From the Dead to the Sublime

My swim this morning was rather odd. For the entire warm up I felt terrible. My arms ached, and couldn’t eplain why, I did spin class the night before, but this has been a easy week, so not much effort has been had by my arms.

But eventually they started to feel better. It was by no means a quick transformation, but by the last set of my swim things were going well and I was going through the water like a rocket.

So I am a waiting a rather expensive bike, about to purchase a new house, and could end up owning 2 houses for a few weeks. But none of this worries me, what is stressing me out is paying for the 5 passes entry fee. Obviously these other 2 are influencing this stress. But today I have come to a conclusion, “wait and see”.

“I don’t have to do it”, that is a turning point, when I decide to do something I stick to it, thats what has been stressing me out.  I could put it on my credit card, but don’t want to. So what I have decided is wait and see. Lets see what happens with the house. it might sell rather quickly, if so the money we are saving right now in the budgeting for the weeks with both houses will pay for it easy. Of course there might be no places left by then, but well thats life, and I can always do it next year.

So I just made that decision 10 minutes ago, and feel so much better about things:) phew!


She didn’t expect that

So the big news of the week. WE have bought a house. Well, we haven’t handed over the money yet, but we paid the deposit and signed the agreement. Well actually I haven’t signed anything… does that mean I can pull out? Righto I’ll go back to the beginning.

About a month ago, we were in between open homes and had some time to kill, we saw some signs to open homes down Valley Road, so we thought we’d check them out why waiting for time. One was a fairly niceish 2 bedroom house, but after talking with the agent, he said they wanted 400+ for it. So that was a little bit out of our price range, and especially for just a two bedroom house, so we walked out and never gave it another thought after that.

I got a couple of ohone calls from the agent, are you interested? The Auction is tomorrow and the reserve is low etc. But pretty much told hime we weren’t interested. But then he called back on Friday, saying it didn’t go at auction, but after digging, the more interesting information was there wasn’t any bids at the Auction, this got our ears perked up.

It also got Eamons parents ears perked up, they had visited the place seperatly to us, so got a simialr phone call from the agent. So come Saturday we headed over to have another look at it. Eamon’s  fathers business partner is a lawyer, so Pete headed over to him to check over the LIM and title, all was fine, So we decided in the end, lets just put in a low offer and only go up to a certain level and see what happens. We honestly didn’t think the vendor would go for it. But why not we thought, well much to our surprise the vendor went for it, we got it for 2000 under our upper limit.

So we were honestly not expecting to get it, Eamon and me, were a little in shock last night. We weren’t quite sure if we should be jumping up and down for joy.

So anyway, come September 25 we will be in a new house in Cashmere. Why aren’t we pretentious, we are moving from Fenadlton to Cashmere…

For training the location is perfect,  Its on the flat, but right next to the hill, so I get quick choice. And there is a room downstairs next to the garage where it would be prefect to put my bikes and other gear.

Oh I don’t think I have blog about my new bike as well, a BMC… just waiting for it to arrive. Money is going to be tight,  over next few months, but i can make it work. Just wondering where I am getting the money for 5 passes from. That goal might be the one to suffer from all this. I shall work on it.

1..2..3..4..4..5..7..agh..5..6..7..6..agh..8..9..9th..10.. Halfway…

I not sure what age I was when I learnt to count, but a fairly young age and a few decades ago I am sure. Since I learnt to count to 10, I have been pretty consistent in my correctness when counting.

However, while swimming my ability to count seems to be come rather difficult. I loose my place or skip ahead and re-evaluate the count. Who knows how long I did actually swim to day, it could be half as long or twice as far.

So lately the program includes a recovery swim on Saturday arvo, normally the have been about 45-60min. As I was getting ready to leave today, I thought I better check how long I was doing today. Eamon was on my computer, so asked him to look, 80min hes says, 80min! F#@&. That would be the longest swim session I have ever done in the pool. This didn’t look good.

I had a 3hr hill ride this morning (I’ll come to that later), I didn’t actually do a good recovery from it. I had to head out and look at a house (It sucked, yuck… ok plan has changed and we are back to looking at building…). I didn’t get my afternoon nap that I normally need after a ride like that. I had just got home when I was about to head out, hmmm this wasn’t looking good.

Turned out it wasn’t, Did about 2k’s and I had a splitting headache. The cap was just making it worse, so I took it off… But it is rather hard to swim without a cap, my hair while short, still kept on getting in my way. So after about another 200meters I just gave in. Went and sat in the sauna for 10min (whats with the fat men that sit in there, they creep me out)

Ok back to the ride, It was really low cloud this morning. I walk outside and it was freezing. On went the layers and protective garments and off I went. It was not very pleasant, but as soon as I passed the end of the houses on Dyers the cloud cleared and it was a nice sunny day on the hills. I was however going back down, into govenors, I was hoping that the low cloud was only on one side of the hills, but soon it was apparent that it was covering the entire countryside. The cloud was denser on the Lytellton side. I wasn’t feeling all that great, still recovering from being sick early in the week. I did consider going down Evans and taking it easier. But no I went with Plan A and headed along the summit. Had a great time in the sun looking down on the low cloud covering the city. By the time I descended the cloud was clearing, it wasn’t till I was a couple k’s from home that I got covered in the low cloud again.

