on saying… man where most of them wrong, the road just kept on going, and going and going. It started to hail and the wind got really cold at the top, but eventually… about 2hrs odd actually… we got to the hut. Stood in the warm hut for 5min took on some more water and then it was back down the mountain. It just seemed to take for ever to go down, hard on the legs, we would jog accassionally, but we weren’t sure of our footing so walked again.

Yah the bikes

After that momentous hike there was no giving up now. Had to carry my running shoes in the back pack on the final bike. I was freezing when we stopped to change over to the bike, but got even more cold on the bike. Tanya thought she had lost the peice of paper with the questions. I just said oh well, hopefully we can remember the answers. But she found it, hidden in her back pocket

Most of the bike on the final section was down hill, so it was fast, but we weren’t work hard, so wind chill got to me fast. We had the final question to answer. Our fingers were so cold that we had trouble writing down the answer, we scribbled it down somwhere and continued to the final check point. It was growing dark at this stage and I was really really cold. I was really concerned that I was close to hyperthermia. Once we got to the tranistion, I said I had to put my fleece on. I don’t know why the cold effected me so much, but I was in really bad shape.

The girls wanted to go, and I hadn’t changed into my trail shoes, I was getting a bit upset at this time and said what the f I just go in my mountain bike shoes but I couldn’t run in them.

We are awesome

The final hike was circularing a small hill behind the finish line. At the top there was a check point with a word that we had to tell the people at finish to proove that we had been there. That was “We are Awesome”. All of us had our head torches at the bottom of our packs (We didn’t think we’d be out long enough to need them) so we weren’t that keen to get them out, biut eventually we could hardly see anything, so we rivaled thriugh Tanyas pack and got out the head torche. It got really muddy and slippery in places, quite surprising that we didn’t actaully fall over, but eventually we got through to the finish line.

10.5 hours later… That was longer than anything that we had planned. I lost fun half way up Mt Fyffe. But I feel, even though slow we acheived something momentous, and rather proud of myself and team.

After the finish line we got into the last of our dry clothes available and straight back to the motel. I couldn’t get warm. I got into several layers of blankets and in front of the heater, to try and warm up, I couldn’t stop shaking and even when I eveantully thought I was warm enough for a shower I still couldn’t get warm. We were to tired to go out and get dinner, so we ended up snacking on what was left in the room.

Still processing this race in my mind and how I feel about it…. need to process it further still


The Rest of Sydney trip

So where did I leave you… hmm the night before the 2hr run I believe. Yes that is right, I girls went for dinner down by the opera house. I stayed in and had a “easy” night.

Saturday was predicted to be a hot day, 30 degrees, so I got up early and ready for the run. Kalina was awake as I was getting ready, adn said they were planning to go to DFO at 9. As is was only about 6, sweat plenty of time. Headed of towards darling harbour, the plan to follow the water front around as much as I could. So headed towards circualr quay. My stomach was a little bit upset, but I thought sweet, I can just stop at the numerous toilets along the way. First one fine, then around by the opera house all the toliets were locked!! grrr whats with that… I didn’t think it would be a good look to crouch behind a bush in the public gardens in a foreign country, but eventually, I found a toliet amongst the gardens. Thank god for that, I was getting desperate.

Continued on, around the water front, ended up in a bay where 4 navy ships were hanging out. Quite intimatdint vessels all together like that. Then I made my way back did some random path following through the park to make up time. I didn’t take any water with me on the run. I hoped that there would be enough water fountains along the way, and there was. I was randomly running across a piece of grass to get to another path where a random thought occured to me. There were big spiders and insects in australia… the thought gave me the creepy crawlys so stuck to the foot paths after to that. I stopped at a water fountain to grab a drink, it was under a big tree, and just as I was taking a drink, a spider fell out and hit my hand. It was not huge, but about the size of a 50 cent peice (old 50c size, Australia still has that size). It was one of those thinck solid looking spiders. I was rather proud I didn’t scream, such shaked a bit and took off fast.

After that I headed up to hyde park. It is not very big, and I still had a 30min to kill, so I did some random path following and then just as ranadomly did some step efforts up to the ANZAC momument. Then headed the a long way back to the apartment.

