Shower, Shower, toil and trouble

How much time do I waste showering? on a average I think I must shower twice a day.I just always seem to be between showers. I have shower gear everywhere, extra towels all over the place.

Its madness, and I can’t seem to shower fast. Especially after a hard session, like tonights spin. I just seem to end up standing there. “You should get out now” “In a few moments” “Any moment now, I’ll turn it off”

I am over the shower, maybe I be a rebel and just be stinky…. ick, that doesn’t sound pleasnt, I like the nice clean feeling you get after showering, after a training session.

Between swimming and showering I must be water logged. Maybe my skin will start to disolve and fall off…

Off to the pool again in the morning, that will be the third session this week. This week ends up having 4 swim sessions, thats a record for me. I am getting better at the coping with the constant dullness of swimming laps. I am getting better attuned to it. I think my mental cababilty is improving.


Whistling Wheels and walls that don’t fall down

Wheels that whistle

Are my wheels supposed to whistle? Or is there something wrong with them? I am assuming that it was the direction of the wind. Man was that some wind.

You wouldn’t have thought today was windy. Actually I thought it was quite nice and calm, thus my going across the summit. Ok I have some paranoiers (sp?), but one big one is cycling along the summit when it is windy and the cross winds you get in the passes. So if there is a ounce of wind showing, I don’t head that way.

But it didn’t seem that windy, its was windy in a couple of places and then it was blowing and my wheels started to whistle.  But one point, I just went below the gondola, and turned a corner that heads you up the steeper bit and I was hit by a gale. I was rather worried I was going to start heading backwards. But a couple od pedal strokes got me over that, and then 100metres up the road no wind, and no real wind of any concern for the rest of the ride…phew

The wall that will not fall down

Yesterday was my long run, a 4 hour run. The longest run before Able Tasman, so on Friday I spent a bit of time plotting a course. I decided to go with a 30K loop.  This plan had a bit of hardship in it, it included whitehead track and the summit road up to Mt Pleasant. It had a few escape down points, but still the car was going to be a fair distance away. Even though I trust myself, that makes me a little nervous.

Well the planned route had me parked next to Mt Pleasant yacht club, then running to sumner up over whitehead to Taylors Mistake and then out to Godley head before following the summit all the way back to the bridle path and then down into heathcote and back to the car.

Part of this route took me down memory lane. I used to go to Redcliffs Primary school and when we walked to school we walked by this rather dodgy wall. Dad once told us to walk as fast past that wall as possible, it didn’t look stable. So when ever I walked past that wall, I used to sprint fast as possible. So  yesterday as I ran past that wall, that is still standing and looks exactly the same as it did 20 years ago, I found myself speeding up and getting past it as fast as I could.

I had to shake my head at myself, obviously that wall ain’t coming down, but I have a ingrained habit that I haven’t lost in the years that have past. I wonder if I can go back and make myslef walk slowly past, I don’t know if that is possible…

Well to continue on… whitehead track never gets any easier. Damn cliffs to taylors, but made it over without blowing myself totally. For some odd reason I found the track to Godley head a hard part of the day, not quite sure why… made it up to the summit at about 1:30… Still a bit of time to go, the run along the summit to evans went really well, was feeling pretty good.

I was concentrating on making sure I ate consistently and was practising using jelly beans and Bananas as thats the nutrition on course for able Tasman and it seemed to be working quite well. Then I was faced with the final climb of the day, up to Mt pleasant.

Phew, going down there today, I confirmed to myself that yes that is quite a long way, especially with about 2:30 on your legs. Felt ok to start with. I seem to found a low gear these days, whenever climbing a really steep hill, I can just drop down to this gear, HR stays in A1 and can just keep going. The wheels started to come off at Jollies Bush (I wasn’t feeling Jolly at that point) but I managed to keep going until I hit the pine trees. I decided just walk for a few moments, BAD IDEA, upper calves just hurt as soon as I walked and getting running again was a big struggle. Eventually got to the top…. Downhill from here… But this was the worse part of the day, made it to the Bridle path fine.

