What the F@#k!!!!

Ok I am officially over it! I want a replacement stomach. Went out for drinks last night, with the boys from work, but I was a good girl and only drank 1 glass of wine. The reason I had the Flagpole run in the morning. Even left early so I could get ready etc etc.

But 3 o’clock this morning I wake up, it took me a while to realise why I was awake (don’t normally wake up), my stomach had the big gassy feeling. In the last few months, I’ve had that feeling a couple of times, and it does not lead to a pretty result. Kept on telling myself I am fine, but didn’t get any more sleep. Kept on telling myself I am not going to throw up. But I did 😦

When I woke up to the alarm, I was actually feeling better, got the running gear on and then made my way to the kitchen. The thought of food made me feel rather bad, so I thought I’d sit down for a moment and chewed down a leppin to see if that would help.

Thought I might possibly make it through, but if I did go and do the race it would probably take me a week to recover instead of a couple of days, I was really looking forward to that run, looked awesome. Trying to work out what I could have got this one from, maybe I didn’t wash my hands probably, or that sushi I had for Lunch??? who knows but I so want to avoid a repeat performance.

Another bites the dust. Hopefully, I feel better tommorrow, and I’ll go do a nice long tramp at Mt herbert.


I am not Icing Sugar, I will not melt… I might however freeze

Got up at 6 this morning to go for a ride around short bays. Look out the window and it was overcast but not very cold… rumaged around in the draw and found my clothes. Couldn’t find my arm warmers, but thought can’t be that bad, went outside to check, and nope didn’t seem very cold at all.

As I was setting out the door, I decided at the last minute to throw on the wind breaker vest (thank god for small mercies). Anyway pedaled down the street very comfortable and looking forward to a great early morning ride. After about 5 min it started to drizzle, wasn’t that bad so my optimistic spirit wasn’t dented so kept on going.

About half to the hills it started to really rain, my arms were getting a bit cold, but a cold never hurt any one and kept on trundling on. Just before the hill, I gave up on the sunglasses, because I couldn’t see very much, they went in the back pocket. At this point I was revising the plan. “I’ll see what its like at the top of the hill, but its only a little bit of rain, I’ve had worse”.

So I started to go up Hackthorne, half way up the first slope I get something in my eye, it was my right eye… I can’t blink with my right eye… so kept on having to shut both eyes.. this seemed a little dangerous… but eventually wahtever it was cleared and I kept going, then half way up the next slope it happens again. At the top I stop and try to clear my eye out. It seems ok so off I go again, everything is fine for a while, until I hit the corner before the last climb at the kiwi… Of I get again, try to rise my eye with my drink bottle. By this point I am soke through and very cold. Standing around trying to clear the eye does not help…

At this point I give up, don’t want to risk going further in this weather and having a problem of not seeing much. The only problem I have to get down the damn hill. Have rinsing the eye with some water it felt better, so I just turned around and took it slowly down the hill.

Just before the takehe the eye struck again, that was the scarist, 2 cars up my ass, the speed of down hill, and not being able to keep the eyes open, pulled over again, rinsed the eye… and slowly continued my decent. My entire forearm and hands were numb at this point. Have cars honking at me… I’m as left as I can be! you try decending in the pissing rain on too thin tyres at speed and a eye that doesn’t want to behave!

Eventually I make it to the bottom of the hill. Rather than going straight to work, as the orginal plan, decided I had time to go home and have a long shower and get warm.

Getting into the shower hurt, feet were bricks of ice, don’t think that any part of my skin wasn’t frozen.

Moral of the story, check the wether forecast before you go out, and wear the opporiate clothes.

A pyramid circum-navigation in the sun

Friday arvo I left work early so I could get a head start on the traffic heading out for the long weekend. In the end however, the supermarket was packed full, and things took a while and didn’t head out till about 5.30. But I managed to scoot around the traffic most of the way, only having to be on the SH 1 for 20min. Then taking the back roads to Geraldine and got to Tekapo in almost record time (excluding the stop for dinner at subway in Geraldine).