It was getting quite warm by this time, but like a good girl, I put my skins on, and jeans over top. But even sitting around in the air conditioned apartment, I was starting to feel hot. Wasn’t sure how I would go with the shopping we had planned at DFO, but I decided to keep the skins on and possibly take them off when I got to the shopping centre. So for the rest of the morning there was a lot of shopping. The skins cam off fast and eventually the jeans were replaced by a new pair of shorts and some sandles were purchased.

Once we got back to the appartment we took it fairly easy of the rest of the day. The feet hurt. Shopping is way to much effort!

Sydney Half Marathon

Ok, the bit you have all been waiting for! Well it was the purpose of the trip… The sydney half. The half started at 6.20, Kalinas run didn’t start to 8.30 so Tanya, Rebecca and me left Paula and kalina in bed and headed out to catch the train. It was only 2 stops from where we were, first stop across the bridge, but Town hall station is fairly large, and the possiblity of catching the wrong train, minor but there. But no need to worry really, there were lots of people in running clothing, so we just got on the train when they did and got of when everyone did. Then just followed the masses to the start (we didn’t have a clue).

Then it was to last minute toliet stop, but the portaloos were still all locked. Apparently the people who were suppose to unlock them, couldn’t get across the bridge, because it had been closed since 4am. Anyway they got them unlocked but the line was long. I don’t know what it is with australians but man do they use the toilets sloooowly. So used to people in NZ getting in and out in a matter of secounds there it seemed to take everyone 5 min each. We all noticed it and could not understand. So eventually managed to get through the toilet and make our way over to the start.  I still had 40c hanging around in my pocket from the train fare. I can’t say the thought of that jiggling away for a couple of hours inspired me, so tired to give it to the cop standing near by. He didn’t want it! So I just left it on the park bench. Hopefully some kid found it and made there day.

Well the gun went off and we just stood there. No movement to be had, it talk at least 2 minutes for a general shuffle to begin and then at least another 3 till we were over the line and running. The start of the race basically just climbs up and then over the bridge. So after 2K, the most interesting part of the race is gone. It was kinda cool running over the bridge, there was just a sea of people all over the place. But you couldn’t see much other than the massive steel beems of the bridge.

The plan for the race was to be disiplined. Basically to walk when everybody is running past me. This is a hard thing for me, as I see people disapearing up the road and I could so easily keep up. But the kepler is a different kettle of fish and no way can I run the whole 67K. So the purpose was to see how the 10 run 1 walk plan effected me in a more intense situation. To see if I have to revise this to say a 25run 5walk (I come to my conclusions later). I decided that I would run for the first 20min, then start the run walk plan. This was basically because of the number of people etc it would be hard to find a space to walk and didn’t really need to. The first couple of walks was really hard. Especially when I had just run a down hill and overtaken a heap of people (I don’t know why most of them were so slow at running downhill), but then they all overtook me again.

The first drink stop they ran out of water, and I wasted time waiting around for some. I should have just kept going, but that is in hindsight, I didn’t know how the heat would affect me, if I had been going for a time, I probably would have flagged it, but I wasn’t and it didn’t bother me that much. Then at 40min my stomach started to get upset and I had to stop and go to the toliet (This is a theme that is coming up a lot at the moment and it worrying me slightly). The line was long and these australians just can’t seem to use the toliet fast. I think I probably stood in the line for 5 minutes on that first stop. Basically after the bridge the course does a out a back. When I was sitting on the toliet the first of the half marathon runners was coming back. There was a lot of honking horns and clapping. The course is pretty uninspiring from then on, there was a long uphil slog (but not that steep) and then a nice long down hill that you had to then run back up again on the way back. I had to stop at the toliet of a 2nd and 3rd time along here.

Occassionally you got to follow the blue line that the olympic marathon runners followed in 2000. I remember watching that marathon and seeing that blue line. So in some way that was kind of cool. At the 18 K odd mark the run walk method started getting hard. It was just really hard to get going again. So once we rounded the corner into circular quay I just kept going and stuff the walk.

Near the end of the race

Near the end of the race

My net time was 2:14 so the slowest half of my career. And even though it was in my plan I feel very disapointed in that time. I just can’t help it. But the purpose of the race for me was to be disicplined and not to over run myself. I felt strong the whole way. I felt I could have kept going at the finish. I kept to the HR plan and averaged 160. The heat didn’t bother me, but the tarmac running and probably the shopping in the days leading up to the race did effect my legs and feet.

