If you were going to pick a week to be sick, you’d pick this one

Woh, you have to feel sorry for those maintence men, who are out there all day and night clearing drains. I saw a gang of them on my way home today. Nasty, nasty weather bomb for sure.

I love that description. “Weather BOMB!” Awesome 🙂

I went to bed on Sunday with a slightly scratchy throat, I woke at 5am with a fire burning in the throat… So I turned over and went back under the covers, Swim Squad was not to be gone to that morning… neither was work for that matter.

I haven’t felt a inch of guilt about missing the training. I am quite enjoying (ok, thats the wrong word) the break. I am almost right, so I am considering the planned run in the morning.


I have way too much time on weekend… is this boredom?

Lately I have actually been getting a bit bored on my weekends. I think last year I never got this much free time. Obviously over Summer in the build up to Wanaka I was putting in the big training hours. And over the winter I was training and then spending my arvo doing the open home rounds… then training and fixing the old house… then training and moving /packing / unpacking…. you get the idea.

Now, I have a housekeeper (Well Eamons mother pops around every wednesday and tidys the house). The garden, though it could probably do with a bit of work, doesn’t require much attention and I have nothing else to do, other than chill-lax. Thats kind of cool, umm but weekend afternoon TV is a bit *yawn*. Though they did just have ironman highlights on channel 1.

So lifes pretty chilled at the moment. Work doesn’t seem to be stressing me much and I have time for other stuff.

Plus if you get up at 5am in the morning, that gives you a couple of extra hours in the day. Last week I got to swim squad twice (thats the plan at the moment, I am not sure if I will ever get to the 3rd session on Friday). The first squad session I went to my arms almost fell off, I was knackered. But last week I think I started to get better at it. Though I am still pretty useless at counting. Em has had to tell me a couple of times to keep going…

This weekend, was last big one before chch half marathon. So I had a 2hr run along the summit yesterday. I decided to run along the summit from the kiwi towards Coopers, I was sure I’d have plenty of space, but I ran out of road, and at 50min, it was either turn around and make it up later or start down Coopers. So I headed on down Coopers for a while. I was rather surprised at myself when I turned around and headed back up, I wasn’t in my lowest gear. Turned out to be a pretty good run for me.

This morning I was going to do Long bays, after noticing that the 5 passes bunch was also heading that way this morning, I thought I’d join them. Its been awhile since I’ve ridden in a bunch. I truly think I have become a training hermit at times. It made the long flat drag out to Gebbies easier and much more fun. It did mean that I pushed harder on the hills than I normally would have. By Evans my legs were feeling the run the day before, they weren’t particulary impressed, and they totally crashed about 5K from home… I  limped my way back home.

A converstation with ones stomach

Stomach: uhhh I’m so hungry
One: Bull crap, you ate somthing 10min ago
Stomach: I’m going to have to start eating myself if I don’t get food in the next minute
One: No
Stomach: Oh the death of me… please can I have some food
One: oh alright, heres a rice wafer
Stomach: thats a little bit better
… 2min pass….
Stomach: I am dying
One: No
Stomach: please.. please
One: NO!
Stomach: Whens lunch?
One: 30min
Stomach: thats a long time away, surely I can have it now
One: No, then you’ll be hungry in the arvo, and we will be having the same conversation
Stomach: *grumble grumble* I’ll pay you back for that
One: I’ll get over it!

Hi five

Haven’t had a bad week this week. On wednesday I passed my Mircrosoft “Designing and Developing Web based applications” exam. There is a certain art to passing these exams, you just need to know how microsoft thinks. Was a bit of pressure on me to pass, if I didn’t the companies “Mircosift Gold Cerified Partner” status was in trouble. Others had done there part, I just had to jump in at the last minute and do mine.

But the more exciting news, I lost 1.4kg in the last week! Yah, about dam time I got on top of this weight thing. I saw Aimee last night, and got weight in. Last week’s weigh in was rather disapointing, so we decided to go hard at it this week. One of the main goals was not to buy anything from anywhere other than a supermarket, so buying lunch and those snacks formthe dairy that can creap in was out. I managed it, now just got to keep it up. So the final goal isn’t so far away now. Not going to see Aimee for a whole 4 weeks now, but she agreed for me to send her my food diary once a week just to make sure I don’t start falling off the band wagon. I sooooo don’t trust myself with food anymore. I feel like I need to be in a straight jacket when it comes to food, but I proved to myself last week I can do it…

Tour de Beaches

I am supposed to be studying for a stupid Microsoft exam at the moment. But who can be bothered with that, I have got all untill Wednesday and I started studying yesterday, heaps of time… So to distract myself heres a rather nothing post.

Hamner recovery

I haven’t seemed to recovered well from Hamner Half. I had 2 runs this week, both flat and not particularly hard, but the legs didn’t want to respond. So I didn’t push them and cut one short, no point in pushing legs that do not want to go anywhere.

SBS Half

The next event is SBS Half Marathon, and aim to do under 2hrs, but at this rate it ain’t going to be happening. But I’ll have faith that I can get there, just up till the point, my watch say 1:55 and I have 1.5K to go.  It’ll be the 4th year I line up at that event, 2x half, 1x 10K. Wow, how times fly. That first half was my fastest half ever, I really hope I can at least beat that time, it is some what depressing that I seem to be getting slower as I get fitter.

