Once in a blue moon

… you have a really awesome run, even though you have something go against you. (and yes last night was a blue moon)

This morning was a 90min Hill run. I decided to stay local and head straight to the kiwi. I decided not to take the head torch, I thought that by the time I got up to Harry Ell it would be light enough.

You know, since I moved house, I always start a run feeling really good for about the first minute, or however long it takes me to get to the end of the street. Thats because its a slight downhill, then you feel rather crap when you move on to the flatter stuff, just not as easy as that first minute ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway today it was straight up, and was feeling good on Hackthorne. There was a couple of brave souls out on the bike, and I could hear them huffing and puffing ages before they passed me. As I was going up, I was reflecting that it is actually easier for me to run up then cycle up.

Anyway, my timing was way of and it was still almost pitch black when I hit Harry Ell. There was three things that allowed me to continue on my way. 1: i have pretty good night vision, 2: I know Harry ell like the back of my hand, I knew when the track gets a bit knobbly and walked that bit, 3: There was an awesome full blue moon out this morning.

It was very irritating when there was a few people on the track with torches, once I passed them it took my eyes a while to adjust. Eventually the sun started to come up and I started to put the hammer down and was powering up the rest of the way. The run back down was just as good.

I used my road shoes today, and they don’t have the orthodics in them. This is the 2nd run I have had without them and the 2nd really great run I have had. I am worried about injury possibilities. But on thinking the only reason I really started using them was more because of the neuroma rather that my pronation. The neuroma was absolutely fine today, so I am rather hopeful.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Without the orthodics I “feel” my feet more, I can feel the muscles work and I think I am less clumsy.


Just me, a flashlight, some cows and a dodgy Ankle

The last few weeks I have had a 90min off road run mid week. Because there is no way I can get motivated to do a 90 min run after work, than I go before work. This means that the first 30min or so is in the dark (yah for the end of daylight savings). The first I tackled Harry El, last week I went along the MTB track along the summit. It all went fairly well, they a rather well graded tracks.

This morning, I was to go up kennedys bush track. I decided I might as well do the crocodile on the way up… ummm maybe not the best decision. I went over on my ankle twice in the first ten minutes. The good thing about having the ligament severed is that, there is nothing to damage when you do go over. Hurt for a little bit, but walked it off fine. But going over on my ankle is not good for the joint. I was warned by the surgeon and the physio that I can damage the ankle joint because of the lack of support.

Once I got of crocodile and the light started to come up I was fine.It was quite nice going up the track, there was no one around, it was a fresh morning from the rain the night before and the odd cow mewing(is that the word?). I quite enjoyed the last part of the run

Note to self: don’t run on rough tracks in the dark

I shall never know how bad I was

Looks like I will never know how awesome I powered down the cycle, and then shuffle around the run at the North Canty tri. They have got some results up, but mine isn’t amung them. I shall never know, strange feeling that one. Kinda of annoying not having that marker to think on the event. I didn’t use my watch for the race, that’ll teach me, take your own time.

As I type, the news is talking about opening the sewage pipe to pegasus bay. This is really cool to me, it will be awesome to see how the estuary changes over the next few months. Will the summer skink reduce come summer? Will kayaking on the estuary be less unpleasant (especially at a certain time of day).

I have been having the weirdest most vivid dreams lately. The one from last night is still strong in my memory. It involved doing a Ironman in some obsecure lake down south. It was a very cold day and at the breifing the “head of volunteers” said they were not going to help because they believed it was too cold for the athletes, and too dangerous. The officals went ahead anyway. The swim was changed to a swimming pool, and when I got to my T1 transition,I had my running gear, no cycle shoes. This then proceeded me to run around like a mad women trying to find my aunt(not sure where she came from) and get my cycling shoes.

I wonder what all that means???

Imagine.. another car like mine!

I came out of Arawa club rooms this evening, and along one side of the car park was, A silver Subaru station wagon, a silver impreza, a silver subabru station wagon, a blue subaru station wagon, and a green Subaru station wagon… I wonder which was mine…

hehe that made me laugh. The multisporters car of choice.

Well done Dad!

Better late than never…

Well done Dad, 4th in his category for Motatupu. He just needs to go harder next time so he can podium.
I am sure the chain cleaner I gave him for his birthday got him a few places, I’ll take credit for that ๐Ÿ™‚

Aren’t I frustrating?

This weekend, I had 2 awesome rides.