Got a almost 2hr hill run tomorrow, my weekends are not going to get any easier either… hmm where shall I go, maybe up Rapaki.


Lately I seem to be isolating myself more and more. The only time I train with any one else at the moment is spin class. And even then I somehow don’t seem to mix well (not sure if thats a good description or not). Its not like I don’t talk to any one, I do talk to whoever I am next to, but its not the same as having a long conversation about not much when you go for a ride with friends. You get what I am getting at? No probably not, its probably a Nadya thing.

I have been meaning to go to tri running club, but at the moment, running in the sun at lunch time seems more apealing to waiting to after work, being cold and dark. Blah, I need my sun.

Its just so much easier to train by yourself. Take tommorrow, I have a 3hr hill ride. I don’t really worry about doing by myself, and its so much easier to head out the door and do your own thing, than worry about other people. But still in someways, between work and training, I don’t seem to be a very sociable creature… not that I really am anyway.

So the point to this whole triade? Ummm nope no point, I should get better come spring, its easier to be more sociable come warmer weather.

On a separate point all together… 6 months!

“Thats all I got” or “I have to wait that long” till Challenge Wanaka. Just went to Jelly park this morning, my membership ran out today, so decided to get a 6 month membership, instead of my normal 3. Looked at the expiry date when she gave it back to me and it was 17/1/10. “Sweet”, I thought that means thats te day after wanaka, thats prefect timing (as I’ll be taking a break then and won’t want membership for a month or so). Then  it dawned on me, that means theres 6months to go.  In some ways doesn’t sound like much, in others it sounds ages away.. I want to get there quicker!

Awesomist swim ever!

Is that a word? Awesomist? If it is, it is probably spelled wrong and if not should definitely become a word.

Anyway, off I trotted to the pool this morning (I was a day late, because I had a stupid ridiculous early flight to Wellington on Thursday, lets just say I wasn’t getting up at midnight to get the swim in). I decided to do one of my more favorite sessions on the level 2 pro gramme and off I went.

The technique was perfect (ok, a little too much), I was feeling the water awesomely, water was whizzing by and I was on form, the hard laps where stylish. I even did a little bit more because I was feeling so much better. The guy in the lane with me, said I made it look easy… well of course I did! It was easy! 🙂

This weekend, as its school holidays and Eamon can get some time off and I just need a break from work, we decided to take a extended weekend and go see the parentals in Tekapo. Whats the bet that the one weekend I disappear from chch, that the sun decides to shine. So might get to play in some snow over the weekend. Mum said we could go skiing… No, I said. One of my work mates completely torn the ligaments in his knee due to skiing. Lets just say that kind of injury is not in my plans for the future.

Some snow tubing or hot pools in the snow maybe… I’ll take the bike with me, but if the roads are a bit dodgy I’ll just run (I am on a recovery week, so not all that much training required).

Hungry, hungry Hippo

OMG.. these days I am so hungry. It not just, “I am bored/emotional and I’ll think I’ll eat something now”. Its “my god my stomach feels like it is going to eat itself”. I am trying to be good, ie eat that apple, but it doesn’t seem to help much, where as a nice tasty muffin is just so filling.

Can’t work out why… ok so training is up a couple of hours a week, but really??

Long Hills

So todays ride was a 3hr “long hills” ride. I had a really cool ride planned. Up dyers pass, down to govenors, turn right and head to Gebbies, up Gebbies, Coopers along the summit. Then depending on time continue along the summit to evans.

But the weather forecast, included gusting southerlies and snow on the hills. I didn’t really want to be caught on the summit with strong winds or anywhere on the other side in a down poor. (yes I am a whimp when it comes to “what if” scenarios).

Sitting on the wind trainer for 2hrs doesn’t appeal either. I would rather face any sort of weather than that. So in the end, I decided it would be best to stay to this side of the hills, that way I could descend quickly if it turned really bad. As the only Long hill that truly exists on this side is Mt Pleasant, I decided to do 2 laps, climbing Mt Pleasant twice.

Lets just say when I got to the top of Mt Pleasant the first time, I thought “blah doing that again.” So decided to descend back the way I came instead and headed up Evans back up to Mt pleasant. Its been a while since I did Evans from Sumner. Its still a killer, but I can do it without going anerobic.

I thought this ride might be a little short of the 3hrs but turned out to be exactly 3hrs by the time I got home.

The weather wasn’t actually that bad, I would have survived on the original course. Oh well, its nice to know I can still do a alternative course when the weather is shite.

ps person in charge of weather, I didn’t see any sun while training this weekend. Please next weekend a little sun would be nice