Some more ramblings

Oh its been a hard week back at work, only one day left, thank god. But honestly, I loose concentration after lunch, I might as well just make it a half day. This week, I am feeling very much in the minority. Which is weird, cause I am always in the minority, basically there is a 12:2 male:female split at work. Well I can’t say it ever bothers me, and if it does, I am in the wrong business. The guys at work are really good, I know there are a lot worse dev team environments around (I have managed to get rid of the ones who didn’t give me the respect … hehe disrespect me at your peril… oh I really didn’t say that, they left because they found better opportunities, well some did). Our latest recruit, started a couple of weeks ago, his name is Jade. When we read his CV initially, we were hoping he was a she… uhhh turned out not (boss is keen to introduce some more chicks to the team, but haven’t found  one yet).

So not bothered exactly, slightly the odd one out. The other chick in the office is the Office manager, so I don’t actually have much to do with her day to day.Anyway I have just been thinking about it a lot this week.

I have been just as lazy this week as last, I was going to bike to work. But for some reason or other I have resorted to the car everyday. I did do the surf n turf on Wednesday night, mainly because last year I received a free series entry and I thought a calm swim wouldn’t kill me. Well I was close to wrong, I almost drowned myself, I got kicked and smashed around at the start, and everytime I tried to take a breath I just breathed in water, I was happy just to finish.

I am going to rouse myself of the couch at least once this weekend. Paula and me are going to drop Tanya and Sean of at Kayak start, drive to the finish and then bike back down Old West Coast Rd. Prehaps not the most exciting ride, but it will be good to get out and cruise with Paula.

After talking to Tanya today, I am glad I’m not doing the c2c thing. Shes trying to organise the run on saturday and kayak on Sunday… the logistics involved, oh I so could not be bothered.

I have almost decided what the rest of summer will be:

– A bit more lazing around, till I get bored with it

– le race: Yes its time to tackle it

– Ocean Swim: I like open water swimming, as long as no one is kicking me and trying to drown me

Then longer term maybe Hamner Half…. then …. I’m keeping that to myself for now…

So no Motatapu, or run this summer… but I have got a couple of days to change my mind.


Introducing Archimedes

When I got home last Thursday, I found that there was a addition to our household.

Eamon decided to try and capture the kittens at the school. He only managed to get one, and turns out cat protection don’t take wild kittens and he was too old for cat rescue. But rescue place paid for neuturing and we were to socialise and should be easy to get rid of on trade me.

Of course there was the possibiltly that we’d keep him. I think we have given in to that possibilty. Ari is a little huffy at the new addition, but over all he has been pretty good. The kitten is very scared and hides alot, but when Ari is in the room he seems more confident and happier.

Some more thoughts, ramblings, where to now?

Have you ever wondered what it would to like if someone was constantly using your lower lip as a pin cushion? Well to find out exercise for 14hours in the harsh sun of Wanaka and you might just find out.

My god it hurts, my lower lip came up blistered on Monday and since then has been unbelivably painful. I haven’t sleep properly the last couple of nights because it was so painful, and the odd thing like a sheet lightly touching it sends you into screaming seething mess.

On the agenda for this year, sort out sun protection for the bottom lips. I ended up with blistered lips after the Kepler, but nothing like this, even so I did put some chapstick on before the start of the race, I think I needed something stronger and to reapply more often.

Some thoughts on Challenge Wanaka

Didn’t really say much about the race (ie course organisation etc) in my race report, I think I needed to digest it a bit more. After the race and on Sunday, I was feeling “So thats it? Wasn’t that hard”. Yes I am wondering about the it wasn’t so hard bit, it was… but it wasn’t. Well it wasn’t any harder say compared to Kepler or C2C, but than again I was fitter for it this race than those. Maybe I was expecting something much more epic.

But the race itself was my kind of race. I know Nades loved the hype etc of Ironman, but the lower key atmosphere and stuff suits me. Plus I think the course suits me, is a much more strength course I think. There were a couple of things about the organisation that could have been better, but overall quite happy with the event it self.

How the body coped

Actually think my body recovered awesomely fast (did I not go hard enough?) I was pretty much out of Action Sunday. Legs were slightly better Monday, I did a couple of gentle walks around Arrowtown. Legs were practically back to normal Tuesday . And Wednesday they were quite happy to carry me up numerous number of steps for almost a hour with no side effects.

