The race report you never would want to write

I’ll get straight into it, no description of the lovely drive up there, the doings the night before…

Anyway the race was to start at the civilised time of 9am, but I was awake at 6:30 and ended up getting bored and heading to pick up race pack at 7:30, so by 8 I was hanging around waiting, waiting….

Well the race started by the lake, which meant I short sharp climb up to the Doc visitors centre and on your way. There was the occasional place where we were running on Tarmac. My trail shoes are probably one of the worse kind for running on tarmac, whenever training, if there is going to be a slight chance of Tarmac, I’ll always wear another pair of shoes. Anyway, we eventually got onto unsealed roads and the road headed upwards.

I was struggling at this point, I couldn’t quite work out why, I just couldn’t gt enough air in, and was starting to get worried. It got a little bit steeper and even though it was against the plan, I walk. I had to get my HR down, otherwise I would be struggling at the end. The plan was to have a really fast strong last 10K, which meant I needed to be conservative in the first half.

We eventually got off the road and onto a proper track, and then we started to go down. I was surprised I was overtaking people on the down hill, I suppose familiarity will eventually make you able to manage some tricky tracks better than those less used to it. The track eventually evened out, and we were going pretty straight with the odd undulation. There was the odd very rocky part, and was glad for the rest as I clambered over.

I got to the second check point, and look at my watch 1:06 (I think is what it said), I was feeling really happy at this point. The check points were approximately 5K apart, so this was about the 10K mark, I was going at my planned pace.

Then… slippery tree root, foot going down at wrong angle, ankle over… Day done 😦

People stopped and ask if I was ok… I was tearing up, more from damn frustration than pain. But it did hurt…. and from my experience of ankles I knew this one wasn’t going to be able to run on again (wrong ankle, if it had been the other one, I would have considered trying to go on). As I had literally just past the checkpoint, so I hobbled my way back to them, and they called in a boat for me.

One of the guys helped me down to the jetty… there was already another guy there with a twisted ankle, and his was bad… I very funny looking swollen ankle, he wouldn’t be running again for awhile. So we stuck our ankles in the lake and waited for the boat.

So ended up getting a jet boat ride up the lake, well thats something I normally wouldn’t do.. On the way back I heard on the radio another 2 twisted ankles reported… man did God design ankles badly? Or maybe we are just not using them as he intended.

My ankle is almost back to normal now, I little bit of pain when I twist it, but not to walk. On the drive home I was second guessing myself. Maybe I should have tried to continue on. If the Checkpoint hadn’t been so close, I probably would and tried to reach the next and see how my ankle did.

No I can’t second guess my decision, I did what I thought was right at the time. I am mightly pissed off and frustrated… so frustrated I got in my car and drove home straight away rather than hang around for lunch and prize giving.

So thats it for trail running for now. I am over the ankles, and plus if I keep doing this I damage my ankle joints and then I’ll have trouble running full stop. So I am going to stick to tarmac, I am going to LOVE tarmac! Maybe once I am a better runner, and much lighter (I know my weight doesn’t help, if I was lighter there would be less force on the ankle when it goes in a different position) I’ll go back to the trails… Maybe next year I could finish this race.


A Flutter of Butterflies

I am actually a little bit nervous/anxious about the race this weekend. Which is a little bit weird because I haven’t really had this feeling for a B race in quite a while. I actually quite like it, and looking forward to the race (and getting away, even if it is for a night).

It has actually been a rather exciting week (ok, this is just going to point out how boring my life normally is) training wise, and I am only half way through. On Sunday/Monday I did my first Body Fat Protocol. That was damn hard, Monday morning I think I just inhaled my breakfast… Hungry!

Tuesday, I did my Lactate test. I was supposed to do it almost a month ago, but finally got organised this week. The curve was almost exactly the same as last years. But I felt stronger through out. Last year, I am pretty sure that at 12K/h I was almost dying and couldn’t believe he was making me go again and faster. This time, even though I had reached lactate at 12k/h I was still quite happy continuing. Though I did crash and burn earlier at 13k/h than I did last year. I also rather like Canterbury Uni Sports centre scales, they put me 1.4kg lighter than Aimee’s had 4 days ago. As I don’t think, even with Body Fat Protocol, that I lost that much… someones scales are not accurate, I’ll go with Aimee’s.

This morning, I was supposed to do my last speed session before Saturday. It was going quite well, I was about 4 min into a A2 section, getting mentally prepared to go up to A3 for 5min, when I came across a man and his dog. I checked the dog wasn’t in my way and then was just doing the “friendly smile at a stranger as you pass them”, when suddenly the dog was in the way of my lifting foot and next thing I know I was falling on to the tarmac foot path.

