Just a person… sometimes thats all you really want

These days it seems like you could almost go through the airport without getting help from anyone. Soon I am sure they will get rid of the pilots… I am sure all you need is a remote control.

And stewards and just have these little robotic screens on wheels. With “Please select what you would like a: vege crips b: cookie c: lollies”. But if you accidentally select the wrong option then be warned you will either be stuck with it, or you’ll have to restart the whole process all over again.

Well to say I don’t sometimes enjoy the new self serve check in would be a lie. It is efficient and fast. But really what were the designers thinking! You check in it asks in a something about having dangerous goods. You select the wrong answer, because it was worded the wrong way around and you really aren’t paying attention. Then the system boots you out. You have to find some one to help you and then you have to end up going through the whole thing again.

But really my worse bug bear in the self service department is the dam parking pay machines. Theres a long line to them. 2 of them are not accepting eftpos or credit cards. There is no one around to help. Theres nothing, what happens if the other 2 don’t work are we going to be stuck in the car park all night? Do I have to walk all the way back to the airport find a ATM and get the cash. But then if that is to happen, the machine probably broken and want accept the cash.


The strategy I created (unbeknown to myself)

I figured it out! On my just above freezing ride today, I work it out. It has been the secret strategy that is so secret that I didn’t even tell myself.

Its the stratgey of carrying a additional 10kg. You see this means I just improve my strength work outs. I have built these strong muscles to carry the extra weight. So the will be super efficient without it. Plus there is the insulation benefits to winter. It will keep toasty warm over the winter.

Now this obviously means that this strategy requires me to shed these kilos about September. Now I haven’t yet been able to devise what my plan for this is. But I am sure I shall tell myself when required.


So had a 3hr hill ride to do today. When I woke up and look outside there was a white icing covering everything, and it was a bit foggy. Oh well give it a hour and hopefully the sun will burn of the fog and once it hits the frost will warm up nicely. Unfortunately the sun never managed to burn anything off. It turned 9:30. Couldn’t wait any longer (trouble with house looking you need to be available from 1 on Sunday to see open homes. Damn frustrating) so I decided to add a another layer. That meant I had 1 thermatech Merino mix tank, + katmandu merino t-shirt, + cycle Jersey, + arm wamers, + wind breaker, + woolen gloves over standard gloves, + leg warmers, + ice breaker socks, + booties, + beanie. Jeez I am amazed I can move, just the dressing time involved is ridiculous.  My eyes were cold and frozen when I started out, kept on watering.  But the rest of me was fairly toasty under the load of garments.


Grit! Is it really good for anything? I just find it dangerous and scary. I went up dyers and headed to Coopers. There wasn’t much but the grit was there. And in the corners. There’s a lot of switch backs down coopers, I was on the breaks and going slow the whole way down.

By then I had removed the woolen gloves, but I should have put them back on for the decent. My fingers were frozen solid by the end. I was briefly hoping that the sun would make its way from beyond the cloud. But I was sadly mistaken.

In a interesting side point

Yesterday on a photograph of the duathlon I noticed my seat looked to low. I look and I think it must have been gradually falling for ages. It was almost 1.5inches lower. Anyway it felt strange but much better to get the seat back to its proper height. But strangely the last few months I haven’t suffered from a sore back, but today the back started to get sore again. So maybe when I am planning to do a hill climb I need to lower the seat a bit.

(Winter <> Racing) and not (racing < 1hr)

Oh thats a programmer heading…

On a side note: I am kinda sad Micheal Jackson is dead. They are playing his video hits on c4 right at this moment. Its a sound track to my entire life. No matter what the rest of his life was, he was a really awesome pop  entertainer ( and this from someone who  really  doesn’t like pop that much)

Ok back to the topic at hand. Me and winter and racing don’t mix well. Me and races under 1 hr don’t really work either. So why was I there this morning to do the Duathlon. I have no idea, Jo told me to and because I am a good girl and have supreme faith in her, I did what she said 🙂

It was very frosty cold this morning and there was cloud cover so the sun didn’t get a chance to poke its head out and warm things up a bit.  I kinda warmed up, I did a lap of the track, about 30min before the start. In reality I should really have done at least a 5 min run just before the start.