I have discovered, that  I pushed myself just that little bit harder during the race than I do in training. I need be training at that intensity a lot more. I am going to have to rethink the run walk plan because there it got harder to get back up to running after a while. and my weight which I have always said but been very undisplined about needs to go down 15kg. No bones about that one. I just need to do. No more crap and I am thinking dinner needs to be rethought.

The finish Line

The finish Line

The other girls

Kalina had a awesome race for her first ever running race. Shes quite a inspiration really, considering the physical issues she has to deal with just to get out and do it, she just takes her harden up pill and does. Tanya ran a sub 2hr cool, and Rebecca was just behind me. Paula couldn’t do it because of injury but she did a great job of carrying our stuff to the finish line and then us never using it 😦

The rest of the time

Rebbeca, myself and somewhat Tanya had been shopped out. Kalina and Paula were still the keen to shop, so on Monday we headed to Bondi Junction, Paula and Kalina did some more shopping and the rest of us headed to Bondi beach. That was quite cool, we sat and watched the local wildlife. Completly different lifestyle to what we are used to. Running along the beach in you bikini just sounds uncomfortable to me.

Tuesday, our last day it decided to rain, we were heading over to Manly on the ferry, and decided to stick with that plan. On our way down we stopped in at a shop and I think I had last day shopping fever and came out with 5 tops for 50 bucks. Not to shabby actually. Manly was rather uninspiring but the ferry ride over was cool, and on the way back,  even though it was freezing, I stood on deck and watched the scenery. Then Tanya, Becs and me checked out the rocks and even found a bike shop. They had different brands in there but no really interesting deals. Then it was time for back to hotel and wait for shuttle and of to airport.

The flight home over the alps was the bumpiest I have ever had. Rather scary when the plane si on descent and shaking all over the place and then suddenly drops. Eamon surprised me by turning up at the airport to pick me up at midnight. I had told him not to worry as he had to go to work in the morning.

So back in good old chch. I have the rest of the week of work, because heading to Kaikoura for spring challange on Friday and just felt like taking the whole week off.

But I am feeling really queazy today. Not sure whats up, feel ok and then be sick. Hope it passes soon

Oh.. I didn’t have a camera but the rest of the girls did so there will be more photos coming soon.

Sydney Day 1 and 2

Well, its the end of day 2 in Sydney. The other girls have gone out on the town, and I decided to stay in and be boring, got a 2 hour run in the morning and I just feeling tired, and needing a little space from people. So got on the internet cafe across the road from the hotel. Thought I’d do a little blogging.

I’ll start back at day 1, up at 3.30am to and get to the airport  before 4, well that was the plan, but Tanya picked me up and we were on Tanya time. The other girls were already in the queue, so we skip through to them and get the passports out. Well what had tanya forgotten! it was still in the car that her brother had dropped us of with, thank god for cell phones. She managed to get it back. Then boring checkin and flight. We arrive at the Hotel in Sydney just after 8, so couldn’t checkin, left the bags and went for a wander around sydney. Eventually found our way to circular quay and saw the registration tent, so we decided while there, we might as well register.

Nothing to be had in the event pack, some nose strips to breath easier! But of course there was shopping to be had. They had skins there with 20% of. They had the socks, which I have been thinking I might want to give a go. Normally when I look in the shops in chch they don’t have any in my size. Well I thought I might buy them and for my planned experiment.  Also picked up some half price shorts and top.

We were rather tired so made our way back to the Hotel, checked in crashed for a bit. Then some dinner and early night.

This morning was a quick 1 hr run. It wasn’t that hot but was sticky even at 6 am, I was dripping in sweet at the end, but I felt good for the run. I took off without a map but a vague idea about my planned route and didn’t have any problems finding my way.

Then we headed to paddy’s market for some shopping. 3 tops later and a pair of sunglasses (I forgot to bring mine) we went back to the hotel for brief stop over before more shopping. Then end of day. My feet hurt! I don’t think all this walking is healthly for me.

Well tommorrow is a 2 hr run, where I explore a little more of the city, then Sunday the half.

Thats me for now, I either have another post after the half or when I get back on Wednesday.

My favorite products

I thought that I might just give a thumbs up to the products I love.  They disguinish themsleves from my everyday useful products by there x factor:

Coffeesmiths Hot Choclate: The best hot chocloate in town. Apparently the coffee is not bad as well, but I don’t drink that stuff, so not a clue on that. Plus they are a really friendly bunch in thee shop, they shouted our office morning tea the other week. Well our office probably keeps the profits high, we are there best customers. But that was really cool. They are also fast, they make a really quick cup of coffee / choclate, no hanging around required.

