Sorry if I didn’t smile or say hi…

But when you are going the reverse direction that cyclist are generally going you get really really sick of saying hi to every passing cyclist.

Did the figure 8 this morning. Well there are a few versions to the figure 8 but mine goes dyers – kiwi – govenors-gebbies-coopers-kiwi – Govenors- lytellton – Evans – Mt pleasant – kiwi – dyers. I have to say it is one of my favorite routes now. I did this route about 3 weeks ago and it was much easier today. One of the things I like about it is you doing have to do the bitches in reverse. I will honestly do Coopers twice over if it means that I don’t have to do the Bitches. Its quite a good motivation when you are half way up Coopers – “Well if you turn around now you’ll have to go over the bitches to get back”. I do like doing a long climb, much much more than smaller sharper climbs. You get to sit back, get a rhythm and just keep going. probably why I like this route so much. The climbs gebbies -coopers and evans -mt Pleasant are the longest climbs around so you get a good chance to get that rhythm going.

Having said that half way up to Mt Pleasant I was starting to get a bit over it and almost convinced myself to descend. But I talked myself out of that and continued along the summit and saw the Kiwi for the third time today.

A boob tube and running?

Ok this has to worse than Anitas running undies. Honestly as I was going up Mt Pleasant there was a chick running down in a boob tube. How the how does that support anything?? Ok so she wasn’t that big, but still there was a fair amount of jiggling… that has to be one of the bizarre things I have seen.

Did my good dead for the day

I started my run off the bike, and started to run around Criten Tce. It takes me past a path to the Playground. There was a kid around the corner.

“hi” he say’s

“Hi” I say back and almost continue on

“I sneaked out of the gate of the playground”

“Uhhh it might be a good idea if you go back”

“I think the lady knows I left”

“Did she say that you were allowed to leave?”

“I think she knows I had”

“Do you think that it might be better if you go back. Even if she does know, I am sure the playground is more interesting then the road”

“Yeh Ok”

So I accompany him back and make sure he is safely on the other side of the gate to the playground.

The run went much better than last time. It didn’t hurt anywhere as much, of course the bike hadn’t been so long or tough. But that made me feel a lot better about running of the bike

Ugggh going to get ice cream headache

So after an order from Jo to get into the open water, earlier this week, meant that rain or shine I was going to get into the icy water and try and swim. I wasn’t looking forward to it all that much. Nades and Geoff’s brother Rodger (oh I hope its Rodger, I am hopeless at remembering names)joined me for the first dip of the season.

It wasn’t all that bad. Though after swimming for a bit did make my face feel remarkably numb. We didn’t swim all that far, spent most of our time just lying there in the water. But it does mean I am now prepared for a proper swim session next week.


Events just passing me by….

Womens tri… Frostbuster… Even Crater Rim (which I didn’t relise was on till it was over) are already over and done with. There are events coming up Twizel weekend this weekend (well I assume, haven’t looked into it. Do the have the kayak race back? that was fun). 5 passes at the end of October.

All these events and I don’t really care. It used to be I had to do EVERYTHING. I had all the events lined up for the year, and had to priortise them and cull a few as I went (which made me sad). But now I shrug the shoulders and not really caring. I have either done them before or haven’t. They were either a good day out or a challenge I would like to improve on. Maybe I am just getting lazy?Or maybe I am jsut over the constant need to race.

I’d prefer to go and do a big training weekend than a event as I feel its more benefical. Am slighlty sad about missing 5 passes, but life happened, it didn’t, so I moved on and changed my focus, maybe next year.

I asked Jo if I should do the next womens tri, but thats a key weekend in my training schedule so better I don’t. Plus I only wanted to do it to practice the transition (plus it would be interesting to see if I could go faster and woop some ass, or see if I end u middle of the pack like I used to).

So the only event lined up on the calendar before Wanaka is SI half. How very uninteresting of me….

A easy week that doesn’t look like one from the outside

Last week was a easy week, the only way to tell that would be to see that there was about 2 sessions less during the week and today I got the day OFF. I’m liking it, a day off training on the weekend. I don’t think I have done that, well since my last big break. Its been good to lase around this morning, no need to head of early for anything. Might see if I can get a few more of these days worked into the program.