The sunburn wasn’t as bad as I thought orginally, past into a tan in almost a day. The only thing that is still effecting me is that damn lower lip.

Where to now?

I only have 1 race left on my “races todo” list, The longest day. I am not ready for that yet and I don’t think I can be bothered with the training. So I’ll just leave that one on the list and come back to it in 5 years or something.

So that leaves a repeat? Or something new I haven’t discovered yet? Or a different Ironman (Taupo I could go faster, Could I do under 12:30?) Multisport or Triathlon, I am a average kayaker, but a much better swimmer…

I have decided on a goal for the next 6 months. Not going to say what it is, but I need to do it in the next 6months otherwise will not happen .

I feel I should aim for a event at end of March. Be a waste of the rest of summer otherwise…

Motutapu: Always been the one I was thinking I would do afterward. But right at this very moment, I can’t be assed. Got to the end of Janauary to enter, I will decide then

Le Race: When I first started biking, this was the goal to aim for, “not this year but I should be ready next year”.  The next year I was doing something else. I could do it, do I want to do it?

Brunner or Graperide: ??? Yawn and crap scary bunches… oh I suppose Le Race has that scary bunch thing going against it as well

Arrowsmith thee run: New event up near methven, looks like a competitor to Motutapu as exactly the same kind of course at similar time. Not as far to travel… could be a bonus

Smaller tris: Maybe the North Canty or Mutanu tri…

Pfft… I am giving myself another week or 2 to worry about that.

Arrowsmith Thee Ride

A day of extremes – Challenge Wanaka 2010

The weather forecast for race day had looked good all week. Race morning it turned out to be true. Me and Nades headed down to the transition just before 6… there were a few people in transition already. Some of the halves were there as well… I thought they were keen. Check the tyres, put bottles on bike and that was all that really need to do. So some hanging around, looking lost.

Then decided put on the wetsuit and headed down to the start. I got into the water, others commented it was warmer, I just thought it was cold. A few hugs to some people and then it was just a few minutes to the start.

Swim – 3.8 K : 1:07

I like to hang back in the start, you know not run in and duck dive, I find it just sky rockets your heart rate, and then takes you ages to settle back down into a easy rhythm. So I hung back took it gentally into the start, however the problem with this is that there is people in front of you that did go hell for leather to start with and are slower than me… this leads to a bit of thumping and kicking and scrambling to get around them.

The swim course is a odd shaped Quadrangle. The first leg seemed to take forever, then the next 2 legs are shorter and feel like you are getting somewhere, the last leg just keeps on going and going. I managed to stick in the draft of people most of the way around the first lap. I sometimes found myself in no mans land. I some where around that last lap, I got past by 2 chicks (females wore green caps, males red which was a pain at times trying to see the orange bouys.) I stuck on their draft for a while but they slowly pulled away, turns out I was the 3rd age grouper female out of the water, so those 2 were 1st and 2nd and came out about a minute in front.

It was a cold time in the water, by the 2nd lap I was definalty having ice cream head ache effects. When I got out of the water, I was very disoriented, lots of people were watching and clapping, and all I could think was “do something”. So I started taking of my cap, then I thought, I should really be moving forward, so did that. I eventually got it together and pulled down wetsuit zip and started running. My feet were icscle sticks and I it was a odd sensation running on them

T1 – 4:46

Went smoothly enough, there was someone there to help pull of the wetsuit, put on my cycle top, gloves and shoes and was off. Jo was at the end of transition and gave her a big smile.

Bike – 180K: 6:35

Felt really good the instant I got on the bike, I was spinning away happily 32K/h straight away, then I hit that first hill out of Wanaka, so span up it and headed out to Hospital Flat. Took it failry easy on the way out, I stood up on some of the hills to warm up and stretch. Just before Glendu bay the pros started coming the other way. This was the only time to see the pros the entire day and it was good to see them and yell “Go Gina” as she came through.

On the way back you got to see who was behind you and how far back they were. I was over the rolling hills and looking forward to getting past wanaka onto a bit more flatter. Going back through town was fun, lots of crowd cheering you. However, just as I was climbing out of the town, I was dry retching, I have no idea why, this kept coming on and off for the next 50 K’s. I just tried to make sure I drank and ate as much as possible.

