The rehab race

10K’s… I haven’t actually raced a 10K run in probably 2 years. There is a very good reason for this situation, I don’t like ’em. Way to much like hard work. Though, maybe that attitude is the reason my running doesn’t get any faster, I am much more comfortable sitting in the comfortable zone for several hours, than pushing the limits for 1 hour.

In a untroubled, injury free world, today I would have been at the start line to do the marathon. I have to say in some ways I am kind of glad I wasn’t. For two reason, the weather and illness. Normally, the weather will be what it will be and just live with it. But all week Saturday has been looking to be a shocker of a day.

The unusual weather pattern

I think it was all the way back on Tuesday, when I was having a chat with the parking attendant as I was leaving my car park for the day, he mentioned that there was really bad weather forecast for the weekend. I have great little conversations with the parking attendant every day. He always asked, what training you doing tonight? or what race is coming up next? So he knew that I was doing the race on the weekend.

The weather forecast never looked it was going to change its mind from this long term forecast. Last night watching the news, Jim said hes never seen a weather system like this and lets just say it wasn’t looking all that appealing last night, wasn’t much better this morning.

When I was eating my breakfast, it was hailing. Hmmm, what to wear dilemma. I normally get way to hot running, so layers that can be taken off are important. Decided to go with a thin thermal tank next to skin, t shirt and then l/s thermal on top. But because it was looking so cold I decided I better have a hat and gloves as well. Jeez, if it didn’t stay freezing i’d be in trouble, but then I was only doing 10K, really it wasn’t quite that much of a dilemma. Getting back to my orginal point, if I had been doing the marathon, I would have been stressing about what to wear, but then I might have organised a couple of people along the way to give me stuff.


As for the 2nd reason I am glad I wasn’t doing the marathon,  have had a stupid niggling cold since Wednesday, I felt it first in my chest and then got a sore throat. But it wasn’t so serious to take time of work or anything. I do have issues with chest infections, I am a little paranoid about such problems. Yesterday I thought I was fine, but went for a short run and I felt it in my chest. That night I could still feel it, I decided this morning to get up and see how I was feeling. If I had been doing the marathon or the half, I think I might not have started the race this morning. But it was only 10K, I had paid $40 for the privilege (which seemed a little bit more than I would normally consider paying for a 10k) so I was going to race, and if necessary take it easy.

Race start

So I arrived at race start about 8:15. I borrowed my bosses car park, that is just around the corner from the start. Used the toilets at work, and then raced over to the town hall. Man it was busy, still had a while to kill, so for whatever reason decided I’d kill the time standing in line for the toilets…. yeah, weird. Tried to find a quite place for myself to the start, when I spotted a fairly empty place I took myself over to it, and low and behold there was Anita standing in that same “quite” spot. Hah, we killed a bit more time before we were called to the start line.

While waiting for the start it started to hail on us, I was a little bit relieved, it had actually been clearing a bit so was worried I get a bit hot, with the hail, it looked like I had picked the right gear run with.

We’re off

The pace was a bit slow to start with, for what I would expect for a 10K, but thats to be expected in the crowd. I was taking it pretty easy, but picked the pace up after 2K. I was trying to practice the “no mind”  technique, but it was very hard in the race situation. When I did get in to, I was able to run faster and more relaxed, but I couldn’t hold it for much more than a few minutes.

I did the first 5K in 26 odd minutes, I was fairly happy with that, I thought 53min would be easy at this kind of pace. But not long after 5k mark I started to feel a bit crappy, I couldn’t get a breath in, I wish I had taken my inhaler with me. I started to have to make deals with myself… “how about if we slow down and do the next 1k at a relatively easy pace, than we don’t have to walk to get the breath back, and then we can pick the pace back up”.  I didn’t want to walk… walking in 10K seems a little ridiculous.

So thats how the last 5K went, I took it easy in places and then picked it back up till I started to feel crappy again. I was rather glad to get to the last corner, and almost threw up a little.

Crossed the finish line in just over 56 min. Was relatively happy with that considering everything.


I’d never win a walking race

I am a crap walker.  I’ll do the power walk thing for a couple of strides before my mind wanders, my body says thats just a bit too much like hard work and I turn into a dawdle. It really is rather strange, its not like I can’t push myself in other disciplines, but when it come to walking… slow is the name of the game.