But I was too tired to be fully confident to lean forward and let myself go, so was breaking and instantly knee started to hurt. So down to a walk all the way down to the bottom. And legs were killing me, it took me a while to get back into the run, but managed a decent run rythmn back down the valley. But then I got stinking hot, the sun had come out so slowed to take of thermal, and thats was that, legs didn’t want to run any more. Was only about 10min to the car, but rather disappointed that I didn’t manage to run all the way to the car.

I take great heart from this run. It probably the best long run (off that duration) I have ever had. For Able Tasman the goal is 4hrs but 4:30 is acceptable. Its 6Ks longer than this run, but it doesn’t have the same hills. So I am confident that 4rs is attainable. Though being on trail, might slow me a bit. Nutrition worked well as well, so just a couple of extra muesli bars all I will need to carry with me.

I dug out the credit card, bit the bullet and did it!

Woo hoo I couldn’t wait any longer, I could have waited a couple more weeks, but nope off I went and entered.

I am now officially a entrant of Challenge Wanaka 2010!

I am officially very excited… *jump de jump, jump jump*

They ask what my estimated times were… how the heck do I know at this stage. But my hopeful estimates were

Swim 1:05

Bike 6:20

Run 5

that equals 13:25 + transitions… I suppose doesn’t seem to bad… and gives me 30min wiggle room to get under 14. Yeh I know dreamin’

*jump de jump, jump jump*

Battle of the brain

My left vs right brain are at odds… One says “go do it”, the other says “that seems like much to hard, take it easy”.

Its a constant battle going on, some times the right wins sometimes the left.Lately the lazy part of my brain has been succeeding, especially the more tired I am, the more likelyhood it will take it out.

At the time, the idea of making a training session short seems very sensible. Take today, I was in the middle of nowhere, found my way back to Lincoln after getting lost in the back roads. I was cold and tired from yesterdays run. The plan was to head to springston and head home via back of airport. But I got to Lincoln and just wanted to be home. Theres the lazy side making itself heard. Seemed absolutely reasonable at the time.

But now have recovered a few hours, it seems stupid that I couldn’t just have managed that extra hour. That lazy side of my brain has been winning a bit more than it should this last week.

Wheres the commitment… I really need to get that “go do it” half of my brain to be a bit more dominant.

I almost lost the will to live

90min swim, almost non stop, oh crap. I did the maths and that meant that I’d probably get to over 4.5K.

So off I go, the first 200m of every 1K concentrate on good technique, the next 800m pick the pace up and go faster. Well this worked fine for the first couple of K, 3 K boring…. 4K , thats it If I go any further I will loose the will to live…. OMG I’m hopeless, I was at 75min, just another 15 min and I would be done…

Please bring on some warm water and I will be quite happy to do that outside. On the positive side it took me 75min to swim 4K, I had a few minute breaks between each K, so I am thinking my goal (very quite goal) of doing the swim of challenge in 70min is easily achievable, maybe I’ll have to shorten the goal.

Bike News

I climbed a hill on the bike earlier this week. More specifically up Dyers. I went at lunch time, my program said 60min hill ride. So I told grant I was going to be a hour. He asked where I was going, I said kiwi and back. He didn’t belive I would manage it. Hmpf, neither did I, but I had to prove him wrong.

So mad dash through town to the bottom of the hill, hit the Colombo round about @ 14min, up I climbed. So the new bike has compact, that gives me a whole extra gear basically to play with. I don’t need it I tell myself, but man does it make climbing the bottom of Dyers easier! The bike just felt better climbing, and that extra gear just kept my cadence higher (suits me much better).  Got on the time trial after the houses, I was pushing it, had something to proof. Hit the Kiwi @ 35min, woo hoo 21min up Dyers, thats quick for me.

The descent was awesome. have wondered if it was my bike that has caused my bad descending ability, but dismissed that as stupid, but its true. This bike handles and feels so much better. I instantly went up in confidence on the descent.

Got to the bottom at about 45 min, 15 min to get back to work, will be pushing it as I could go so direct because of the one way system. But I made it, 30secs to spare 🙂 Take that!

