Getting back into it

So for the last 2 weeks training has taken a bit of a back seat. But now we have moved, and (cross fingers) sold the other house (Its under offer at the moment). I don’t have to worry about moving, packing or cleaning.

And can take our time setting up the new house. (She says as she sits in the middle of a lounge on half of her lounge suite surrounded by cables, electrical equipment and not much else, we have a decided lack of furniture at the moment.)

But anyway, I can now start cincentrating back on the training and getting the hours back up again. I got my new 6 week programme last week. Phew there are big weekends ahead. We are keeping the weekdays fairly light, concentrating on the higher instensity sessions but fewer. This is just because I struggle often with work and getting 2 sessions a day in, so we have dropped a few days to only 1 sessions. And it honestly is making this week much easier. Plus I have finally been given some brick sessions, going to have to get used to having the shoes ready to go whenever I get of the bike.

So I have only been living here for 5 days and I am loving the easy access to training. Today it was a easy bike ride to spin and then home quick. On the weekend I did sumner- summit and back in just over 1:30 (hmm I am going to have to make some of my normal routes longer to make up the time).  Tommorow morning, I have a short hill run, whereas before I would have to have all my gear ready to go for the next day and drive all the way to the hill, tommorow I can just run out the door. Though its going to be interesting working out routes that take me 40, 50, 60mins. I am sure I am going to a bit out for a few weeks.

But most important and goal for the next 6weeks is LOSE the F%&#@*^g weight. I have been lazy and really bad with food the last few weeks. I gotta stop that (I have honestly been sitting here thinking I need something sweet, maybe I could pop down to the shop and get a ice cream… ughhhhhh)


The mad mad world of myself

Currently I am sitting surrounded by 5 computers, 3 monitors, trying to install windows 7 on them and build web site at same time…. (oh yes and taking a break to blog)… Phew we finally interviewed a couple of good guys this week, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll have a few more people on board. Even if the just install the machines (I DON”T do installs, but here I am doing it anyway)

Its been a mad few weeks. Releasing a major site while at a conference was a highlight. It didn’t help that the 2 senior devs were at the conference for 3 days. Leaves a bit of gap in the office. But this isn’t a work blog, its a training blog. But as work as been affecting my training performance, I thought I would highlight my mad world.

…. 3 hrs later….

Got a bit distracted, where was I?

Last week, involved a bit of “networking”. So I don’t do that much, thank god. But my problem is I can’t nurse a drink a whole night, and you can’t NOT have a glass in your hand.  So lets just say over consuming alcohol does not help your recovery from a really crap run that I had, and took much more out of me than it should have.

Techfest was interesting, bunch of geeks at a party all at once (I really shouldn’t be so hard on my own kind).  They had Elemeno p and katchafire playing. Free alchol as well, mircosoft sure ain’t stingy.

So training wise was a bit of a waste of time last week. I tried 1 run in Auckland, blisters were still a problem and just felt blah, gave up after 10min.

I managed a farily decent ride on the Sunday. But it was a horrible wind and took the fun out of it at times.

Was a bit worried about going for my first run this week. It was supposed to be last night, but after working late, going for a run I didn’t want to do wasn’t a high priority. But I did pull on the shoes this morning. Legs felt a bit stiff, but the body ogt me through ok.

I have been eatung way to much lately as well. Free food does that to you. So highest priority is to STOP EATING! thats it, only the dust from now on.

The other manic part of my life is moving. This weekend its moving house day. But trying to keep the house tidy to sell is a bit stressful. Eamons turned into the tidness nazi, I put something down, or don’t pick it up fast enough I get a short shaft. Blimin heck anyone would think hes OCD about such things. Be good just to get out so it can stay in pristine condition, that be forever at this rate. Anyone want to buy, a very cool even if I do say so myself, small 2 bedroom townhouse??? pretty please, I want to spend money again on toys sometime soon.

Ohh better get to spin class… a crap not exactly the highlight of my week. lol 😦

To explain the unexplainable

What was it?

Was it just a “off” day? Did I screw up nutrition? Am I just not “Mentally” tough enough? Was there some bug that was hanging around and just caught me on a off day?

No matter what the run was like, my recovery straight after was not normal… even for a almost 5hr expedition. My legs were cramping, I was rugged up to the nth degree, if I moved to get something to eat or go too the loo. I was shaking uncontrollably. I could barely eat anything, though I forced in my throat. The Kepler, while I couldn’t move my legs hadn’t even effected me to that degree, well the cramps had been worse, but that was to be expected, that took over twice the time so don’t doubt that one.

Ok so I am starting at the end again. Let me go back to the beginning. As you can probably tell I did not have a very good race, actually I didn’t have a very good experience, I did conclude a couple of times along the way, that in no way was this fun, and not to do anything like that again. Oh skipping ahead once again.

I’ll go back to Friday.

