pheww… how easily you forget the pain

Had my lactate test this morning. I admit to being slack and not getting one done in a couple of years. But man the last set hurt… was close to throwing up at the end. HR hit the glorious 180+ mark.

But in conclusion, my lactate threshold has pretty much stayed the same, a slight increase, but aerobic threshold has gone up (I shouldn’t always be taking it so easy on 150 on those long runs) and I can maintain a longer duration before hitting the lactate threshold.


Welcome to the disorganised mess that is Nad-ya

I live my life is normally in a constant state of organised chaos. However, the organised is becoming more and more disorganised. My house is a mess, my car is a mess, but when I am focused on something, that is normally organised. Work is a choatic system, that is all organised in my brain… bad luck if my brain dies. Normally the same organisation is applied to training, but not anymore.

Take yesterday, the last aquathon. I turned up, into the toliets to get changed, forgot sports bra. I was early, but not early enough to go home and get one. Oh well make Jam, I’ll do the long course swim instead. Finish swim, ah shite forgot a towel… no that’s ok I always have a emergency towel in the car… ah shite the emergency towel was not put back in. This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me recently, I think its because I just can’t seem to focus my mind on much at all.

Ah well, back to the long course swim, 1500m. Made up of 3 laps, there isn’t anywhere as much biffo in the long course as in the aquathon, don’t think I got whacked at all. Finished in 27min something. So was kinda happy with that, especially as I wasn’t going all that hard out.

When your body isn’t the temple

Hmmm.. lets see, I spent last weekend support crewing c2c, followed up by a triathlon. Recovery was quick and sweet then I was doing my OE, well a four day flying visit to Wellington. In that time, I managed two runs, and a swim. The swim took place in the hotel pool, sound awesome to start with a pool ALL TO MYSELF! But then the pool was just a little bit short. Probably about 15 metres, and well I got a bit sick of turning. The runs went great, the first one was supposed to be a “Flat” run… in Wellington… I can do flat anytime in chch.

Well I started out going along the water front, but once I turned around I was a little bored with that, and then there was this interesting looking track, the called itself Mt Victoria Southern Walkway(or something similar) and that just appealed to me, so I got a little side tracked and found myself going up, up and up some more…. Ok so I thought I call this, my “Small hill” session??? Well it was a small hill, compared to Mt Cook. The 2nd one I decided to do as my other small hill run, 60min and just do a tour of the roads around the central city, I got a little lost in places, but learn’t my way around.

Ok, so day 2 had drinks with my boss, Day 3 had pizza and drinks with the team, and Day 4 was the after conference party. I don’t do well at turning done free drinks, and I enjoyed being out with Matt and the team (we hadn’t done that in a while) so let it go and drank a little bit more than I had originally planned (the plan was 1 glass and leave after a hour). The reason for this plan was that I had to leave for the airport at 6am Saturday  morning and make a hurried visit to home before heading out to the corsair ocean swim.  So I am not disciplined and my new mantra the last couple of weeks “I can sleep when I die”. So I eventfully stumbled my way back to the Hotel at about 11pm. Only to be woken up several times, during the night with the entire hotel seeming to shudder in the wind that was blowing through the city. I can’t say with that going on I was looking forward to the flight home.

I had drunk enough water, so I didn’t have a hangover when I got up, I grabbed my breakfast at the airport (a muffin and ham bagel, not normal fare for pre race breakie). The flight was most diffidently bumpy all the way home, so not much opportunity to catch some shut eye. I was not all that lucid to the taxi driver, he had to ask me we to go… duh I suppose he’d want to know that, and then I was just going to get out with out paying… jeez my head was in the clouds. Thankfully he was a really nice friendly old man, and probably used to picking up people half asleep from the airport.

Got home grabbed my wetsuit and stuff, before heading out and picking up Nades (She’d picked up registration pack the day before) and heading to corsair. We were actually fairly early, and watched the children’s and 750’s race. We saw Ginni, which was nice, hadn’t seen her in a while. Then it was time to do the race, 2.8 K suddenly seemed like a long way to go… uhh well just take it easy… I’ll get there eventually….