When the start gun went off (umm don’t think there was actually a gun) , and the first 30 sec I was feeling awesome, ok I might have hit the accelrator a little to hard, but was feeling good. Then the icy cold air hit my lungs and my lungs shut down. They did not like the situation at all. Ok so that made me slow down a little bit, get a bit of breath in the lungs etc. So that was what the first 2 laps invloved not going so hard that I couldn’t get air in. ( had taken my inhaler 10min before the race, but didn’t help that much). The 3rd lap I had finally got a bit warmed up, I still wasn’t feeling much of the thing (actually was about to throw up) but at least I could breath.

Came into transition. (I wasn’t very organised for this race. I turned up at tranistion before the race and thought, I should have put elasic laces on the shoes. Didn’t even have aero bars on the bike). And took my time taking the shoes of (after all I had to put them back on soon, so couldn’t just throw them out). I noticed Nades had come in about 20  secs behind me. She almost past me by having a awesomly fast tranistion.

Anyway I eventually got on the bike, and phew I could relax for a bit… well kind of, I am so much more comfortable on a bike. I took my time and eventually picked of a couple of the other females competitior (yes I knew a few would still pass me on the last run… but I can pick up alot of time on that bike)

Looked down at my watch on about the 4th lap and it said 32min. I wondered if it had stopped, cause that didn’t sound right. But maybe I just read it wrong because at near end of the 5th lap it was at about 42 min. Got off my bike and my legs were like jelly. Its been about 3months since I ran of the bike and it showed. Anyway stumbled my way around the last run and finished at about 57min.

You can never take it easy in a race like this. Push the envelope the entire way. But I did kind of enjoy it. Found it was fairly well run.

The trail shoes get a outing

The Trails shoes just been used

The Trails shoes just been used

For the first time in a few months, I bravely put the trail shoes on and headed out for a off road run.

But where to run? That is the question. I didn’t want to go somewhere too technical. That rules out the Crater Rim. I could do Rapaki, but thats a hill and this is a easy week. I could go up Harry Ell, but that would only take me 40min and I supposed to do 90min. I am not going to do Burwood Forest, because it is just EVIL!.

That leave Mcleans Island track. Ok, no probs with that, won’t take 90 min, but can add do a bit of loopy loop somewhere. So off I head. I was being rather paranoid, carefully put the feet down, always looking, taking the long cut, because that bit looks a bit dodgy.

But man I felt like crap. I had no energy, I could run and keep running, but I was not going anywhere fast, the legs felt heavy. It had nothing to do with the terrain. Unfortunatly it rather dimmed my joy of being on the trail again.

But the ankle came out of the situation unscathed. Actually it was the other ankle (the left ankle walys been the most dodgy ankle, the right one is the one I did in). So I shall take what I will from that run and move on.

I think I was just really tired or not 100% because last night I slept a full 11hrs away undisturbed. I went to bed just feeling awful, woke up feeling like I slept way too much. Had a 2hr bike ride, and to start with I felt grotty, but I climbed up Hackthorne and perked up and then headed to the kiwi before back down and a bit along the flat. I was feeling way better by the end.

That happens alot. When I feel kinda awful if I do a rather intense 5-10min I actually start to feel a whole lot better. It seems counter intuitive to me.

This afternoon, it was back to looking at more houses (I am pretty much over the damn search thing). We came across 2 we rather liked, that is rather surprising (considering in the last months we have seen about 1 we liked). 1 is in Halswell, hmm we expanded our search a bit further, not sure about Halswell though, seems a bit far away. But in reality its not really. The house was nice, was in 70s style, so a bit out dated but has potential. It already had a offer on it and we weren’t prepared to make a decision that quick, so might already be sold. The other was in Cashmere, yes in Cashmere and on the hill. Actually way up the hill by Victoria Park.

