Spin… Spin… Spin… legs keep on spinning

Ok, so in the last 4 days I have gone out on my bike three times, for a flat spin ride. The aim of each session is to keep the cadence above 95. I find it hard to spin into a head wind. I am not sure what it is, but whenever I get into a strong head wind I want to put the bike into a big gear, get low and smash it…. but NO! I am spinning, so I go into a lower gear and spin. I feel like I am getting nowhere…

Well I feel like I am getting somewhere with all this spinning, the leg muscles are getting stronger and more capable of handling all the spinning, the first time I almost fell of my bike when I stopped at the lights, and tried to put my foot down, my legs were all wobbly 🙂

This arvo, I am going to spin over to Heathcote and then do a few hill efforts up a rather simple slope.

This morning I went for a swim at jelly Park, I had slept in a bit, and it was bedlam. The out door pool is supposed to be lane swimming only to 11am, but they don’t seem to enforce that rule, but most people were only lane swimming. The trouble is they only have 2 lanes, and the rest of the pool is open. I normally prefer this, as you just grab a lane line on the bottom of the pool and go up and down. But the trouble begins when there is more people to lane lines… people are going every which way, I almost had 2 head on collisions.

I am still struggling with my running, I just can’t seem to get any motivation or traction on it. I struggle with a 30 min run around the roads. Last night I was going to go out to Mcleans Island and run around the track, but I just didn’t want to face it, so didn’t.
Trying not to be too concerned about the run, if I just maintain it for the next couple of weeks than hopefully I will get the feeling for it back.

On Sunday, I went over to Scarbourgh to try out the wetsuit. It has been pretty much 2 years since I last used it. So I was a little concerned, I wouldn’t fit it. But it just fits a little tight… I went for a bit of a splash in the sea. I had forgotten how easy it is to swim with a wetsuit, you just float. It was nice to be out in the sea again and I quite enjoyed my self.


So I have been analysising

I know I have this tendency to over think things, I always will trundle the web and forums to find out as much about whatever I am doing as possible. Then I go through my strength and weaknesses, where I will struggle and what needs to be done in training.

Well that all sounds well and good to me, unfortunatly I think there is a boundary between thinking and planing and doing. I often do way to much thinking and not enough doing, if I put all the energy I do into the thinking and planning into the training than I think I could improve 10%…. hows that for the most arbitruary number to be pulled out of my head.

Ok so I have been anaysling the Auckland half. I somethimes wonder if I am thinking this will be easier than it actually is. Maybe because I keep on hearing about Rach and Nades doing a full, and well this is only half and 14 weeks is plenty of time to train. I think I need that little bit of scary, it will push me out the door.

The Swim

As I have said before, I think I will be sweet in the swim, I just need to get in the pool and get some training down. I have roped Kalina into being my coach, so with a bit of motivation on a training session planned, I think all will be well.

The Bike

Ok so this is actually the biggest worry, probably because I put the biggest expectation on myself for this leg. I haven’t been training properly on the bike for over 8 months now. Yes I have got on the bike to supplement the running, but not with the goal off improving the bike.

So the first question was do I need aero bars? The auckland course is hilly, and if I am climbing a lot they may become more off a nusicence than the help. Sportzhub said they would be a benefit. I also consulted my sister. She knows our chch hills and she knows the Auckland hills, so I wanted to know a comparison. Her first reaction was I probably wouldn’t need aero bars, but I sent her a map of the course and this was her reaction

the road over to Orere Point is the nasty hill but doesn’t look like it has been included. There is a fair bit of rolling and flattish bits between Maratai and Clevedon so aerobars probably would be worth it. I will check out the portion after Orere point for you.

So it is off to buy some aero bars.

Ok so I have to do some work on the bike. I want to have a very strong bike split in the race. If I am biking strong, I can then hopefully run fairly strong.

I did a search on map my run, and found this map of the bike course http://www.mapmyrun.com/ride/new-zealand/auckland/60692434. So there is one big climb in there.

The Run

Well I know I can do it, but I can’t do it fast? All that slow running has effected my speed something bad. I’d want to have a goal of doing the run in just over 2hrs, that is my fastest half marathon time, so not sure if I could pull it off. But my main aim here will be to improve my speed and keep it up. I have the base fitness and strength, I can do the distance without much trouble.

Heres a map of the run course http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/new-zealand/auckland/346557901. Failry flat a few rises along the way.

So the plan

So this week has been about getting back into the rythmn of training. The next 4 weeks will be mainly be about the bike, I need to be able to build the strength back up. The next two weeks will be sticking to mainly the flat boring rides. get the legs spinning and building the strength up. Have to say this sounds like a rather boring plan for over the break. I could break with this and get in a few nice hill rides. But after the 2 weeks, start working on some hills, just building up the strength.