The first lap seemed to go ok, my navigation was a bit screwed, kept on going off course. On the 2nd lap however, I started to get cramp. CRAMP, what the hell is cramp? I never get cramp when swimming, and only ever got it in the larger races. So the last lap comprised of kick, kick… oh cramp… flex foot… ya got it before the pain… don’t kick… slowly kick a little… oh cramp… etc etc. I would conclude that this cramp was probably a result of the dryhrating the body the night before… or maybe alcohol poison was still in my muscles … so what not to do….

I don’t think this cramp really effected my time that much at the end of the day, I don’t really kick much anyway, especially when a wetsuit on. Not 100% sure of my time, I didn’t look as I ran through the finish, but once I had taken my timer off and stuff at the finish, I went and had a look at the time and it was 1.02, I was in the second wave (started 2 minutes after the start) so must have been just under 1hr, which considering the fast guys were rather slow and most thought the course was actually closer to 3.2K, was a ok time for me.

Oh plus did I mention the conference had a freezer of never ending free Kapati Ice cream… nope, nothing I can do to talk my way out of not going overboard on that one.

Yup… it was a tough little course

mmmm… I forgot to put my watch on this morning and the results are not up, so I have absoulty no idea of what any of my times were today.

The Canterbury Tri club classic at Mutanua beach was this morning. I was a bit jaded this morning, and not really in much of a mood to do much. My legs were rather tired from standing around all weekend, but I had done no training for 2.5 days (never got around to my planned run at klondyke).

So I dragged myself out of bed, threw some stuff in the car (nothing was very well planned) and drove to Mutanua. I was almost about to fall asleep at the wheel so had to stop for a V in amberly. I don’t like having caffeine or fizzy drinks the morning of a race, but needs must….

…skip to race start…

The water was much flatter than the previous time we were there. But there was still big surf, and we had to do 3 laps and each lap came in to a knee deep point, so made for a tough section of the swim. As always the first 500m was mad, and wasn’t till the 2nd lap that I settled into the swim and felt comfortable.

I got out of the wetsuit before climbing the track, its farily steep and long. Much easier to move without the wetsuit constricting the legs. At transition I had socks to put on (yeh I know… but I had bad rubbing and blisters from the aquathon on Wednesday) so took a bit of time in transition. As I was exiting the gate, heard someone say 34 something. If that was my time, that is sweet, better than Timaru (though different distance to the transition area).

The bike was tough, I struggled getting a good feel of how hard to push it, go hard and hope not to die in the run, take it a bit easy and have something in the legs for the run. But I think no matter what this course will always leave your legs dead for the run.  I am strong on flat and slight slopes, but once the gradient gets over a certain steepness, I become dead weight. I played leap frog with Ross the entire leg, over took him on the flattish undulating areas, he got me on the steep slopes.

Oh the run… the run was a killer… My legs felt dead after that bike, but they started to pick up and then I hit the hill. just before 2 K’s there is a massive 12% hill… I walked it, not much point killing myself on it. Just after that the road turns to gravel, and it was fairly slippery gravel, really hard to run on.

A guy coming back the other way, said you are having a great race, looking strong (Found out later his name was Andrew), but that just picked me up a bit. Concentrating on keeping the technique good and the upper body as still as possible. The 5K turn around was at the top of a very mean false flat, that must have gone for about 1K, that I found to be the worse part of the entire race. Had a gel at the top and some water, before coming back down, well at least that made things easier, the return was much easier and quicker. There was a final climb back up to the finish, I walk some of this. But finished strong and was fairly happy with my overall race, it was a good training day and enjoyed myself.

So Nades and me have similar names, similar haircuts (at the moment), similar hair colour. But she is taller and way skinner than me… I have been out of Tri’s for a while, so don’t know many of the people, Nades has been around for a while and most people know her… but really I think I got mistaken for her 3 or 4 times, its not like they know we are good friends or anything. Some times on the bike or run the wind whips the end of the name away, so I hear Nad… so I assume they must know me or something adn I am trying to work out where.

The other side

I have spent the last 3 days looking at the coast to coast from the other side, as the support crew. I don’t think being a support crew member is my fortay. (It just isn’t enough about me, I am not after all a good team member…. ok I am not that into myself, but admit to feelings of jealously and envy that I wasn’t doing it myself ). But I did enojoy myself most of the time. It was good to see the how the race actually operates, rather than just moving through the well oiled machine and turning up on the beach at sumner. I do think it is probably easier to do it than support it.