This morning I had a 80min run/walk session. I got to 50min on the run and turned it into 30min walk. Just a part of the slow building the run distances back up. But the ankle is feeling absolutly fine, so it seems slightly ridiclous to stop running at 50min, when nothing feels all that bad.

I have my new 6 week program, and it looks a bit more exiciting than what I have been doing for the last few weeks. Feel like I am finally going to get my teeth back into things.

Jo asked me mid week if I could be running 4hrs in 3 weeks, hmmm… let me see…. no that would be a little bit unrealistic. So anyway, Wellington marathon has been dropped from the plan, 5 bridges is what we are aiming for now. But will see how things go.

Next weekend I have got the 10K at sbs Marathon. I have to say I am a little worried about it, I could do a bit of a embrassing time. But I’ll take it on the chin and rack it up to experience. I am doing it as a rehab race, not for any other purpose. My runs to date have been getting better, I am feeling the rythmn back, but I have been pushing the limits, I have been taking them pretty easy. That on top of my slight dislike of the 10K distance (its not long enough to put yourself into that middle of the road pace, but it is slightly to long to go all out at), I am not going to be setting a PB thats for sure.

But it’ll be fun to race I think, haven’t had a race since the Auckland half, so it’ll be good. Jo also going to get me to do some of the duathlons so a few races to do over the winter.

The weather isn’t as bad as it seems from the couch… but its worse than it seems from the toasty warm bed!

Richard’s coaching tip at spin this week was “The weather isn’t as bad as it seems from the couch”. But for what ever reason this latest cold snap has really got to me. I just can’t seem to cope. I’ve been in bed by 9, not because I am tired but because its the warmest place to be. Its only May, for crying out loaud! How am I goign to cope with the rest of winter.

I do seem to missing winter warm clothes. I have heaps of training warm clothes, I’ve got thermals fillignt he draws but no nice tidy warm clothes. Might have to go shopping for some today.

But I have missed 2 morning sessions this week, just because getting out of bed into the dark down pour outside seemed really unapealing. I made one session up after work, but I can’t make up the session this morning. I have no excuse, except that nice new winter down duvet I got a few months ago is just the toastiest.

Theres good news and theres bad

The bad news.

I am a car clutz. I have never ever hit another car. But if there is a stationary post or something watch out. My car has a dent in the bumper from backing into a post. Its got a dent and scrap down the drivers side door from turning to tightly and scratching a post. Its got a dent in the bonnet cause I sat on it.

Today I did the most serious dent yet. Parked in the carpark, a post on the right hand side. I look over my left shoulder, all clear, turn wheel, stick car in reverse… accelerate… CRUNCH…. CRAP!.

Now my car sports a nice dent above the right front wheel.

The good news.

I got a promotion, I am now the Development Team Leader.

Stupid Weather Forecast

I could have had a great day doing long bays this morning. Whats the bet that tommorrow will be gusty and horrible, I’ll just have to suck it up and do it.

Stupid weather forcasts *grumble, grumble*, teach me to listen to them.

babies,injury, illness and pure unadulterated dislike… lifes a soap opera

Before I start why Soap Opera. Where’d the word Soap come from? is it because it always slippery and you can’t get a hand on it?

I know, I have been lazy I haven’t written in ages. Lifes been a little busy and I just haven’t really thought I had anything interesting to say (not that I ever really do).

I’ll start with the injury, I had my last visit with the physio on Wednesday, he practically declared me a most unusual patient. How I had managed to get so much stability back in my ankle in such a short time, he does not know. It is still some what loose, but it has been cleared for running duty. I just got to be progressive about the amount of running I do, ie build up slowly, and if problems go back.

To tell you the truth, I think I’ll have to do the progressive thing. I think I have probably put on a few kilos in the last few weeks… it really isn’t a good look. I went for a run at Thursday lunch time. Well lunch times are never a good time for me to run, I never ever feel great when running then. Not sure what it is, but I did 35min, around the park and quite frankly it was slow and hard. I think its just getting back into it, my endurance fitness felt fine. But I started to feel light headed through the middle… odd.