Isn’t Nelson supposed to be the sun capital of the country?

So I left a sunny warm Christchurch to land in a rainy dismissal Nelson. I was actually to find out later that I was lucky we landed. A couple of people at the race had circled for ages, returned back to Chch and then had to drive all the way up, only arriving at 12:30 that night. Yes, I was very lucky that the flight landed and I had no dramas.

I went and got my ankle strapped at a physio. I know should learn to do it myself, but I always seem to pull it too tight inone spot or never get it straight. I did umm and ahh over the strapping. I don’t train with strapping, thus I shouldn’t race with it, I know! But I had a couple of good reasons for doing so, 1 Don’t want to screw my ankle up again, I got more important plans. 2 It would give me way more confidence on the trail knowing I didn’t have to avoid every bump and root (and I am so glad I did, I was flying down the trails, when if I didn’t have the strapping I’d have been walking slowly)

I had a few plans to ticky tour my way up to Marahau. But as it was pissing down with rain, that wasn’t really going to happen. So I stopped off at the supermarket, picked up some food and continued straight up. So I arrived about 12 and not much to do. I whiled away my time checking out the finish, reading my book and taking off on a short 20min run.

Went to bed fairly early. The strapping must have been pushing on a nerve when my foot was pointed, because a couple of times that night I woke up in unbelievable pain. Flex the foot and it went away.

Race Morning

So I am trying to work out exactly what went wrong as I write this, maybe as I write a stunning thought may occur to me (I’ll let you know when if it does), so this might be rather analytical. Sometimes are rather approx

6:30. Alarm goes. Get my gear on and visit the facilities etc etc

6:45 Eat breakfast. Breakfast includes a banana and a bagel with Jam (I know not very exciting, but my standard race morning fare, stops stomach upsets further in the day)

7:15 Ready to go, time to kill, read book a bit more

7:30 Go to registration. Registration line is long and hang around for ages. Finally when I get to the front, they say “Oh you’re a medical”, go over there. So off I go and stand in another line. Jeez, Its only asthma, its not like the great plaque or anything. “You carry medication?”, “Yes inhaler”, “Ventolin”, “Yes”, “You carry that with you?” “Yes”. She writes that on a piece of paper. Never had that before, at least they are through.

8:00 make my way to the boat ramp. The tide is out so we have walk about 500m across the beach (shoes off) to get to the boats. Then wade in the icy ocean to get up the ramp, just as I get to the ramp a big wave comes and soaks my shorts grr.

9:00 Have made our way to Arrowa. The boat ride was a bit rough, but didn’t feel ill at all, until we stopped. Then I felt decidedly sick, My stomach started to roil. I just ignored it. Got off the boat. We had to get our feet wet again. I debated weather to leave the shoes on, and just get them wet.

Sand could cause a issue, but everyone else was taking there shos off, so I decided to be a sheep and follow the pack. So yes there was sand issues. I couldn’t get all the sand off, and just cross fingers that wouldn’t cause blisters. Its raining here but not to cold

9:15 Eat banana

9:45 they line us up for bag checking, then walk around to the start. I feel decidedly disorientated, I don’t know where the ocean is. Its really odd for me not to know what direction everything is. We are waiting…

10:15 Briefing… By this point I am starting to get worried about my nutrition. I had decided to go as light as possible. Picking up the nutrition along the way. The info they had provide us was the race would start about 9 – 9:30. I had based my nutrition around that and was already starting to feel hungry. I decided it best to eat some of my little nutrition now and hope I can get enough later. So eat half a muslei bar.

Then they do yet another head count.

10:30 At last the race starts.

Stage 1 was it too hard? Don’t think so

Stage one was approx 6K’s. Plan was to take it easy and do in approx 40min

So there was the traditional start to any race, people taking off at a big rate of knots. I tell myself to behave and try and settle into a easy rythmn. We cross a small river about 1K in… so that keeping the feet dry at the boats a complete waste of time. Then we come to a abrupt stop as theres a bottle neck at some steps. We start climbing up the first hill of the day, I am actually feeling pretty good, I am taking it at a good steady pace. I hear guys huffing and puffing as they over take me. I just shake my head and silently wish them luck for the rest of the race.

After about 20min we start to head back down again, the track was pretty good, a bit rough in places, not helped by being to close to the person in front. So I hang back a little so I can see what is happening. Not much time later we hit the beach.

Gord, that was hard, it was about a 1K run along the beach, and it places it was hard to find a firm be of sand to run on. I hit the CP at about 45min. Off pace, but terrain is more hilly then I had predicted, so that’s ok.

Stage 2 start to pick it up?

Stage 2 was approx another 6K. The plan was to pick the pace up a bit.  I decided that I didn’t think that would work so kept the same pace as before.