New Paint Job

In other news, my car got a new paint job earlier in the week. Well apparently so, I never actually saw it. Was the same day I took the bike to work. So I didn’t use or look at the car that morning.

Anyway, the lean to had been painted a little bit late in the day. I not paying much attention, parked my car in the lean to that night. Because it was painted too late, it didn’t dry and condensation made it a bit watery and apparently, drip drip drip all over the front of my car.

Eamon’s Dad got to the house about lunch time and poor him spent about 1.5hrs cleaning it off my car.

Note to self, don’t park under a recently painted lean to

Dear me, it got dirty!

Part of me, didn’t want to actually get on the new bike and ride it, because it would then get dirty. It was all sparkly and clean. And as you know I am not very good at keeping things clean, so it will probably never get back to that situation ever again.

Well, I took a deep breath this morning, and off I went into the fog on the new bike. Uggg the roads were wet, and splattering my nice bike with dirt, god can’t they have road cleaners so such things do not occur.

Well as for the ride. It feels different, yet not so different. The rough back roads are not as bone jarring as it was in my old bike. The new bike has a compact, so I did struggle for a while trying to find the best gearing. Little things, like knowing where your bottle cage is, got me a couple of times. The cage is lower down on the new bike, almost dropped my water bottle a couple of times due to that.

It climbs different for sure, but the 3 little bumps that I climbed today probably not the best indicator. Looking forward to tackling the hills on Tuesday, thats where the fun will come in I am sure.

My legs were actually really rather tired from the 2hr40min hill run yesterday, so they weren’t necessarily performing to there best, in fact I cut the ride short just because they were feeling so dead.  I went out with Em and Cam today, Anita was going to join us, but after a few minutes she gave up cause she wasn’t feeling well.

Me and Em were struggling a few times just to keep on Cam’s wheel, but it was fun to get out with someone for a change, it does make you work harder, if I had gone byt myself, I probably would have done my intended time but the same distance. Yes, when I go flat I do have a tendancy to cruise a little to much.

It pays to ask sometimes

So life has been busy at the moment. Last weekend was manic,  do a heap of training and clean up the yard.  Man I was knackered. I was asleep by 8 on Sunday night. It took me to Wednesday to truly recover.

So we cleared some of the garden, but then come Monday, Eamons Dad must have been feeling bored or something and has spent most of the week at our place. The garden has practically transformed everyday, one of the first things he did was chop down the plum tree. It is a very annoying tree, drops untasty plums everywhere.  We’ve been meaning to chop it down for ages, but frankly too lazy to do anything.

But now it is gone and our neighbors are very happy.  Apparently, its been blocking the sun to there breakfast room. If only they had asked earlier, we would quite happily have obliged, we just never had much impitous before.

Happy Birthday

On Tuesday, I went to Jelly Park after work, and it having a Birthday. Woo hooo…  not!  they are giving away free entry or a extra month free for new membership. Chaos, absolute whoas. Add to that, one pool booked out and 3 other lanes in the other pool are booked. Mad, Mad CHAOS. I tried really hard to get a decent swim, but failed miserably. There were the idot breast strokers, who didn’t stop and let you pass at the end, or the guy who swam a fraction slower then you, but not slow enough to over take (not that you could cause of the number of people in the lanes), and then kinda of stopped at the end, but pushed off again, never allowing you past. Grrrrrrrr….I gave it up as a bad job after 40min, was not going anywhere.

Expensive toy day

When I got to work this morning, my new work laptop had arrived… oh it is swish and awesome. Been waiting for it for ages. Eamon asks, does it have this and that, I say don’t know. But I am a geek with my toys, my home laptop is going to seem redundantly old and slow now.

But that wasn’t the biggest toy to be got today. The bike was got. It was ridiculously easy to pass over several thousand dollars. It is actually the most expensive thing i have ever owned. In a about 8 weeks that will be surpassed, by a house, but for now it is the most expensive.

Heres some pics

Its not going to get any little presents for a while. The pedals just don’t match, but that will just have to wait.