But that is it for it being an easy week. The week included 2 biggish runs. A 90min run along the crater rim on thursday at dawn was very awesome. I drove up to the Takehe and went from there. I honestly felt a bit stupid driving the 5min or less it took to get there, but I just didn’t want the run to focused around a huge hill run. Is the crater rim track getting worse? or is it just because I am out of practise with off road running at the moment. I struggled occasionally at some parts on that track, probably me just out of practise.

Wednesday, I had planned to skip the Spin class and go out to Sumner and come back via the summit rd. I had taken my bike to work and ws al prepared for the post work expedition, when Tim comes and asks if I want to go to Lonestar (we are currently in the process of building them a new website and just launch grab a meal for them, check it out, it seems to be doing failry well) that night for a meal on work. hmmmm let me think about that…yeh why the heck not. So I left work 10min early, race home on the bike, do a quick blat up the hill and then 10min run of the bike, and then headed back to town for some food. Oh I ate a little bit too much….

But Saturday was the big day of the week, a 110K hill ride with a 20min run of the bike. I was either going to do long bays and head to purau and back or do short bays long bays or vice versa. As I was heading up Hackthorne I was still undecided on the plan of attack. My main concern of doing the 2 laps scenario, I had to go past home, and it would be very hard to keep myself from stopping after the one lap. Once I got to the kiwi, I decided short bays long bays it was. So down I went, for the first time descending to governors I didn’t slam the breaks on hard a crawl around the hair pin, I actually took it at a descent pace.

I was feel pretty good all the way around short bays, in fact it seemed a little to easy. I had decided to do proper long bays, ie go out the flat way to motukara. Its been a while since I had dine that way, and man it is head space boring and I was so glad to finally get to the hills again. Where I did a strip tease.  It was a frustrating day weather wise, well it was nice weather, overcast, not to hot hatrdly no wind. But I kept getting too hot too cold. Think I ended up stopping half a dozen times getting clothes on or off.

The hills for the second time were a bit harder than the first. Just got progressively that intsy bit harder with every hill you meet, was very glad to get up Evans for the 2nd time that day. I purposely decided to avoid Murray Aynsley on the way home. Which considering is just bizarre, I put about as much effort into avoiding it as I would have if I had just gone and done it. Once home it was off for the 20min run. Oh that hurt, I know I have only been running of the bike for a couple of weeks, and that I still got a lot of training to go under the bridge yet. But I am slightly worried with how hard that run was….

Wanaka ….. 13 weeks and counting

The catch up – A weekend of comedy of errors

Heres what happened in last weekend  comedy of errors. So the plan was to do a 110K bike on saturday, with the standard 20min run after and the 1hr swim session.Then Sunday to do a Long Hill ride. (Well thats what I thought the plan was supposed to be, I’ll get to that later)


So Saturday dawned and it was quite frankly a extremely crappy day, it was cold and drizzly. I was very tempted to roll have a lazy morning lying in bed. There was no run on the card that weekend, to swap with so I wrap up with layers and set of. The plan was to do the bridge st route with a extension out Mcleans Island. It was ok to start with as I headed to Sumner, wet but I was enjoying my self a fair amount. But when I turned around I was coming into a head wind and that head wind continued all the way to Brooklands. I was still positive looking forward to the way back, after all it was going to be a tail wind right? Not long after Brooklands I got my first puncture on the new bike.

It was much easier getting the tyres of than the old bike. But it was raining fairly hard at this point and I got extremely cold at this point. Once I got started again, my legs felt dead and I was feeling extremely drained. Where I was expecting a tail wind, I found I was still had a head wind. When I got to Mcleans Island I had decided to not extend the route and just do the standard Bridge st.

Going behind the airport I found that I was going directly into a full blasting southerly. I was down to 15k/h. I was getting very frustrated, and still had 30K left to go. I was easily doing calculations that if I kept at this speed all the way back I’d be another 2 hrs. When I reached Yaldhurst I was very tempted to call for help. But told myself not to be so stupid and looked to a more direct route home, finally I wasn’t going into a headwind and was actually going above 20k/h. I decided to try and extend the ride a bit more so I did do at least 100K.

Once I got home it took a lot of self talking to, to get back out side and do the run. It was a rather painful run as well.