It may go way out of our price range, goes to Auction in a few weeks. But it has awesome potential, but would mean we would have to sell our current place rather than rent. But it would be so cool to live on the hill again. I swoon at the possibility. Though could you imagine, after a long ride, rather than starting with dyers Rd, I have to finish with it. I get good at climbing though 🙂

Finally… training back on track!

Lately I just haven’t felt like training been going well. Its been hard to get all the training sessions done, or  injury and illness preventing me from doing what you want to do.

But finally I think I have finally got over the hurdle and I am now able to get stuff done. Last week I managed to complete all training sessions. It was the final hard week of the block. But I was committed and got it done. It feels really good to have done that, its strange really in the overall scheme of things it wasn’t actually a “big” week. Plus work was rather stressful. But I don’t think things will get much worse than that, work wise, which gives me confidence that I can do this.

So last weekend consisted of a 90min run on Saturday and a 3hr ride on Sunday. (see not that “big”). Was the biggest run I have done in ages, I drove up to the summit road, past the kiwi, up to where the road flattens out a bit and then ran along till the corner before you drop down Coopers. It was a very awesome run (well on the way out). There was low cloud covering the city and the harbor, but on the summit you were above it, floating in the clouds. Ah hmmm… not sure if I should really say… but just before the turn around, I had a slight accident in the pants, not quite sure why that happened, it came on rather sudden… cleaned myself up as best I could before making the return journey. There was quite a bit of chafing happening at the end. Ok that subject is over and done….

The bike was to be a flat ride with short hills… I find that a bit hard, short hills… there really isn’t that many short hills in this part of the country. any way went out to sumner ( I originally planned to climb Evans, its short isn’t it?, but my legs weren’t feeling that great at that point so decided against that idea). Then I went back around the hills, climbing a few hills along the way, including up dyers and down hackthorne. Then out to Halswell, prebbalton, templeton and yaldhurst before home. There was a point between prebbalton and yaldhurst where I just felt flat. I think there was a slight head wind, but I wasn’t going anywhere fast. At Templeton I decided to pull in and get a coke, that seemed to perk me up a bit better on the way home.

Right so after that week Jo is confident that we are on track for 5 bridges Marathon in August (was that really my idea? not sure if I can really be bothered with it at the moment… no worry I be more enthusiastic in a few weeks, at least I hope I will).

Well this week is a easy week, thats nice. Though tomorrow I have a 60 min hill run, and there is a horrible southerly coming, do I do it in the morning or afternoon… decisions decisions… and where can I go for a 60min hill run that doesn’t include trails?

Oh, oh thats another thing!

I think all this running on the road has actually been a blessing, I have for ages talked myself into hating tarmac, and it is harder but its not as bad as I have talked myself into.

Here endth my rambling thoughts…

Bain Watch is Over

Working opposite the courts can be entertaining at times. You get to see the people going to court every morning. It can bring you in contact with people you wouldn’t normally. We have media scrums fairly often, and always amusing to watch the new people run.

For the last 3 months the boys in the office (the ones with windows *grumble grumble*) have been on Bain watch.

Every morning you got see Bain and his supporters walking to the court house with his red lunch box and then walking back again. At the start there was a media scrum, the first couple of days they were all over it. They eventually got bored and it got quite again. But occasionally they’d be back, you’d see Cambell and Sainsebury(sp?) outside the court house.

The last 2 days have seen the biggest media scrum. Today, one of the guys decided to celebrate with a “David Bain” jersey. It was quite ghastly 😉

Just before the end of day, I was in the boys office and all off a sudden people with cameras and mikes were running. The verdict must be in, turns out it was. We waited with baited breath, was he coming out?

I think people must have decided to drive past the court house on there way home. It took me forever cross the road.

So he’s not guilty, its probably fair, there seems like there was enough doubt. But only he will ever truly know beyond doubt what happened.