Tanya picked me up just over 11.30. Then we headed over to her friends (Chloe’s). We meet up with Chloe and her support crew and the other competitor (Dougal) that would be in our group for the weekend. Turned out the Chloe’s support crew were old successful hands at the C2C. Turns out, Darryl is a past winner of 2 day c2c, well back in 1988. Mike and Dougal had won the teams competition a couple of times back in early 2000’s. So we were in pretiguse company and Dougal was going for the 2 day individual run.

Well any way, in true Tanya style (I admit, I have a completely different focus to her, I would have been all concentration and “Just get me there” focus, and at times her way of doing things got to me. I just told myself not to be so utterly ridiculous and it was her race so she could do it any way she damn well wanted)  we talked a bit, packed the cars up and headed off.  We eventually got to Kumara and got her registered, and ankle strapped, there wasn’t enough time to go to the house, so went straight to the dinner, then went to the house we were staying at. Paula had got us awesome accommodation, about 500m from the start line. Then back to the town hall for briefing. Juddy’s speech was practically word for word the same as last year, but still amusing and made you smile. I think almost relaxing to athletes. Then back to the house and eventually to sleep.

Race day 1

The weather was not doing all the well first thing Friday morning, it was pissing down with rain. We left the competitors to ride to the bike transition from the house and headed towards Aikmens corner for the tranisition to the run. You get to park about 20min walk away from tranisition. The rain had stopped, so we got the chairs out and sat down and had a bit to eat. We were going to boil up a hot drink, but we forgot to bring any water.. duh.

After a while, we decided it was time to make our way down and get some proper breakfast into us. “The works” it was (I didn’t really eat that healthy this weekend.) It was a bit bazarre arriving at the transition, I knew how it look for the competition, but wasn’t quite sure how it worked for the support crew. But as I learnt, they have a barrier up that crew have to stay out  off.. but once the first cyclists are about 5min away they let us in, to set up for the transition.

Dougal was first in, in the front bunch, the boys dealt with him, in a spectacular smooth and fast transition, just change shoes and throw on the back pack. Tanya and Chloe arrived in the same bunch and it was chaos, Rebecca was standing in the thick off it, grabbed Tan’s hand and pulled her out of the crowd, she took her bike and I Grabbed Tan’s hand the pulled her to the stuff to get changed. Went really quick and then it was walk back and continue on to the next spot. It was really cold and wet in Arthurs Pass and not much better at Klondyke.

We were well wrapped up warm, but you just get chilled to the bone standing around. Dougal was the first to arrive, in just over 3hrs… unbelievable, the girls probably weren’t even at Goat Pass yet. He just look relaxed and capable of running all day.

Then it was a bit more waiting around and running into people you knew and having a chat. I was quite surprise and my unsociable self knowing a fair number of people in the around.

Eventually, Chloe came in and about 40min later Tanya came in. She had done it in just under 6hrs, which was really awesome. She was a little sore but not to bad. We headed back to the bach we were staying in at Arthurs Pass, it wasn’t much, but it was warm. Tanya, asked us as she was sitting recovering after the leg “Is it cold?”, yes we said it was freezing, she had a tendency to stop and talk to people, and we got a little impatient I think, we were just really cold and wanting to get warmed up.

It was very cosy in the Bach, Dougals’s parents arrived and Richard and his Son were staying the night. But we all fitted and had a good dinner thanks to Paula (Camp Mother).

Race Day 2

So this morning was the early morning start up at 4, on our way as soon as poss. The ccompetitors were to wait in the Bach till later and then cycle down to the start for 7.3o (lucky buggers, last year I was stuck in the marquee for 2 hrs). The alarm didn’t wake me up, neither people moving or lights been turned on, and no one seemed to realise I wasn’t awake. I eventually woke up sometime when, hurreidly got dressed and were on our way to the kayak transition.

It was a freezing cold morning. We took Tanya’s, Chloes and Douglas’s kayaks down and through scrutineering. There was a long line but things moved reasonably quickly. Then off to set the stuff up at tranisition. By this time it was probably about 6, so had a bit of time to kill. We stood in line for Breakfast and watched the sun rise, than stood in line for coffee (Well hot choc for me). We were literally waiting a hour, but that didn’t seem to bad, until we got the coffee, and it was not great.