The first, I had planned on MapMyRide, it was apparently 74K, and territory unknown. But I decided to go into it and see how I felt.

The route: Drive to Little River, head up hilltop, along the summit, into Akoroa, then back along the highway to the car. Actually, this looks like a awesome route for a good hill training session.. I’ll be back.

Anyway, once I got to little river, I realised I had didn’t have my cell with me. Being by myself and so far from home, wasn’t 100% happy, in case something went wrong. But I thought there would be enough cyclists out and training, that I should be OK.

Hilltop climb is awesome, it goes for a long way, but it never gets “stand up and almost feel sick” steep. I had a great ride up there. Looking around the harbour, you can see how far you have to go. I was a little daunted, but decided to head along the summit and see how I went. It was a little windy, and being the paranoid soul that I am, along summits and wind, I chickened out and turned around. That got me back to the car in under 90min, hmm half the time I was supposed to have done.

To make up for it I headed out on hilly long bays this morning. I took some harden up pills and tackled dyers instead on Hackthorne. I was feeling great climbing… what is my problem with Dyers? purely psychlogoical really. Any way, I had a great time all the way around. I pushed bitch 1 really hard, and paid for that on bitch 2.

After having 2 great rides in the hills, you would have thought, actually I would have thought, that I would have decided to do Le race. But no, I was just out there on the bike, and thought “Just don’t want to do it”. If I did want to do it, I would have entered weeks ago. I can just enjoy a great day on the bike, I don’t need to enter anything to do that.

So thats my decision made. Feel much better for it. I am looking forward to Loop the lake in April, hopefully that will be the first of many events where I turn my run around ๐Ÿ™‚


p.s I am starting to get really pissy, North canty tri results are still not up, I would like to know how badly I did

Coming Out – Taupo Ironman

Ok, some of you know, some of you have probably already guessed. For some reason, I didn’t want to come out and say it, but as I am slipping up, probably best to state my intentions

2 days after Wanaka, I already knew what I doing next. As soon as I got back from my holiday, I sent Jo a email titled “I’m going to do Taupo… or maybe Wanaka again”. I knew what I needed to do, I need to lose some weight and then I can run faster.

The reason I want to go to Taupo is to see how fast I can actually go, Wanaka will never be a fast Iron distance. Taupo has never really appealed to me, and the entire “Ironman” brand thing, just doesn’t sit right with me. I think it is a failing in this sport, that a company has so much domination over it and its name. If you do a marathon, you do a marathon… why if you do a Ironman, you do a Iron Distance? It drives me slightly mental. This sport needs a independant body, and a independant championship. etc etc, I could go on all day.

Maybe I have held this against Taupo just a little too much. This year watching it, I shudder at the number of people, can I cope? But then C2C as almost as many people, I have run half marathons with thousands of people, and the people haven’t really bothered me. I still have the attitude that, I just don’t think I will enjoy Taupo as much as Wanaka. But I am trying to loose that, if I keep that attitude, than I really will not enjoy it as much.

I am still keeping Wanaka as a back up plan, but I don’t think I’ll need it. I’ll will still go to Wanaka and do the half. That should be fun.

This year I have identified some goal dream times that I would like to acheive. They are probably unrealistic, but I will revise and be realistic closer to theย  time.

Swim: 60min.ย  The swim is probably my strongest discipline, I just never really focused on it. This requires a 7min increase in speed. It will be hard for me to actually get much time out of the swim. Plus I am not sure how weight lose will effect my swim time. Hopefully it will not effect it much, but I might loose my floatabilty. Going to be doing a big swim block over winter.

Bike: 6hrs. Bike is my secound strongest disicpline. I suppose my main advantage is that I can sit on the bike resonably comfortably and not smash myself to peices for the run.Weight loss will probably not help me on the flat, but will dramatically improve my climbing. Going to have a big bike block come spring, if I can afford it, I will do 5 passes.

Run:4:30 (actually I dream for 4, but that ain’t going to happen unless I dramatically improve in the next year). I have always thought I should be able to run OK. Always get frustrated when it turns out that I can’t. The only reason I can give for that is the weight issue. Thus, the reason why I am trying so hard to shed the kilos. Let hope it works, I will not be able to tell you how I would feel if I get to 65Kg and can not run any faster. Untill spring the run is going to be a major focus.

That gives me a total of 11:30 + 15min for tranistion time, looking at under 12hrs

So there you go, thats whats going to happen in the next 12 months. It does seem like ages away…