Once I got down into Luggate the wind picked up a bit and I basically had a headwind all the way to cromwell. In places I was groveling along at 20 -22 k/h, the last flat bit into cromwell, when you can see the bridge, was my lowest point. I was feeling a bit miserable, and with the thought of over 90 more K’s to go, it wasn’t improving. Plus I was getting close to 3:30 at this point and thinking that there would be no way to do that last bit much faster than I had done this first part.

But once I was on the other side of that lake I was a completely different person, I was humming along. I was much more released on the bike and doing a much more decent speed.  There were tough bits still, that climb up to the Lagoon seemed harder than last time. The road along the top was much easier. Once past Hawea I hit another head wind to come back to. There were a few more hills to get over and I so wanted to get off the bike at this point, and those last few hills were very unwelcome.

Finally I was going down (and down fast) into transition, oh yah! Now I had to start thinking about the run, something I had not allowed myself to think about at all for the last 2 days.

T2 – 7:01

Yeh that was a long time in transition. I so needed to go to the toilet and I sat there for ages while peeing, it just kept on going. Then it was kinda a slow stumble into the tent, put on the CEP socks, decide what to wear (foolishly I decided not to put on the t-shirt, my sunburn is telling me today how dumb that was). I headed up over the bridge, and surprisingly my legs felt good. wow, this might not be so bad… How wrong I was

Run – 42K : ??? (haven’t got the official time yet)

Ok I was planning on getting a rhythm and then getting into a good pace. Unfortnualty all I seemed to get on the run was a shuffle out of the legs. For most of the first lap I stuck to my plan, walk the aid station and the hills. There was a little bit at the end where I walked a little bit more (or I could prehaps call it a gentle incline, it was good enough to walk) As I was coming in to finish that first lap Felix (the guy who runs the “Challenge” brand) was just in front of me. All the marshalls etc were cheering him on, and they had his special needs ready when I arrived, but not mine… *grumble grumble*

I had a chelsea bun awaiting me at my special needs, and yummy yummy, I quite enjoyed myself with that, worked a treat 🙂 I had given up on my last lap, thinking I can just walk the rest of the way. I was done in. Shane caught me not long after the start of the 2nd lap, he was pretty much in the same way as myself. We did a bit of running occassionally, he eventaully left me behind as I just couldn’t keep running for long. I picked up a bit more and once I was on the outlet track, in the shade and the track even though rockier and more undulating was easier to run on.

I got to 10K to go and was just happy about that, I can do 10K’s easy. After that it was just a case of ticking of each K sign and working my way through in my walk/shuffle to the finish. I caught up to Felix again at Totare Tce, his knee was shot and Rebekah Keat’s had come out on her bike to help him around. She was very nice, and I almos got a lift on her aero bars and Felix on the back. Anyway I still had a bit of running in me so left them behind and was mostly down hill from there, I was going to run the entire way. With 2K to go I heard the announcer say it was 13:36. If I kept running maybe I could beat Raches time from last year. So I tried but there was a stretch before the finish I had to walk a bit then, it was into the finishing shoot.

Yah me!

It wasn’t necessarily prettiest of runs, actually it was probably the ugliest and I am very pissy at myself about the run, actually I was pissy at myself when I was walking, but I just couldn’t get into the run I wanted. It was a hot day and the run just turned excurating especially the top of the first lap, by the 2nd lap it had cooled down a little.

I have something to prove to myself with that damn run. When I will prove it, who knows 1 year from now or 10, will in be Wanaka, or somewhere else? I am not making any decisions yet.

But I am happy with my swim and bike. Did I got to hard on the bike? Did that lead to a worse run? Been thinking about that all night, even was thinking about it while I was out there walking. Conclusion, no I didn’t it was a damn hard bike anyway, I don’t think I could have taken it much easier. I never blew my HR up and the longer you are out there the harder it actually gets.

So total unofficial time I think 13:48. When I started this, I wanted to get under 14, somewhere along the way I got ideas of grandeur and it became 13. But I am quite happy to be under 14.

The night before

Ok… its currently 8:30, just a tad early to go to  bed… so wondering what to do.. I know I’ll blog!

Nades and Geoff are still down at watching the contact tri races, I left just before 6. I know some people like hype and having lots of people around before a race, I however prefer to have a quiet night in. I am missing the elite races, but I have other priorities.