Irule shorts: My multisport shorts, really comfortable to run, cycle or kayak in. They have pockets for gels and asthma inhalers. Best pair of shorts I have ever purchsed.

Skins: Think the x factor is the marketing, I just feel good about them.

Saucony Omni running shoes: They have a size and width to fit my un-normal feet.

Em’s Power cookies / bars: Favorite afternoon, pre training, during training, post training snack. They are so much yummier than the one square meals and other “training” food. The new improved bars are so yummy.

I used to be the kid that had to splash in every puddle…

… actually I still do. When ever I see a puddle on my runs I have go jumping into it an d see how much of a splash I make. It’s a little bit on Nadya fun. Sometimes the puddles might be more mud then water, this has a few dire consequences on my shoes. Was looking at my collection today (yes I have a few running shoes) and almost every single pair of running shoe (except for my brand new road shoes, which I refuse to take of road at the moment) is covered in mud. I just don’t how to clean them up… I spray them with the hose and the dirt still seems to stick. I just know that some people probably manage to keep there shoes pretty clean, they probably don’t go straight through the muddiest part of the track. But there must be another secret that I am missing (or just can’t be bothered working out), oh well I shall except my muddy shoes and bang them out and hopefully with use in drier weather the mud will just drop of.

Today, I had a much better day. Did the 3 hr run planned for yesterday. It wasn’t the best of runs… am slightly worried that I have over trained so performance dipping. But it was a great run just because it was a lovely day the views from along the summit road was amazing. I just felt free today…

I decided to go up the old dyers road track today. It runs underneath dyers road (where as harry ell runs on top.). I hadn’t been up it before and it was quite a nice run. However, when I got to the top I started gaging as if I needed to throw up. Something I do if I push myself hard on hill intervals. But I didn’t think I had pushed myself that hard up there. My HR was at 165, which isn’t that high for me. A hard effort that makes me gag is normally up around 175, It actually something I am doing more and more with hard efforts (this gaging thing, not sure what is going on with that.). Anyway, decided to continue on my way, but just keep to a walk or easy jog for awhile and see how I go.

After about 20mins I perked up a little bit. I was heading along the Crater rim towards the Bellbird. There is always the track at the top of the hill after the Kiwi that points to “Trig V Bush track”. Allways wondered where that went, so today I decided to find out. It just took you to the top of the hill and had the most amazing view of lytellton harbour.

Lytellton Harbour from Trig V

Lytellton Harbour from Trig V

Though I did not find any bush, eventually took me back down to the Crater Rim Walkway and no bush in site.

I kept going past the bellbird, at this point the walkway gets pretty rough. Over grown branches and then enter a bush bit that where the track gets a bit knarly.

How do I run down that?

How do I run down that? (steeper than appears in photo)

I have only ever been down this part of the track once before. Today was worse than last time because the track is still very muddy and slippery. (There was this guy who past me going the other way at the bottom of this picture peice of track, really weird, had Ipod on, didn’t smile or in anyway give any indication that he recognised that there was another person on the track. But just as he was he stepped on a stone and slipped over. I said you OK… he didn’t respond at all, of course he might not have heard me.  ) Anyway, I one day want to be able to run this peice of track, though have no idea if that is even possible…

Kept going for about 10min past this point. Stopped and had another spectular look at the scenery. Than turned around and came back the way I had come.

Half Way point looking towards the alps

Half Way point looking towards the alps

End of Run looking towards Lake ellesmere

Half way point looking towards Lake ellesmere

The balance went wrong… struggling to regain the balance

Lately I have just been feeling down. Sometimes I’m slightly worried that getting back to my depressive ways, but I stop and think No that isn’t happening. It isn’t like that. I seem to have lost the motivation. I just couldn’t face going for my run this morning. Just stayed on the couch and didn’t move. I justify little things to myself… I’ll do it this afternoon (yeh right! I don’t do exercise for longer than a hour on weekend afternoons, it is something that I just can’t do, weekend afternoons are relax do other thing times.). Then it’s… OK I’ll do a meaningless 1hr (yes abosultly no purpose to that other than to do something, every training has a purpose to me), and I’ll do the run tommorrow (which means I give up the planned bike) and I’ll do a backup run on monday. There you go all justified in a nice little package.