That evening I had my standard 60min swim and was rather surprised I was feeling pretty good during it. Normally I feel crappy and unmotivated on that swim


Sunday was a nice fine day. I was joining Nades on a journey around Long bays.  She wanted to head of early so I was up early again. Its been awhile since me and Nades have actually ridden together, I was slightly worried that with my dead legs from yesterday that she’d be leaving me in her dust. But I can stilabsoultlyl hold my own 🙂

So up dyers we head (I don’t know why she prefers Dyers to hackthorne, to me it just hurts more) and then turn right at the kiwi and head along the summit to Coopers. I haven’t descended Coopers on my new bike before, and woohoo I had so much fun (I am finally getting my descending mojo back). That bike descends sooooo fast, you just don’t feel like you are going as fast as you actually are. There were a couple of corners I almost over shot because I misjudged the speed. But the scariness of descending has disappeared with the new bike.

I left Nades at Dyers again as she was heading to do short bays, but my day was over and my big training weekend on the bike was done 🙂

So come Sunday night I was filling in the training diary for the week. Low and behold the program said Sunday a 2.5hr hill RUN! How the hell had a read that wrong. I have  no idea. I had this “big bike’ weekend in my brain all week. I obviously hadn’t checked the program again to see if I was right.Well nothing I could do about it now.

To knackered to Blog

I have a very cool blog written in my head from my very adventuress weekend (and slightly wrong). However last night I couldn’t be bothered lifting the computer to put into cyberspace. Oh I feel that my blogging is putting me to shame. I must try harder… And maybe I’ll get last weekends blog out one day.

4 seasons in one weekend

Figure of 8- Well almost

Yesterday, the weather forecast was a little dodgy. I tried off headed early, to keep ahead of the southerly or the nor’west which ever came first. But then I ended up mucking about in the morning and eventually made it out the door.

Well the plan for the day was to do the figure of eight, up to kiwi, goveners, Gebbies, Coopers, kiwi, govenors, evans, summit back to kiwi. Well I almost managed to do the whole lots, but F’ing Nor’weste just a pain at times. It was pretty much a great day until I reached sumner. It was a nice warm day, the wind was non existant until I started up Coopers, even then it wasn’t much to worry about.

It had been almost 2 years since the last time I went up Coopers and I was rather nervous about it leading up to it. You know how things that you haven’t done in a while start to seem bigger and scarier than they actually are (aka Kayaking). Anyway, as it turned out climb up Gebbies is harder than Coopers. I don’t particularly like going over cattle stops going up hill, always worried that there is no way to stop and put your foot down, while going over. Any way, I have a tendency to stop breathing for the couple of seconds I go over and then my breathing is all out of whack. So other than those couple of non-breathing periods I made it up with not to much difficulty. The Summit was starting to get windy, but nothing to scary, but did make me think, I will not be coming back along the summit on the way home. By that time I knew the wind would be up.

So finished my figure of eight plundering my way along the flat into a bloody head wind. With the main thought going through my head “I now remembering what I don’t like about chch in the spring, the F$@&(*g wind”. I was down to 16Km/h along the coursway. The ride home turned into the most frustrating slow part of the ride.

Oh I feel a little seasick

That afternoon I had a 60min swim. I was feeling ok, it not a little tired when I got in the pool. I was doing 500m x 3 set, by the 2nd one my head was in a splitting headache. By the 3rd I was feeling decidedly sea sick, it was a rather strange feeling. But I decided at the end of that set, it would be best to get out and go home. Oh well that was the end of that.

Yes, I am not imaging it, it is snowing

This morning it was a 2.5hr run up the hill. Was a rather hilly weekend 😉 Started off, if not warm but sunny and i was fairly quickly stripping of some layers. My legs were not feeling all that awesome, but I was ticking along at a ok pace. I headed up Rapaki, not exactly going at my normal pace but I was still running. It wasn’t long before it starting raining and then the hail started. I was running straight into it, was a little painful. It eventually cleared up a bit and I was running along the summit. Occasionally it rained and then, it started snowing! At first I thought it was just fine hail but when it started settling on my top I began to believe it was actually snow.

I decided to take a short cut back down to Victoria Park and some how managed to completely loose the track. A bit of off track butt Sliding and I eventually made it to a track I recognised. It started to piss down really heavily when I got to the cup and i eventaully got back home the sun come out 🙂