We start climbing again. I had picked up some water at the CP, and was carrying some in my bladder, but was starting to feel dehydrated. I took on more water hoping it would help, but didn’t seem to. I had some raspberry licource to eat for this stage, I swallowed down a couple of sticks.

I started to feel weary and was getting negative thoughts in my head. I was wondering where the heck they had come from. My legs despite everything else I was feeling was still feeling good.

I got to the next CP and it was 1:40. I was way of pace. Told myself not to worry, couldn’t trust the distances anyway. I filled the water bottle I was carrying up, and was a relief to drink the cold water down. Grabbed a banana and handful of Jelly Beans

Stage 3 Slip and slide

Stage 3 was approx 9K to Torrent Bay.

Once again we climbed out of the bay where the CP was. The track was a absolute mess. I wished to god I had bought the trail shoes. The road shoes were giving no grip. It was a muddy clay quadmire and the 250 odd people before me had made it a terrible mess. The problem with being a tail ender,  You get stuck with the raw end of the trail.

So with this slope you seemed to be going up and sliding down half, not going anywhere fast, and impossible to run. By the top of the hill, I had to take a few deep breaths to prevent the food I had eaten coming up again.

It was down hill form there and started to feel better, though I was still in a negative frame of mind. I was al most going to give up. I got to the point of saying, the next CP, just stop and ask for a lift back. I was not enjoying this at all, and the negativeness just kept creeping in and getting worse.

But suddenly I was at Torrent Bay, it had come way quicker than 9K. The time was 2:30. Shite that’s a half marathon done, and while a slow one at the best of times, I was still feeling ok (right I see you seeing the contradictions from the last paragraph) 15K’s left to go, if I can do that in 90min, 4hrs done and dusted. Woo hoo lets go!

Stage 4 When the enthusiasm doesn’t last.

At the CP filled up the water bottle and got jelly beans and banana.

So obviously the plan of getting a getting a lift out was dashed. Thank god for small mercies. But there was 15K to go and no way was I doing that in 90min in my state and terrain. I think I always overestimate my abilities and think I can do in that time when really I can’t. Then I get half way there, realise I can’t do it and almost give it up.

Anyway there was a bit of flat to start with, my legs where feeling knackered and my head space was not in much better shape. Actually it was worse. When it started going up I walked. Then it went flat and it just kept on going. We were following a hill around the shore line, constantly hoping that the next time you rounded the corner you’d see marahau. You saw the 12K marker, than 10K. I was feeling really sick at this stage, I kept on downing my water, like it was, well water. Never did seemed to get better. At one point I said that’s it, you have to walk this off. So I did for 5min I walked and I thought I started to feel better. So I started up running again and I did pick up for a bit, I picked off the people had passed me and was going ok for a while. But the string snapped and the ghost gave up. I almost collapsed on the track sobbing.

What the heck was wrong with me! Why can’t I keep going. My mind kept on drifting back to the last 10K of Kepler. Now that was hard! This was a pathetic little nothing 7K’s to go. Get your head back in the game! But nope nothing, started to run low on water and was still forcing the food down, but probably not enough.

I walked stumbled my way to the finish line. 4:54. Yes that 2hrs24 to run/walk that last 15K. Go figure!

Nothing much achieved there. I crawled my way back to the cabin and suffered the chills and muscles cramps and collapsed in a miserable sleep

What have I learned

Not much as I really don’t know what went wrong. Here are the only things I think I could have got better.

  1. I think I needed more water in the first couple of stages
  2. I didn’t eat enough food. My plan was to go in with a limited amount and pick up at CP but the CP weren’t as useful to those on the Kepler.

I’m on my way

I’m on my way from misery to happiness today (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
I’m on my way from misery to happiness today (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
I’m on my way to what I want from this world
And years from now you’ll make it to the next world
And everything that you receive up yonder
Is what you gave to me the day I wandered

I took a right, I took a right turning yesterday (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh) (yea)
I took a right, I took a right turning yesterday (yea, yea, yea, yea)
I took the road that brought me to your home town
I took the bus to streets that I could walk down
I walked the streets to find the one I’d looked for
I climbed the stair that led me to your front door

And now that I don’t want for anything
I’d have Al Jolson sing “I’m sitting on top of the world”

I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to do the best I can (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to do the best I can (ha, ha, ha, ha)
To keep my feet from jumping from the ground dear
To keep my heart from jumping through my mouth dear
To keep the past, the past and not the present
To try and learn when you teach me a lesson

And now that I don’t want for anything
I’d have Al Jolson sing “I’m sitting on top of the world”.

I’m on my way from misery to happiness today (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh)
I’m on my way from misery to happiness today (yea, yea, yea, yea)
I’m on my way to what I want from this world
And years from now you’ll make it to the next world
And everything that you receive up yonder
Is what you gave to me the day I wandered

I’m on my way to what I want from this world
And years from now you’ll make it to the next world
And everything that you receive up yonder
Is what you gave to me the day I wandered

I’m on my way

Well in the least the bags are packed, I’m off first thing in the morning, I might not  back on the net to Sunday night. I doubt where I am staying has it. Plus its a holiday and the net is work. So while the laptop will be with me, I don’t think I’ll be opening it.