Oh what an exciting start to the blog! what everyone wants to hear… about a boring trip to Tekapo, sorry, please stay with me, I’ll get to the interesting bit I am sure…

So stayed the night in Tekapo at my parents, then Saturday morining I was up early to prepare my experimental prerace breakfast. A toasted bagel and banana. So I toasted the bagel, and wasn’t sure what to put on it, was going to go with honey but after rifling through the parents cupboard discovered they didn’t have any, stettled on Jam, which I don’t normally like, but toasted bagel and Jam is scrummy. Well that was my new experince for the day. Thje choked my way through the banana, I honestly don’t like Banana’s, something to do with the squishy texture in my mouth, I normally OK , as long as I don’t think about what am eating.

Oh jeez now I have bored you with my exciting breakfast… Now’s the good bit honest

Put my stuff together and headed off to Twizel, its about a 30 min drive, and I wasn’t quite sure where the start was, my Dad had explained the night before, but somethimes the more obvious a direction, I make more complicated and get myself lost. So I had given myself heaps of time to get there. Mt Cook was looking awesome on the way over. I had to stop and take the tradtional tourist shot (Well phone camera doesn’t show it off to its best).

I still arrived pretty early at the start, no problems finding the place. Registered, then used the toilet about 4 times. Ok I am not normally that bad, but I was concerned about getting stamach cramps again…

Eventually breifing started, and then we lined up at the start. I was surprised at the number of people there was, I pick a spot near the back of the crowd, didn’t want to get caught up in a fast pace start. And then we were off. The first K or so was on tarmac, which is slightly odd running with the trail shoes on, then we crossed over a bridge on the canal (Oh dear we didn’t have to swim it, was so looking forward to that), and were on to a gravel road for the next 2k. At the 3.4K point there was a drink station, I was wearing my hydration pack, so didn’t need it, but did remind me to start drinking. Most of this bit had been on a slightly uphill kind of slope, but after this we truly started to climb. I set my self a comforatble pace, walking the stepper bits. The final 1 or 2 K’s up to the saddle was fairly steep so I made sure I power walked this (used those glut muscles), and got to the top feeling pretty comfortable. The day had started out fair;y chilly, but by this point it was getting warm. I was thinking I should have put sun block on, but was really enjoying the heat.

The saddle was the 7K mark, most of the rest of the course was down hill from there. There was a short sharp decent, where I managed to overtake a few people, thanks to my new downhilling technique. Then we followed a track behind the pyramid.

Have I explained the course… heres a photo (Its taken just after the bridge over the canal). Sorry not great picture but the hill on the right is the pyramid (not sure why its called a pyramid, doesn’t look very pryamiddy). You can kinda see the track that took us up to the saddle, between the two hills, then we circum naviagate the entire hill before coming back the way we came.

Where was I? Oh yeh so we followed a single track around the back of the pryamid. This was the best bit and then we turned around on to the front and it was just this long big expanse that just kept on going. I mucch prefer a twisty windy track, that I can’t see how far I have been or how far I have to go, just work through what I have in the here and now. So this bit did my head in, but eventually made it back to that first drinks station and headed back for home.

Finished in about 1.57, which I was quite happy with. I made sure that I kept a even steady pace the entire way. I wanted to finish the race feeling comfortable. I was feeling a little more tired than I orginally wanted to, but think I could have gone around again… not so sure about a third time though… gulp. I din’t employ the run / walk technique, only walking the hills and the final drink station where I grab a sponge of water. Overall I fairly happy with eerything, especially my non stamach cramps, so what ever I did this week seems to havve helped, I didn’t get any neusea at the start, I did feel my stomach feeling a bit tight around the back of the pyramid, but made sure I drank more water and it came right.

Afterwards I realised i forgot my skins, so lay down with my legs up the car for 15 min. Then headed back to Tekapo. Decided to forgo pricegiving, as it wasn’t till 2, and it was 11.30 by this time, and didn’t know what I could do in Twizel to keep me preoccupied for 2.5hr. On the way back, as I was driving past Pukaki, I thought that would be the best ice bath. For those of you who know the 3 hydro lakes in this part of the world will know they are cold, icy cold. Plus I couldn’t remember when I last put my feet in the lake (Its a thing I have to do, it I can I like to go paddling in every river, lake I pass). So I stop off, I had taken my shoes of at this stage, and too lazy to put them back on, and clambered over come very sharp rocks down to the lake edge and proceeded to stand in it for about 2 min, that is all I could handle, my feet were aching something terrible… once I got out and feeling returned to my legs, they felt so much better… was worth it aye.