A bit more waiting and gossiping before deciding it would be time to head back down again. The first cyclist started to come through. Day 2 starts in numerical order with 10 going every minute, starting at 300. Quite surprisingly the first numbers to arrive were higher up than you would expect. Tanya came in first, she was looking good and we got her in the boat with no probs. Than we were running straight back up to the shoot to wait for Chloe. Dougal and Chloe were expected in about the same time, so the boys would take of Dougal and we were going to take care of Chloe. Chloe’s knees were sore, so she had to walk the bike down the road, and we had a much claimer walk over to the kayak’s.

Mike showed us how a kayak transition should be done (he’s the kind of guy you’d want on support crew, calm, talks you through it and out on the other side). Learn’t alot from watching him on today. So once again the competitors had left us. And we had a 5 hrs to get to Gorge bridge. A bit of hanging around the van again. This is one of my favorite spots and the sun had come out and it was warming up. People had cars lined up and ready to get out before the last cyclist arrived, we couldn’t be bothered so sat around for a while, before joining the end of the convouy and heading off again.

The Final Transition

We arrived at gorge bridge with plenty of time to spare, so after setting up the bike it was down to the river bed. The  sun had come out, but it was still a chilly wind. Surprisling sitting on the stones in the river bed wasn’t too uncomfortable. We watched the front runners come through, and a bit more. Tanya had said it would take her 5 to 6 hrs, but looking at the state of the competitors and the level that were coming through, we weren’t all to concerned at 5 hrs. We got up and saw Dougal come in, and thought Tanya would be a fair way behind him.

Rebbecca was checking the woodstock board, that shows the numbers as they go through Woodstock approx. an hour away, but no number showing up. I went off to the toilet and the girls and Richard were sitting on the river bank talking.

Fate takes a hand

I was standing in the line to the flush toliets and had been for a while, and the line just wasn’t moving. There were some porta-loos about 200m down on the river bed and I was contemplating going and using them. I was contemplating this for a wee bit when I hear “NADIA”, I thought what the F that sounds like Tanya, and low and behold there she wasa walking up the road. I think I probably said “Shit, you aren’t suppossed to be in yet”, and took off. Who knows what the rest of the people in the Que thought about me and my crewing skills.

Anyway, Tanya had come in, we obviously were not there to greet her, as she went through the shoot, she had seen Mike. I think she had asked Mike where everyone was, he told her not to worry, grab her arm and started walking her up the road, thats when they saw me.

Which was a good thing, because neither of them knew where the gear was in transition. Well, the running up the hill with Tanya was supposed to be Rebbeccas job, so I hadn’t really worried that much to take note of exactly where the bike was.

Tanya was looking awesome and was running up some of it, though as I was walking as fast as she was running, I probably should have told her to conserve energy and walk. But I found the bike with out too much bother, she had to do without the planned sandwhich, that she was to have eaten coming up, and had a fruit bar instead.

She had asked us to have her helmet and glasses down on the river bed, but we had forgotten and thank god we had, I think that was the 2nd time that fate saved the day at that tranisition, she was off on the bike and no problems despite the hickup.

At this point I went into overdrive. I raced back down to the river bed and found the guys sitting there chatting away, I think I screamed at them “You idiots, you missed her”. They didn’t belive me at first, they thought I was joking. I felt like I was having a argument with Daryal. “Tanya, come in?”, “Yes she has”, “No way not possible”, “Yes she Bloody well has I just put her on the damn bike”… anyway at this point I gave up, and said, we better find the Kayak and went hunting for it. I think they must have belived me when I started walking away from then.

Then it was all a bit of a rush, we didn’t want to miss seeing her finish, and this made us a little late. So dunk the kayak, empty it out, me and Richard carried up to the car, while the others went and found the rest of her stuff. Really we probably didn’t have to be so fast, but my adrealine was flying. In the van and we were off… on the long way back to Chch down the north side, than through lytellton in to sumner.

We arrived at the finish line with probably 10 -15min to spare. Tanya had a awesome secound day. Dougal had finished 3rd overall, and Chloe seemed really happy with her paddle.