In the last 2 days I have more “coffee” than ever before (I don’t drink coffee, I just follow other and have a hot choc or something instead). We registered first thing Thursday morning and got the bikes checked. It was a bit nerve wrecking and the were incredibly thorough on the bike. Whan the were jiggling around on the seat I could just see in cracking under the strain… phew the little bike made it through safely.

Now I do think my bike is kinda swish, but up against the other bikes around here it looks a little bit blah. When I racked the bike this arvo, it was squished between 4 bikes, all of which had zipps or similar. I suppose that the first thing you see when you look at the bikes the big rimmed wheels. Not actually sure what type of bikes they all were. It is racked with the other female 30 -39 bikes, but it looked awfully small against those other bikes. Poor little bike (It’ll show em… 😉 )

I have skipped ahead, so we registered… bikes checked.. got a stupid wrist thing with your number, supposed to stay there to prize giving. Then we had the carbo party, Nades and others were comparing to Ironman, me comparing to c2c. It didn’t live up to Kumara’s out pre-race out doors dinner. Nor did the briefing live up to Juddy’s briefing. It was all very staid and boring, we did get a power point though 🙂

Finally this arvo we racked the bikes and handed over the bike bag. The run bag goes under the bike, others had left their there, I ummed and ahhed about keeping it till morning, but I followed the flock and left it there. Since I have been having a panic attacks that I put the bike stuff in the run bag and vice versa. I know I am not that stupid, but if I had that run bag, I could prove it to myself…

I have everything ready to go for the morning. My only issue now is how early do I get up? I think I’ll be awake early anyway, but I’ll set the alarm for 4:30.

The only other issue I still have is how am I going to get up the steps to the holiday home tomorrow evening?

Well I made it

The car engine did not explode! Well thats a relief.. I love the drive over Lindas pass, how as soon as you start going down the rocks change and you know you are in a different part of the country.

Random thought that occurred to me half way down, I didn’t pack the race belt. I knew I should have written a list. Though there is no garantee it would have made it on to my list. I actaully have no idea where my race belt is anyway, wasn’t in any of the draws I double checked through. Any way no biggy, I am sure there will be some at the expo tommorrow or even a piece of elastic will do the job.

I paddled in the water as soon as I got here, its a little chilly but not ice cream brain freeze cold. I can live with that 🙂 The weather today would be a great for race day, hardly no wind, overcast, though a little bit humid and getting a bit warmer this arvo. Looks like Saturday is looking good as well, even a bit cooler. Not that I really like looking at the extended weather forecast, but the last few days I have found myself checking in daily.

Went for my last bike /run when I got here, oh the chip is rough just out of Wanaka, I had obviously forgotten about that. I had the same problem I had on the run the first day we came down for training weekend. I couldn’t get my asthma under control. Maybe its something to do with just getting climatised.

Almost there….

Things are sorted and I am half way to Wanaka.

Minor panic last night rearding a neoprene cap, but early morning trip to Scotty’s and I am now the owner of a neoprene cap. All the gear is packed into the car. Seperate bags for each disicpline. Yesterday as I was putting it together, I contimplated making a list for each bag, but couldn’t find a piece of paper, so didn’t really care that much. I knew in my head what needed in each bag.

My race plan is done, a couple of days ago I did my nutrition plan, basically working out what I need to pick up from each station as I go. I decided to go with 2 hrs of prepetuma and then switch to electrlyte and bars. It isn’t my preferred plan, but it worked for me better in training then have a multihour bottle.

So now I am sitting on parents balcony overlooking lake tekapo, just chillin’. Actually I just want to get to Wanaka, then I don’t have to stress about minor things, like “my car engine exploded!”. I honestly have a great imagination.

Went for a swim in Lake Alec, just before. The water temperture of that lake has dropped in the last couple of weeks, my footsies and hands were quite icy to start with. Strange wearing the neoprene cap however, your head floats… not really a problem swimming freestyle, but strange none the less. My main concern about Wanaka being cold, is I loose energy fast when its cold. Apparently the temperture of Wanaka is 13.7, well just checked the website for Christchurch sea temperture, and its 14 degrees, so really it shouldn’t be that much of a issue really. I am flushing all worries of that aspect from my mind.

Can’t actually belive how relaxed I am about this, normally I am writing a few more lists and worrying about little things… or maybe that was just c2c, and the thought of severe personal injury that might occur. I am pretty sure that not much can drown me or break my leg in wanaka ( I do accept a bike crash could occur, but then it could any day)