A couple of hours after I got back to Tekapo the Sotherly arrived, was rather glad that it hadn’t arrived early for the racce, it would have been cold out there. Then it started to snow.. snow in October! on Labour weekend! I know it isn’t unheard of but still… I was really glad I wasn’t out there racing.

The touristy shot

The touristy shot

Oh well by lunch time it was mostly all gone. But tradionally on this weekend, their is normally have been the Kayak marthon on the canals, but it wasn’t held this year. I really wanted to do it this year, but it din’t happen… but my point… imagine if it had been on, then we would have been doing it with snow lining the canals sides, portaging though the snow… that would have been awesome. And not a breath of wind anywhere to make your day unhappy.

Well instead I went for a “recovery” run this morning, but the snow looked like fun and decided to go off road and followed a track behind the township, breaking through soft powdery virgin snow. That was fun, tried to justify my actions, that I was training for a situation where it snows on the Kepler… I really hope it doesn’t because no matter how much run, it is hard work running through ankle deep snow.

Time for cold turkey…

As of yesterday, all caffeine, fizzy, sugared and artificial sweeteners drinks (including fruit juice) are banned from the diet, as well as anything high in pure sugar.

This means that the morning hit of diet V is a goner… survived yesterday… see how today goes.

Pre-race meal is going to change from my normal muesli yogurt and fruit, to a bagel and banana.

So will see how I feel for the pryamid run on this routine, if that doesn’t work the next step is to try and cut diary. That would be a hard one, not that I have that much except for yogurt which I eat by the container load.

On another note I seem to be getting clumsier… I twisted both my ankle on a run along the crater rim yesterday. My ankles seem to be able to bounce back from a minor twisting easily. The first one a couple of swlaking steps and it was feeling fine and off again. The other one was a bit more serious, I heard in kinda crack… that spelt the end of the run as I hobled back to the car. I was cursing all sorts of things, and had a plan in place, RICE, phyiso, a change in the training program. But I RICE’d as soon as I got home, put antiflame on before bed and woke up and it was fine. Sweet….

Is it physical or is it mental?

Off to see the doctor next week to see if she can shed any light, have a feeling she’ll come up with nothing though…

What am I talking about? My bodies incapability of performing at its top level. As soon as I push it too far I get nausea, stomach cramps and its inability to deal with the cold. Doesn’t happen when I am training very often, I have had the nausea, but when I push it hard at a race it seems to crap it out. But is it just my mind not wanting to let the body go further when it goes over the limit? This issue has been haunting me since Brunner, even at Sydney I had a upset stomach, and Kepler is only 7weeks(approx?) away, and I don’t want this happening to me on this race.

There are a couple of races in the next couple of weeks, Pyramid run and Flagpole, I am thinking I am going to give them both a go and see where how it goes.

So what happened today… the Frostbuster… do I really want to give a review, hmm yes I think I will, actually enjoyed the majority of it, except my body’s(or maybe my brains) slight break down.

The Frostbuster

The race didn’t start to 10:30, so no early morning required, but still got up around about 6.30 and packed my stuff up ready to go. The weather was looking fairly good out the window (I didn’t look at the weather forecast) and as a after thought, decided to throw the raincoat in the car (thank god for that). Kalina arrived just before 8 so we set of towards Methven.

Strangley I have never spent anytime at and around Methven and the surrounding areas, so quite frankly I was hoping I was heading in the right direction. As we got closer it started to rain and then it started to piss down with rain. On the way we stopped at the Kayak transition and dropped the kayak off. We arrived at the start over a hour early, it was raining really hard, and nobody was keen to get out and check things out. Eventually we headed to the registration and ran back to the car to wait. We weren’t quite sure where the bike was to go but we weren’t that keen to find out. It was freezing and wet out there, I was quite keen to go straight to the blue pub and just stay there the day.

We eventaully plunged our way out of the car figured out where the bike was to go and went to briefing. There was nothing very upsetting about the kayak breifing, Josh words or some such “Nothing too bad”, a view big wave trains and a willow trees to beware of.