About to go for another run, so will see if it was a lunch time aberration or I just need to build back up to running. Which I am going to be doing anyway.I got to do long bays this weekend, but looking at the weather forecast, today is “Strong gustily nw and heavy rain”, tomorrow is just “gustily NW and rain”. I don’t normally follow the weather forecast much, but I’ll take the latter rather than the former, so I’ll do long bays tomorrow, and early I’m thinking to stay awy from the wind. I think thats what I hate most on the bike… wind, drives me mental.

So what is the plan now… The goal posts keep on moving. It is probably the first time I have set an event and not made it. So this is a new experience… anyway this is the list of things planned (at the moment). Though there is one ultimate goal post which baring injury, illness or death shall not changed. I have almost comitted myslef fully to it, I don’t think I am going to let things like work and time come between me and it.

  1. Do the 10K at chch marathon, maybe the half, but only as a training run
  2. Aim to do a marathon July/ August. Looking at upcoming events these are ones I have identified
    Wellington 28 June
    5 Bridges Marathon, lower hutt 16 August
    Hawles Bay, 22 August
  3. Do Abel Tasman 13 Sept. Already entered and hopefully I’ll be sweet to off road by then
  4. Do 5 Passess again 29Oct – 2nd Nov
  5. SI Half ironman 28 Nov
  6. Challenge Wanaka

Oh so you may notice 5 passes has slipped its way in there. This is because as I have been on the bike so much more I might as well make it count. I don’t think I’ll be going into it with any thought of competition in mind, it’ll be a good end to a bike build phase. Though I have promised myself, I will not do it unless I can get up Otira with out walking. Theres only one thing holding me back from that goal… my weight.

That leads me to illness. Eamon has been given strict instructions by his doctor to loose weight. He now has a condition that makes this necessary. I have gone form nagging to supportive to threatening, nothing worked. Now though he has no choice. I was worried when I first heard that he wouldn’t change his attitude, but he has.

This has a positive spin off for me (oh that sounded selfish… me me me, when I reread that), because he will no longer be bringing unhealthy food into the house which is just a really bad temptation. But also we have to restructure the way we look at food in the household, hes going to need all the support he can get from me, which probably includes making his lunches (OMG, theres a reason I don’t want kids, but sometimes I feel already got one), which means I can make my own as well. and maybe those muffins pastries and other bakery goods that just get slipped in there at lunch will be overlooked.

This brings me to some conversations I had when I was in Auckland, it seemed a really strong view up there. But fit healthy people seem to lord themselves and think they are better than those who are not. It makes me really angry, I have been on both sides, I have and live with both sides. Peoples lives take them into different places how can you judge those that have a problem against yourself, if you never have had. You never been to where they have been so just accept and help rather than judging. One of the guys from sportzhub who did ironman, commented that he had been ridiculed when exercising, which seems also the other side of the coin. They judge and then put you down… people sometimes sux… its a good thing I never cared what people think, unfortunately others do.

Babies.. so I already got one, don’t need another 🙂 But everyone around me seems to be popping up with them. I have to say, just picking them up and playing with them is fun. (Mum don’t get your hopes up, still don’t want one for myself). Last week we got visited at work by 2 of the little rug rats. Thomas whose about 6 months and Riley about 7 weeks. Then last weekend there was Kalinas Baby shower, she hasn’t got long to go. Nades was already there when I got there and said “I forgot there’d be babies here”. Ahhh she and me understand each other well. Sam another work mate wife is due in 3 months, and shes just opening a toy shop. Now that would have to be the luckiest baby around, though Sam reckons he will probably steal all the babies toys for himself.

Pure unadulterated dislike… will have to watch what I say here… after all this is public and who knows who would read this. But I have often thought I get along pretty well with people, ok I can be bitchy at times, but I never actually look at a person and thought I just cannot like this person. All I can say is that finally I hope they are gone from my life. This will lead to other difficulties but I think I will be better of without.

Here endth my rambling thoughts for the day.

I’m a miracle child :)

I’m on a high.



Just been to see the physion. He was very surprised at my progress. The ankle doesn’t have anywhere near as much slack in it as it did. He was rather impressed, going so far to say it is a miracle.

He was damn surprised, he said hes seen many ankles in his time and only ever sent 8 to a surgeon. So I am a special case am I not 🙂

So I am allowed to go for a 20min run, do that 3 x with at least a day in between and see him again next week.

Phew miracle me!