The new program has arrived

Time to get back into a more consistent pattern. Le Race is in there… does that make the decision for me? Some kayaking, as I requested, is in there for now.
Yikes, tommorrow has a cycle with 3x hackthorne and a 20min run of the bike. Eeek, the easy live is over, time to start putting in the hard yards again 🙂


Truely, I have asthma!

About 3yrs ago, I became a pincushion for the medtesting guys. I was randomly constantly  tired and got sick regularly. The doc could find no real explanation. In what seemed like a unrelated case, I struggled with my breathing on the cold winter mornings, so the doc gave me Ventalin. I got a few worse attacks on long rides in gusty nor’wests so I went on Flexotide.

My asthma, I had assumed and my doc had assumed, was only exercise related. Lets fast forward 3 years. I had been a bit lazy organising getting a new doctor since we moved. My flexotide ran out about the same time as Wanaka. Because I haven’t been exercising very much, I wasn’t particularly worried and didn’t rush to get my A into G. This week a much more important medication ran out, yup I had run out of my pill. So I gave in and decided just to go back to old doctors.

For the last few weeks I have had a nagging cough and generally been feeling really tired. Going to bed early and not been able to get up in the morning. At my explanation the doc instantly put 1 and 2 together and blamed it on my lack of medication.

I got the flexotide at lunch time today, it is a slow working medication, unlike ventolin, but still within a couple of hours I had stopped coughing and was feeling much better. So, unfortunately that means rather than being a person that only needs to take asthma medication to improve my excercise experience, I am now a true “asthmatic”, well in my eyes anyway. I am staring down a life of always having to medicate for asthma.

But it is sweet to have a explanation, why I can sometimes feel so tired, and I will not be so lazy taking my medication. Plus doc warned me the asthmatics are more likely to get swine flu, so take the medication!

Mixing white wine and KFC

Why is it, that as soon as a moderate amount of alcohol has past my lips, all I think about is consuming something that is at least 50% fat? Up until last Friday I had been very good at sticking to my eating plan. I few wavery days here and there, but overall not too bad at all (especially for me). I actually have not felt hungry at all, it is just the cravings that drive me mental.

So come Friday night, go out for some drinks with the work mates. I haven’t actually had a night out since Wanaka, and before that it had been months since I had more than a glass of wine. So I thought, Yeh I deserve a bit of hair letting down etc etc. I know  it wouldn’t benefit the eating plan, but I could live with that.

I was only going to stick to white wine, but I suppose over the night I lose count of how many I actaully had, had. But in some ways it was very beneficial. I got to spend the evening talking to the my technical director, we are both so busy at work that we don’t actually normally talk that much, some useful decisions can get made when you are a little inebriated…

At the end of the evening, some one mentioned Macdonalds… I will admit it and say, one of my favorite things in life is a Big Mac, and once I start thinking about it, I can’t stop to I have one (and I mean that can go on for days… oh crap I am thinking about it now). But as we were about to go to in, someone got everyone over to KFC… being a sheep I just follow the pack. Ummm so the idea of a 2 piece quarter pack sounds inviting, but the eating of it… even when fairly intoxicated… is not always as pleasant as you first thought…ah well, the night was done and I jumped into a cab to go home.

Interestingly the cab fare to new house was almost exactly the same as the old one… though I can guarantee it will not be the same when I want to get to the airport… I digress…

Saturday morning, I wake up, and surprisingly think to myself, I don’t feel that bad. I little bit of a headache. Sweet, I’ll make that 10am paddle on the estuary with Tanya and Paula. 1hr later I was not feeling quite so good. The good news, I am sure I lost more calories that day than I consumed on Friday night.

It was insane, and I am sure it wasn’t just the alcohol that did it, I blame the KFC. I never think I combine the 2 again. Maybe I just will never have KFC again, not much to be missed really.

So paddle missed, I managed to crawl my way around short bays on Sunday, though I still wasn’t feeling that great.

This morning I departed a very gloomy house to have an amazing run up Harry El, however I still can’t say my stomach was feeling that great. I think it has almost finally come right. I am wondering if I can make a quick trip around the summit before work… I might just make it.


Aggh… Was sitting in the hairdressers chair today, looking in the Mirror, I have crows feet around my eyes… The lights are brighter than I normally have looking in the mirror.

Does this mean, I have to start to regularly use makeup, and start investing in moistureess(sp?) that claim some miracle, but do nothing . Or I just accept my aging and move on.