Why don’t I ever feel like jumping out of my skin?

Never in any taper have I done, do I ever feel like I am jumping out of my skin. In fact it is practically the opposite. This week I just feel like sleeping. Yesterday, I had the oddest sensation, I would have quite happily have stopped running and gone had a nap in the middle of Hagley park.

Crazy, normally no matter how tired I feel, I don’t feel tired when running. Anyway welcome to a Nad-ya taper week.  Ok, so I am not tapering like I would for a A race. But no matter what, there is no jumping… nothing. Lets hope the come race day I am not at least feeling sleepy.

Nerves are starting to kick in. Not quite sure why. This isn’t a race to go win (as if there ever is), it isn’t the major race, its just one to have fun doing. Nothing to prove, just a day jogging through some nice looking country. I was filling in my event prep form, as always I have the contingencies down to the nth degree, the nerves start kicking in. I don’t know anything about the race, what if this happens or that? Jeez got to take a deep breath and have a chill pill.

Starting to get injury niggles as well. Was that a slight pain on my shins? oh no might be getting shin splints. Oh the hip feels twingy.. stretch that out. My shoes are feeling less suportive maybe they need replacing? I’ll just go down to the local shoe shop and get some (yeh should have thought of that a couple of weeks ago and got them cheaper over the interweb).

This race is nothing on the scale of Kepler, if I can finish that this is just a walk in the park. Whats my problem? Actually the injury issues stems from the major goal, and I don’t want to do damage doing this little thing and disrupt that goal.

Oh the wonderful world my brain inhabits..

Can’t wait to Friday and get out of the office and city to a different location for a few days (plus I won’t be around for the open home etc as the house goes on the market tomorrow. One way of keeping the house tidier, remove one of the messy inhabitants. Lets hope its sold by the time I get back)

Surely theres never a frost in Spring

After the nice warm weather of the last few weeks. It was a bit of a shock to get up this morning and shiver into the running clothes. I had a 40min short hill run. So decided to head over to Rapaki and just run around the hills there. So ran up the valley then back up Rapaki road and then over to Murray Aynsley, finishing with the steps. It was about 7 when I got there and the sun still wasn’t up, and it was chilly on the legs.

Its now only 1 week to le Tasman. Suddenly dawned on me today and the nerves started to hit. But once again its more to do with the traveling and logistics than the actual race. Doing this one by myself. I don’t think know anyone doing it, and I am flying up by myself. I managed to convince the boss to fly me to Nelson. Mainly because I have a conference in Aucklnad the following Monday and thought that would be much more carbon neutral. So I booked a hire car today, and will venture myself off to Marhau from Nelson myself. Going to be a interesting mixture in my bags I pack that weekend, running shoes and laptop.

So this weekend is a easy compared to last few weekends, just a easy (well I am not supposed to take it easy, suppsed to push harder according to coach)  90min run tommorow and 2hr bike & 1hr swim on Sunday.

Rules of the fast lane (according to nad-ya)

When I get in the fast lane, I have some rules in my head. They are fairly simple.

If there is some one faster than you in that lane, give way or go to a different lane.

Thats all, the faster person should not in anyway be held up by you. It does not matter if you were there before that person, or not. You arer in the FAST lane, the faster person rules!

So this morning, after looking at the lanes, I choose a lane that I thought had people of similar pace, maybe slightly slower, but it was the fast lane, so in I get. I missed that it had the old guy, who all he does is swim up and down with fins on. No matter what stroke he is doing, he takes up almost the entire lane, so there is almost no way to pass him. If I had seen him I would not have got in that lane.

Once I did realise, I thought I can manage around him. But I got more and more frustrutated, he never ever waits at the end of the lane to let you pass. So I go and over take him, after several times having to stop and walk… grrrr…

When I stopped at the end of the lane, he says to me, “You need to get some manners”. I almost went apletic(is that a word?)  at him. I calmly said, much better manners than himself and prehaps he should let others past.

But I was so mad, I just had to move lanes. So I did, the other fast lane had jsut come clear so that made me happier. But about 10min later a faster guy came in. And I think we swam quite happily together in the same lane. If he was any where close to me, i always checked and made sureI gave way at the end.

As a aside, he was a awesome swimmer.I could probably have spent the whole time jsut staring at his stroke. Why can’t I swim like that?

I did have a thought as I got out of the pool, not long now to the outdoor pool opens, just a couple of months. Then I thought, damn we want be here, I’ll have to make special trips to Jelly Park jsut for the previldge. Ah well, only negative thought I have come up with about moving.