Other interesting things to note: Josh Stevenson (Got my Grade 2 from him) did the entire thing in bare feet (OUCH!, why’d ya want to?). Rosie was in a team, and the runner had done a awesome time but she got a big hole in the kayak early on, that screwed there race.

So do I want to do it again… Hell yes, all that waiting around, makes you make a whole heap of plans. But expect me to change my mind tomorrow. Would i support crew again… probably, it was a fairly fun weekend, but prefer to be doing it.

Things I learnt helpful for support crew in the future:

  • Lists, make crew feel much more confident, than instructions verbally given the night before
  • At Aikmens transition, tell competitor to go left, and be ready to push through the crowd
  • At the kayak transition, straddle kayak, makes much more stable for competitor to get in
  • At Gorge Bridge, never take any required gear down to river bed. Leave instructions, that the bike will be in x row near the road or something. So if you miss them, they can still go though and get off.

Better go to bed now, got a tri tomorrow and another early start. (sorry no time to proof read, just cope with the nad-ya isms)

P.S way to go Em on the 3rd win!

Kapow…. thuck… Oooof… Whack

I did the aquathon last night, the swim was just nasty, people swimming over each other. I have a seirious bump on my head. I can’t say I enjoyed the swim all that much. But if you can survive these races, than other open water swims shouldn’t hold much fear. The swim was only 400m, then it was a 6K run.

For those who have done Tri’s or aquathon’s at Scarborough, you’d know the distance is normally 4K and you do 2 laps up and down the esplanade. Well that is enough for that… but this time required 3 laps, can’t say I was looking forward to that. Actually it wasn’t that bad. I was feeling good, though kept on getting overtaken so still slow.

I was at trouble keeping the speed on, I’d occasionally just drop off… into my comfort zone and on the last lap my mind kept on wandering. I almost started to head over and start doing some boulder hoping (seemed a lot more fun) and then on the way back, I was looking at the wall and the seats and was almost jumping up over them and running (I think the last time I ran down here was when training for c2c. I used come down and go over the Boulder’s and use the seats and wall as obstacles )

Off to the west…

Well the weather is not looking all that great (makes me kinda glad the weather was awesome last year), but we are heading to Kumara at about 12 today. Was going to get a bike in before we went, but its RAINING! Shocking aye! So somehow I have changed the plan to a swim… wonder how that happened. Well my excuse is the world is still spinning at times (inner ear infection) and don’t want to get too cold and wet (so I thought swimming would be a much better option, to prevent this ;)…. ok that was a “way” sarcastic statement.. hope you got that  ).

So have to remember to take my rain coat, and be glad that Tanya’s tinny and got houses for Thursday and Friday night, so don’t have to camp.

That’s just not Lucky…

… all that time without punctures has caught up with me so I get them all at once. Got a slow puncture about 1K past the Blue duck. Couldn’t find the puncture in the tube, changed it anyway, the tube I was putting on is a little bit too old (teach me for being cheap and not getting new ones) and slightly perished, so got caught on something while I was putting it on, and it got a nice rip in it. So I went back to the other tube, could not find a hole anywhere, so thought, I put it back on and head home, hopefully it would survive if I just keep pumping it up.

Well, when I put it back on, it just wouldn’t pump up at all… maybe I need to revise my tyre changing methods…

I learn’t one thing today, there is NO cell phone coverage up and around the valley, so walked back to the Blue Duck. I asked to use the phone, the women was not very accommodating, I even offered to pay for the call, she reluctantly agreed. Called Eamon, he was still in bed, so required a couple of calls to get him up and answering the phone. Then I asked the lady for a Ice Chocolate while I wait… she said “Sorry, didn’t bring any ice today”. Firstly, I have never been anywhere that doesn’t serve ice chocolate, even if it just choc milk with ice in it. Secondly, today is likely to be one of the hottest days this summer, and she didn’t have any ice! Well that just isn’t very good business practice.

So I did not find it a very friendly place to visit, and will hopefully never have to go back, went outside and waited for Eamon. Hmmm… now I have 3hrs of riding still to do, but i don’t think I have time…

Thems the brakes… Going to go order new tyre now.