Start:m We were off, it was a slight slope to start with, that normal rush start got me, the legs were cold from the standing around, and slightly dead feeling, eventaully, they started feeling ok but after about 3K I was getting a bit bored of the gravel road, but eventually we got onto the river bank, a little bit of stone running and river crossings. The river didn’t actually feel that cold, but I did feel it in the calves a couple of times, but it worked it way out ok. I started to feel a bit nauseu at this point, but I told myself just run through it and pushed on, I was having a fun time on the river bank. It isn’t anything near what you get on goat pass, but just enough difficulty to be having a ball running over the rocks.

Too soon we were directed off the river bank and up onto a forest trail. It immediatly started going up for about 5 – 10 min and then it was down and across path for a little bit longer. the neusuea was still bothering me slightly, but it wasn’t until the reached the gravel road again that I started to get really bad stomach cramps. At one point I just had to stop and bend over… I walked it out a bit and then continued on to the transition.

The bike was only 25K so I decided that the stomach cramps would effect me so much on the bike and get throught the bike and see how I felt at the end. It was really wet and windy (In places) on the bike. Started with a really fast down hillish road and then turned into a slow grind flase flat a very fast downhill. The multisporters then took a side road there and back road. The wind was a side wind and in places I couldn’t work out why it look like I was going downhill but slogging it out at 20kph. The back was much faster, and continued on to the river. There was a very steep downhill to the river, and the rain felt like it was going straight into my eyes, and hurt something bad.

I got of the bike at the tranisition, I was cold, and stomach was still not good. The weather wsa still cold, I was thinking, I was tired , more likely to make mistakes and I thought if at that moment if I was to fall into the freezing cold river I was likely to be in trouble. So I pulled out at the point. I sometimes think I overthink the what ifs way too much, you never know what might happen. And right now sitting in my warm lounge wondering how hsrd could it have been. It was the call I made then, can’t take it back now.

Well in conclusion, the run other than the nauseau and cramp felt good, didn’t seem anything like 8.5 K. The cycle wasn’t quick for me, but considering I have only biked 2 times since coming out of a break of almost 4months, that I was actually quite happy with it.

Kalina was great support crew, except for getting lost from the bike to the kayak tranistion (she followed the duathletes) but she still had everything all ready to go by the time I got there, even tripped over and hurt her knee getting my stuff to the kayak, and in the end I didn’t even use them 😦 Sorry chickie. She said she enjoyed herself even if it was pissing down with rain.

Oh and we went and baught some lotto tickets from the lotto shop in Methven, so if they say the winner was from Methven… you never know…. πŸ™‚

If I was to win 30million dollars….

Now that powerball has got to 30 mill, and everyone is talking about, I am sure everyone has done this, what would you do if you won…

Now I am sure that some people come up with very interesting soultions to this situation, unfortunalty my first reaction is I’ll buy a really nice bike. Thats pretty much it, and eventually I start thinking oh and yeh I could quit the job and train full time, then a overseas holiday on a island in Greece (have no idea why greece, maybe something to do with the blue and white houses you always see. I have heard that isn’t actually all that nice).

I don’t think I am a very nice person because giving to charity etc doesn’t even come into my head space.

Ok so for the first thing I could win $20 000 and get away with that quite happily, so really I don’t need 30mil at all.

Oh and one other thing, I have never baught a Lotto ticket in my life and really don’t forsee myself changing this pattern before this weekend, so why I even thought about such stuff, let alone put it in my blog, is completly beyond me.

Crater rim runners BEWARE!

Along the trail that run behind sugar loaf there is a very dangerous flax bush. Now you might think that this flax bush is innocent enough as it sits there minding its own business, but don’t be fooled, its placed itself and grown its leaf deliberately to get you!

It placed itself on the right hand side of the track (well left if going form the other direction, but you get the gist) . One of its leaf broaches the entire track to rest exactly where you would place your left foot. Then when your right foot comes through gets trpped by the leaf, being held down by the left foot.

And kabllom, you are falling and have no idea how that happened, as the track looked clear… knees scrapped egp bruised.. beware of that there flax bush. There are a couple of others that try to do the same, but they just aren’t as well placed, maybe they just don’t care to try hard enough.

Now you might say that the plant had nothing to do with it, but I saw it laugh at me (as it jiggled in the wind) πŸ™‚