What do you do, when you are pissed of at the stupid dog and the owner is so sorry about what happened? Well if its me, you say its OK, no ones fault… no I am fine. Should the owner have had the dog on the lead because it is a public footpath…. But no that is completely insane. I was thinking as I was walking away, imagine if this was USA that owner could be sued for damages, how absolutely ridiculous is that? Accidents happen, people make mistakes, why can’t people live with that and accept it. Well I obviously can live with it, and really maybe I should have been paying more attention to the dog.

Anyway, my knee started to drip blood, my palm was screaming at me, I tried running again, but wasn’t quite working and I was worried that there could be some additional damage to the knee structure so decided to walk back home. Once I go home and cleaned myself up, there wasn’t anything terribly damaged. I just couldn’t believe that something like this could happen the week of a race… and hoping that everything will be alright.

I have written the race plan, and the goal time I have given myself, could be a little over optimistic. I normally try to keep my times as realistic as possible, even sometimes a little longer than I actually expect. This time I haven’t done this, I’ll be pushing myself hard to make those times. I do sometimes think I give up if I miss a goal time, but this time I hope I can just get more determined to get there. We shall see.

Depending on how I feel after Loop the lake and how well I recover, I might do Hamner Half the weekend after.  I actually quite wanted to do Hamner, so I will be recovering the best that I can to get there 🙂

Body fat protocol

Tonight I was back to see Aimee, my nutrionist. It was 2 weeks since my last weigh in, with Easter smack bang at the start.I was rather apprehensive about this weigh in. Before the weighing, we went through the nutrition diary that I had been filling out religiously the last 2 weeks.

Did you know that 1 Hot cross bun = 4 slices of toast? Hmm when Aimee said that, and in my diary I had one breakfast where I had, had 4 Hot cross buns( that = 16 slices of toast). I thought I had been fairly good at Easter, I hadn’t over chocofied, but I might have over hot cross bunified. Turns out I lost .5kg in the last 2 weeks, considering I had easter in there, I am actually quite happy with that.

But still got a long way to go, and if I keep going at this rate, I would almost reach my goal weight by Taupo. Aimee, decided to introduce me to the “Body Fat Protocol”. Apparently its quite effective for triathletes.

Basically, it involves once a week doing 45min low intensity exercise straight before dinner. That dinner will not have any Carbs. The next morning, do another low intensity 45min exercise and then have breakfast. The rest of the day sticks to the normal food plan, and normal training should be done the morning of the first day and evening of the 2nd. Aimee did suggest to make it easiest to fit around the rest day.

I think it might be good for me, from the point of view that I will have to say no to anything between the point protocol starts and ends.

Family discord

Poor old Ari is a scraper. He defends his own territory, above and beyond the call of duty. He comes home with tufts of hair missing, scratches and bite marks everywhere.
He gets no support from younger brother. Archi is a scardey cat, he doesn’t venture more than 10m from the house in any direction and if there  strange cat, he’ll retreat to the inside of the house. He may grow bolder I suppose, but quite frankly, I hope not, it’ll get damn expensive.

Anyway, Ari has been in one of these scraps. The last couple of days I have been slightly worried about him, his coat lost its shinyness. Yesterday arvo, he started limping. Then he started growling whenever Archi got close, being the optimistically friendly kitten that he is, he kept on going back. That evening I decided to separate them, as it has naturally occurred Ari is mine, Archi is Eamons, Archi went and joined Eamon in the study for the evening, and I took Ari to bed with me.

However, I was completely asleep, but apparently, when Eamon came to bed, Archi was on one side of the door mewing and Ari was on the other growling. So to keep the peace Eamon decided to go sleep in the lounge to keep the kitty company.

Ari is just going to have to learn that he gets shut in at night from now on, silly animal.

Wharfedale Track

The last time I did wharfedale track, was a good couple of years ago, I think when I was training for c2c, it wasn’t even a very long run that day, probably not much longer than an hour.

Wharfedale track is not a very inspiring track. It is continuously through beach forest, now don’t get me wrong, I love a good beech forest, but to occasionally come out of the beach forest and have an inspiring view to look at is grand. Unfortunately, when you get a gap in the bush on Wharfedale you get to look at more hills with beech forest, it gets a little mundane. But the purpose was to find a track that would be a similar to Lake Rotiti as possible, wharfedale ticked the most boxes of any tracks within an hour of chch. It’s through beech forest, there is no big hills and mostly undulating.