Through out this I’ll just keep the swimming up 3 times a week and just maintain the run, do the surf n’ turfs and the shoe clinics 5k’s to build up some speed. That will take me through to Timaru tri.

After that it will be another 4 weeks of building up hill speed and strength on the bike and working on some tranisition training.  Then I’ll see where I am at after that.

Oh one other thing I didn’t mention, if I get into routeburn, than I will probably want to still do a little more running.The routeburn will cause I whole different set of analysis,  but I am pretty calm about it, as I am now a old hand of the Kepler, and it’s half the distance… but then it did take Em Miazga 4.5hrs last year, so who knows what that will mean it will take me, and when I underestimate something, I always suffer big time.

Merry Xmas

I hope everyone had a good xmas. I had a busy one and ate way to much. Started in Tekapo with Bacon and eggs. My dads favorite meal of the year 🙂 Opened the presents, than it was off to Timaru, ate some more, opening of a few more presents. Than back to chch, check on the kitty to make sure he had survived a day and half with out us (he has been very friendly this morning, I think he missed us). Than it was over to Eamons Parents to open some more presents (they had been in Timaru, but it was decided that we would open the presents back in chch). Anyway got home about 11pm and I was knackered.

Change of Plans – Entered c2c 2009

Well apparently I did, according to Kalina’s dream.  She had me and Tanya sprinting the finish line to win the race. Yeh right, Tanya would kick my ass 🙂

Di that get you going? Some shocked faces out there. Though even a dream gets me thinking, and if the entry fee was $200 instead of $1000 I might even contemplate it, but I be broke right at this moment. Want to buy a new house sometime in the near future 😦 So I’ll ave to behave and not do anything silly, even the $300 odd it is going to cost me for Auckland half (airfairs + Entry) is making me think twice.

Anyway, away from the dream and back to reality. Had my first proper training swim in almost 2 years this morning. Last weekend I did go to the pool and do some length, but it was a bit random. Today was with purpose… well kind of. It was pretty much self analysis of my stroke, to see what really need to concentrate on. 500m warm up, than some drills, and a 500m cool down. Mostly things are still pretty ok, but do seems to be lifting my head too much when breathing.  The drills were mainly concentrating on breathing, my abilty to hold breath for 4 strokes is gone.

But not too unhappy with where I am at considering. It took me 11min to do 500m, which is about 2min off my normal, but got stuff to work on. I am basically looking towards Timaru Tri, I have 5 weeks, to get comfortable at swimming 1500m easily. I don’t see that as much of a problem.  I was bored after 30min though, I didn’t go with a plan, I think I will need to do that next time.

It was really nice to be in the outdorr pool aty 6.30 in the morning, steam was rising out of it, was rather chilly getting too and from the pool though. Randomly meet Emma B in the changing room. Nice to see her again. 🙂

Just not yet committed enough

Day 2 of getting back into it plan. Well it isn’t raining at the moment, but its cold and ick. I just not yet ready to face that on the bike, I was going to go for a spin on the bike.

I have contemplated going and doing a swim instead, but nope can’t be bothered. Well I will keep with the fine weather only cyclist principle for at least the next week or so. I could run in this weather no probs, in fact got saturated yesterday, didn’t bother me a inch. But the bike just cold and horrible. But LA always went out no matter the weather and look at what he achieved, you see he was committed… Ok he has physical attributes that make him able to be the best, but he was out in all weather while his competitors were sheltering away inside.

We drove over to the Lytellton market yesterday, and then we drove back through governors bay. Didn’t see a single cyclist, so there must be a lot of fine weather only cyclist out there… jeez it was only a lot of rain, do they all think they will melt 🙂

Never been to Lytellton market before, normally biking past it on a Saturday morning, but because I had no big training planned thought I would visit.

Apart from the rain and getting absolutly soaked, it was really good, and I can imagine really enjoying myself wandering through it on a nice fine day. But I might have to plan my training so I can get there occasionally on a Saturday morning, or take a back pack on that Saturday morning ride… hehe that would make a fashion statement.

Oh just thought if I did the club open water swim, I could go on way home, its Saturday right?

Jeez babbling, Ok I am going to get dressed now, and not into cycle clothing and not do much for the rest of the day. And I am going to love it 🙂

How did I use to fit that all in ?

This morning I had a  30min jog around the block, blimin’ heck it was a struggle. First time in two weeks, I bought out the running shoes. I just felt un-co the whole way around. I have stretched very well in the last 2 weeks, which didn’t help much.

Oh I have been here before and know if I keep it short and get more intense over the next week, I’ll get the running feeling back.