Sometimes I think that it would be good to have a full on coach who tells me to do that then and if I don’t do it I have to justify it to them and then I am more likely to get out and go. Leave all the thought processes up to them.

But back to the balance… work hasn’t been going all to great, I have been feeling down about it and I am very surprised how that has been passed in to my training. To me work is something that I do for 8 hrs a day during the week. I enjoy it (normally) and am challenged by it while I am there, but outside those hours I don’t think about it. Training is managed around working hours and I normally trundle through life, like that quite happily. But lately I have had to miss training sessions because I had to work. I have been dreaming about it, and just can’t stop thinking about it.

The plan up to the Sydney half marathon was to have a build of 2 big weeks, cumulating in the half marathon.. so no taper. Then I am going to have 2 weeks break. The spring challenge is the week after the half, but it is different from normal training, so I think it would be great for the break. Ten it will be back into the more intensive training in the build up to Kepler.

In the scheme of things, missing todays run doesn’t seem such a big deal, but I know if I keep doing this I will stuggle more and more. I am hoping that after holiday from work and a break from training, I’ll be able to get my sensible balance back. A balance that up untill a month or so ago that worked quite well.

But having said that, the last week, I have been formulating a new career plan, I wont say what it is at this stage. Its just a thought in my head at the moment, I think I need to talk to a couple of people to see if its feasible, talk to my current employer to see if they would be ok with it. Then I might just give myself a 6 month window and take a gamble. It might mean that somethings (like moving house) might need to be put on hold.

Well is that vaque enough for people.. sorry not saying anymore. I just feel better about writing about it.

Actually I feel better about everything now. Writing these things down certainly has a postive effect on my pschye.

Up and Down kind of weekend

Yesterday, I had a 3 hour run. I decided to go up captain thomas track, then up towards Mt pleasant, I think this is the only part of the crater rim I haven’t been on, Between Mt pleasant and the gondola. There is a loop track I could take that would take me down towards lytellton. Or I thought I could take a track down to heathcote valley and run back to the car form there. Decided to make my mind when I got up there.

I was feeling all the great running up Captain thomas. The Crater rim walkway up to mt pleasnt is really steep. So I was walking most of the way. I saw the track down to lytellton, it look really steep, I was only wearin my road shoes and thought it could be a bit slippery so decided to just keep going. Then I got to the gun placements from wwII. I lived in Mt pleasant for the forst 19 years of my life. But for what ever reason I had never been to this place before. The gun placements are huge, and the guns that must have gone in them must have been really big. The view up there is also the best form anywhere. you have a full 360 degree view of ev erything. Lytellton, christchurch, the plains the alps.

After that I got on to the mountain bike track and made my way towards the top of Mt pleasnt road and where the John Britten track is supposed to be. I couldn’t find this so called track. I must be slightly blind. But my feet were feeling sore and wasnt’t in much of a mood to keep going much so I just headed down Mt Pleasnt road and thn down Moncs spur. Then back to sumner. I was wearing shorts and got really bad rubbing between the thighs so I ended up having to walk home. So all in all a rather dispointing run only 2.20hr and a lot of it was walking.

Today, I decided to just have a rest from the running, just maybe have a mini break so pulled the bike out of the shed and headed for short bays. Now I haven’t done hills in 6 months, I have barely ridden my bike in that time. Considering that I didn’t do to bad. My climbing muscles are weak and need a bit of work. But where I am normally pushing my cardio ability, I was barely puffing as my thigh muscles were screaming at me.

It was great to be back on the bike and getting time in the saddle. As the weather is getting warmer I think I will not do a back up runnign day but a back up cycle. Though still have a 1 hr run this evening.

I had a really crap week at work last week. Not enjoying it much at the moment. hopefully I just need a holiday. But I questioning my career choice. To all my freinds that sent me a email in the last weekend and I might not have replied, I am sorry. I did read it, but then I got distracted or another email came in and I never got around to replying. I haven’t even listen to ironman talk is 3 weeks, and I am missing my genral blog review.

Hopefully next week will be better, I am over the whole stress thing. I don’t do STRESS. Nothing is important enough for that, I forgot that in the last couple of weeks. I am goign to keep things in prepective next week.

Can’t wait till Sydney!