To get to Wharefdale there is about 10K of unsealed road on the way in. I once again realised why I love my car, the last year or so, my car has been a bit of a boring tarmac car, a bit to big and petrol guzzler. But get it on an unsealed road, a ford or two you begin to have fun in it. I completely understand why people get into 4wding so much, not the road to wharfedale is a 4wd track by anyone stretch of imagination

So I got to the track having blown those cobwebs out of my car. I started on up the track, after 30min I was really feeling negative, I was quite prepared to just call it a day and turn around. But I didn’t drive all this way for 1 hour run and my mid week run did not go to plan, so I couldn’t have 2 bad runs in the week.

On Wednesday, I had a 90min run on Traverse track. After about 10min, I managed to twist my ankle, it recovered ok, and I continued on my way, but I just wasn’t confident on the ankle that morning, so after about 20min I gave up and returned home.

So todays run was going to be as close to 3hrs and I could make it. Once I got warmed up into it, I started to feel better and enjoy myself. The track is a bit gnarly in place but only the odd spot which I couldn’t run on, on the whole it a pretty good track. People mountain bike on this track though *shudder*, not for me… ok I will not continue to highlight my mtb phobia’s…

I turned around at 1:25 (gives me 10min longer to get home :)) and I was feeling good. I think I had finally got the “feel” and “siting” of the track, and was running with much more confidence on it. I did however manage to trip, and have a nice graze on the knee. The strangest part, the point where I tripped would have to have been the flattest smoothest part all today…just lack of concentration.

I have no idea how far I got before turning around. When I got back, I looked at the map, I think I might have got 3/4 of the way to wharfedale hut, but really not much of a clue.

With the new nutrition plan, I am only supposed to have 30g CHO an hour, thats 1 gel an hour. I time it so I take every 45min, so @45, 1:30, 2:15. But by the 2hr mark I was fading, Aimee did say if I am loosing intensity then I need to make sure I have more, so I took my final gel 15min early, I did have another one up my sleeve if I really needed it. But turned out I didn’t. My legs started to hurt at the 2hr mark as well, they used to start getting that pain at the 90min mark, so I have increased that threshold by 30min in the last year. Ended up back at the car at 2:45, I had returned home 5min faster, I didn’t need those 10min extra to return.

So last big run before loop the lake, It was a fairly successful run.

weeeeeeeeeeeee….. kaplank

Goes my motivation to this kayaking thing. Now that its getting a bit colder and kayaking not actually been in a A race, getting to the kayak and getting in just isn’t top of my priority things to do.

Sometimes, I wonder at myself. Do actually need this big damn goal to do? I could just try and enjoy myself. But I think I have proved to myself, that yes I do need it, otherwise I just crumple in a will-wallowing heap where motivation has not much to do with anything. I am debating weather or not to tell Jo, lets just forget about this whole kayaking thing…

…and the weight thing

Ok motivation is slightly stronger, but not this weekend. I have given myself the weekend off, so easter eggs and hot cross buns by the dozen 🙂

… While I am on the Hot x buns subject, what will chocolate Hot cross buns. I am much a traditionalist on this, and until Saturday hadn’t actually tried the chocolate ones… never got why… which coming from me, who will almost anything with chocolate on it, is kinda surprising. On Saturday I was at Bunnings and they offered me a hot cross bun, unfortunately when I bit into it I discover it was a chocolate one, and I have to say it is not a case of they taste better than the thought. It was very disturbing to me… give me the traditional ones please.

I was weighed in on Thursday, and while had lost some weight, hadn’t got to the goal for the last 4 weeks. Which I found rather disappointing. So Aimee said make sure I keep a food diary properly(I am no good at food diaries) and we’ll weigh in another 2 weeks, and see whats what.

Argghhhh I am so over food issues. I have finally got the control back, that had been seriously suffering for the last few months. But I hate it when it obsesses my life. Why can’t I just eat when hungry and that be that? Why does it end up consuming every moment of my day. These days I can probably tell you to the minute when I am next able to put something in my mouth. I was watching a show about chocolate the other day, and one theory for the so called “addiction” to chocolate, could be the psychology when we were children. If you were given chocolate as a reward, then your brain associates those feelings to chocolate. You hear that mum? chocolate should just have been a every day item in the cupboard and I should have been rewarded with uhhhh… a carrot?… 🙂

A discovery

This mornings run, not all that great. But I made a discovery of my feet. My right foot is a forefoot runner, and my left foot is a heel striker. I tried to convince the left foot that it should be a forefoot, but it disagreed. No wonder I am such a un cordinated runner, the feet disagree