The well adjusted person that I am

The Coast to Coast has been and gone, for a seound time. In the lead up to it I had not a inkling of envy or jealously. The one time I took Tanya to White bridge, I did think it would be fun to go down the river, but I still didn’t want to be doing the race. The last week in the lead up to the event there was talk about the weather bomb predicted to hit Saturday, I was really happy that I had nothing to do with the race, this time around. It was going to be a miserable weekend.

Well that was proved right, with both alternative sections being used Yesterday. However, in a bizarre move, that is my brain, I would have liked to have done the alternative course, it doesn’t require any of the technical skill that the real course requires, though does include mostly biking, which could be a bit of a drag. But as I was contemplating it yesterday, I thought there is no reason I couldn’t just go do that course by myself. Maybe one day I will….

I must have made the correct decision, I was a little worried, when I made my decision nor next year, that when I watched the c2c, I would change my mind and want to do that. But my feelings were neutral and no desire to go out and do again yet. So the plan remains the same.

The skinny person is busting to come out

This week ws supposed to be me starting to get back into things a bit more fully. However, Sunday evening I ended up with a very sore throat. Monday and Tuesday had me wallowing on the coach, trying to do some work. Wednesday/ Thursday I survived the office.

So not much training was to be had, and I missed the surf n’ Turf, I had actually been planning to do the aquathon this week… ah well. This morning I made it out for a brief 20min run, I really wasn’t felling great. This is what happens when you are a lazy arse and eat junk for 3 weeks.

After a disscussion with Jo, we decided that my training programmes will begin again on the 1st of March. This should hopefully mean that the baby pops out in the middle and I will not be stranded because of said baby, that would be unfortunate.

But the big news of the week, is that I finally plucked up the courage to face my demons and went and saw Aimee Burns a nutritionist. She was very good, I think and identified a few key areas. One thing that came out of our discussion is Protein is gram for gram worth exactly the same amount of calories as Carbs. So what is with the theory of fill up on protein when you are hungry? especially when Protein normally come combined with Fat? Anyway, that was a eye opener and will probably change how I approach some of the “snack” foods.

The main change that she told me is to reduce my CHO in training by half. I’ll be training on 30grams a hour for the mean time and perpetuam is gone. Mainly because of the amount of protein in it, we don’t need that much. She thinks it be good race food, but not for training, and not for someone like me.

So I have a 3 week plan while I am still on minimal training. The most shocking part is my muslei intake has been cut in half. So once I get my new program back and my training hours go up, hopefully that means my breakfast will go up as well.

Lets get this run sorted!

I have tried getting my running better before, for crying out loud I spent almost a entire year dedicated to it for Kepler. But that failed.

So lets go back to the drawing board… I have one distinct disadvantage at the moment and until I get that sorted I will not run any better. I have mentioned in the past, I have a 6 month goal, identified it the day after Wanaka. Not sure if I wanted to share, as I have shared and failed in the past, but I don’t think I will fail this time (though the last 3 weeks, I have not been helping my cause).

Anyway the main thing I can do to run faster is lose weight. I want 15kg in the next 6 months, though that could be pushing, but if I can get 10 and then continue to lose the rest over the 6 months after that I will be happy.

I lost 2Kg doing Wanaka Challenge, maybe I can just do another 7 of them, i’ll be sweet 🙂 Oh I know most of it was water, gained back the weight fairly fast.

The second thing is my style. Some people rave about barefoot running or similar, I have in the past thought yes good idea  but not very practical for me. Though I have tried to do 5min once a week on some grass, just to strengthen up the foot muscles.

I was interested in Gina Crawfords experience at Wanaka. She had previously always used orthodics, but took them out this year and ran better. And though I in no way compare myself to her as a athlete, I think I can compare to her experience. She said her body wasn’t ready to cope with the quantity she was doing when she first started, but now here body can handle it without the need for orthodics. I think I am kind of similar, I started using orthodics in the big K’s leading up to the coast, prehaps it is time to change.

The trouble is my orthodics not only stop me pronating, I also have a wedge under the ball of my foot to spread the toes so my neuroma doesn’t hurt.

So I think I will invest in some free’s or Newtons or similar and use them for those short 20 min sessions and see how they go. If the neuroma still hurts I’ll go back to the podriatrist and see what the options are.

Today, in my first run in 3 weeks, I headed up Harry El. I took my trail shoes but didn’t put the orthodics in, just to see what it was like. I immediately found I wasn’t resting back on the heels like I do in the orthodics.

So I think its worth a try, but slowly change and see what happens.

Now I think I am coming down with a cold, I have been treating the body badly lately, and now it is showing me the consequences 😦