Been looking at putting together a training programe, and trying to remember how I managed to fit 3 + gym sports in. Only had running and the odd bike for the last few months, that was surely less complicated.

Got how a general week will look, obviously sessions get changed depending on what the week is.

Monday – am Swim, pm flat progressing to interval bike

Tuesday – am gym, pm Running class

Wednesday- am Swim, pm bike short bays or hill efforts

Thursday – am Gym, pm Run

Friday – REST

Saturday – Long Bike / Brick Session?

Sunday – Open Swim / Brick Session?

I am tired just thinking about fitting all that in.

That poor kayaker!

One of my worse fears when I take the kayak out into the Avon is what I might accidently stumble upon, especially a dead body. Yesterday a poor Kyaker discovered a body in the Avon, I don’t know who it was, but from what I saw in the news, it looks like a common part of the river to paddle. Another reason to leave the kayak training alone…

So I kinda have a plan

Been feeling a bit blah at the moment. Feeling rather fat as well, but I keep on telling myself not to go and do any training. I need the break. The most I have let myself do was go for a bit of a swim and do a few walks. I did go to trainer to get my new program on Monday, because of closing up over xmas. Man that hurt, for the next 6 weeks I am working on power lifts. I was shaking by the end of the session, it was hard. I am kind of getting used to the blobing in front of TV after work, staying up late (well 11 is late for me) and then sleeping in and heading of to work, could get used to that.

So yes once I get a idea in my head, I can’t quite get it out of my head. So Auckland Half Ironman it is, followed by the Routeburn. Then, I am a little undecided, do I go for c2c or not? Well I shall see. But I do forsee that the winter might be spent working on the bike… ummm where the hell did that plan come from?

My poor bike, for some reason the idea of truly getting back on the bike and doing some work is still off putting. I don’t know why, maybe the idea has built it self up in my head. I enjoy the bike for crying out loud. But if I am honest with myself, I think it is because I am afraid that I will not be able to reach my desired outcome on the bike, and maybe afraid of failure on it. I am not afraid of sucking badly when it comes to running, just acheiving is all that is important, but I have a better ability on the bike, I have much higher expectations of myself.

So I have spent the evening looking through upcoming events for the year. Not really that much time to the first tri on the list, I’ll have to get busy. I was contemplating doing the xmas cracker this weekend, but then thought I would probably fail badly and that would send my self confidence down the gurgler, so for my peace of mind, I might just dust of the bike and head over to sumner and watch it.

Red = A races

Black = training races

Italics = would like to but maybe?

2009 Events

27 January Timaru tri

15 Feburary Canterbury tri

Jan – Feb surf & Turf

Jan – Feb Shoe Clinic 5 K series

Saturday 21 February 2009 Ocean Swim

21 Feb, Sat Wanaka Skyline Challenge

Sat 7 Mar Avalanche peak Challenge

14 Mar, Sat Motatapu Icebreaker

22 Mar, Sun Mt. Lyford Challenge

28 March Auckland Half Ironman

4 April Graperide

18 April Around Brunner

9 May Routeburn

31 May, Sun SBS Marathon

June Heights of winter rogaine – shall we try for the 12hr Nades? maybe not 🙂

18 Jul, Sat Captain Cook’s Landing

12 Sep, Sat Abel Tasman Coastal Classic

Oct Wild Coaster

Oct Melbourne Marathon

Nov 5 Passes

So I’ve been thinking…

I think my intial reaction when I first finsihed the Kepler was thank god I don’t ever have to do that again. Well, now a couple of days later the thought of keeping on running apeals. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t want to run much any more, but it doesn’t seems that the thought isn’t quite so unapealing.

I am already looking up the Routeburn and pretty much decided to go for it. There are less places available than for the Kepler, Entries open on Jan 12 so will have to see if I get in.

I am trying to get my motivation up towards the kayak again. I just can’t seem to care. I’ll give it a few more weeks, maybe get on the river again, but really can’t be bothered with all the hassle of getting to the river, swapping cars and keep on paddling. But anyway, I am heading towards the smaller goals options for the next, if you call Routeburn, Half Ironman, maybe 5 passes and marathon small, but not a event that is going to take over my life for a whole year.

And I am contemplating Kepler 2009.

Yes this is a topic that is going to dominate me for the next few weeks, I wonder how many times I change my mind in that time.

Not quite sure what to do with myself at the moment, no training for a week has left me twiddling my fingers. I think I shall get the swimming costum out and go check out the Jelly park outdoor pool in the weekend.

I baught a few xmas decorations at lunch time and added them around the house. Don’t normally decorate, because never in the house for xmas, but this year just felt like I needed to do it. This weekend I might have to brave the hoardes and get some xmas presents, *shudder*.