Mud Sweat and tears

Somewhat surprisingly, I sent a email to my work mates to see if anyone wanted to do this , I really was expecting a no response, as is common with my work. But I was inundated with people wanting to do it. Which I suppose means that I will have to do it….

Tour de Beaches

Ok back to the actual title of the post. This morning, I shivered under the covers as I waited for the sun to arrive and once I did it was on the bike. Only to discover that the front wheel had a puncture. Though that probably does explain the rather terrible ride I had on Thursday, I had got off my bike 2 times during the ride to check the brakes weren’t sticking or something, because I felt like I was going nowhere, if it was a slightly flat front tyre, it could just explain it. Anyway todays ride was to be 2hrs flat (yawn) with a some fartlek training thrown in. So I decided to head to Sumner then return via North Beach. Unfortunately, I am not all that good with directions on that side of town. On Thursday I had a appointment with Aimee at QEII, I was running late and decided I’d try a different route to avoid traffic and got well and messed up. So basically, once I got to the end of marine parade, I kinda wig woggled my way back home.   Other than that last 1/2 hour of wig woggling I had a awesome ride on a awesome day in Chch.


Oh did I mention? I got a new program last week. And for some reason I mentioned to Jo that I didn’t think I had enough swimming going on, and that Em seems to like the Squad at Jellie so prehaps I might give it a try. Why oh why do I mention these things? Its now in the program, that means a nice early (5am) start on Wednesday morning… yikes… I don’t operate before 6am.


Thats the other thing, I have been going to Rosies kayaking session on Tuesday nights, and really really enjoying myself. I have no idea why, I hated weedies, but this group is friendlier and smaller. The kayaking is now just cross training in the program, and optional, but hopefully I can keep it going over winter (Thats a weird thing to say, I want to be on the water in middle of winter???)


I probably haven’t mentioned in the blog (it was on Facebook, but just for my Journalling history), I entered Taupo Ironman last weekend. Apparently it’s already half filled, and could be the possibility that it gets sold out for the first time ever. The main reason I entered so early was to win my entry fee back, but looks like my odds have reduced significantly. It also means that there will probably be a whole heap more people there. Why didn’t I want to do Wanaka again? Too late to change my mind now, I already entered. I suppose I might want to start thinking about accommodation soon, if its going to be fill than so’s the accommodation…

“Wow, thats going to be hard”

In the last couple of weeks I have had the following conversation a couple of times.

them “So what are you training for now?”

me “Taupo Ironman” (I notice a tiny flicker of recognition in their eyes)

them “Wow, thats going to be hard”

me “Yeh, but course is easier than Wanaka”

them “uh really?” (I get a sorta blank look)

me “Yeh, Wanaka much hillier and the road surface and heat just makes it harder”

them “So Wanaka was the same length?”

… Yeh these were people that I had explained Wanaka to before, but I don’t think they quite got it, or maybe imagined it. But because Ironman has a bit more recognition to them so they finally “get” it. Makes me laugh 🙂

Well at least no DNF this week

Oh dear, this couldn’t have been the best of races if that is the most positive thing that I can say about the race.

Maybe last week took more of a toll on me mentally or physically than I thought, because I did not feel anywhere as good at the 1:06 mark this week as I did last week (just before the “ankle turning incidence”). I looked at my watch, and it said 1:06 and all I could think was crap, I got at least another hour to go. An hour! piff I can scoff at an hour in a run, but not this time, it seemed interminable.

Back to the start

Anita had been kind enough to give me the bed for the weekend, so I traveled up late on Friday (arriving about 10pm) and in the morning mark drove us both over to the start. I went and registered (they were kind enough to give me a SBS Marathon entry form, really do I want to do that boring course again? I suppose it at least would be quicker). It was a chilly morning to start with, but the race didn’t start to 10:30, so after waiting around for a hour, it warmed up considerably.

Because I knew that there was only 4 aid stations on course, and I wasn’t going to carry any water, I made sure I drank a lot before hand (is it possible to over hydrate and give you the same problems as lack of water). I am sure something was wrong here, maybe I shouldn’t have worried so much about the water, after all its only 2hrs, I do 90min runs first thing in the morning on a 1 or 2 cups of water before hand and nothing during.

Anyway, there was a few people to catch up with before the start, Andy, Zarnia and Em who was concerned with her Orca top she had left on a fence post because she couldn’t find anyone. But before that conversation got very far the start had started (don’t worry Em’s top got recovered and all was well 🙂 ).

Theres a stupid little circle of the reserve and then you head up this hill.

The hill

I actually quite liked the hill to start with, it prevented me from running beyond my means, that I have a tendency to do at the start. I got into my low gear jog and just kept moving up the hill. For the first half I did feel like I was going backwards as hoards of people went past me, told myself take it easy, I know, I am no good at fast on the hills. But nearer the end I started to over take people, some of them were now walking, (a little snigger to myself, silly people). I started to get a headache, which I normally get if I am pushing too hard on a hot day with little water.  I had thought I had hydrated plenty before hand, and I hadn’t pushed that hard up the hill… I was a little concerned at the moment.

Eventually, we turned off and started to descend, I was being rather over cautious on the descents, I trusted my ankle zip. Ella zoomed past me about half way down (well I assumed it was Ella, I only saw her from the back, after yelling “Go Ella”, I was a little concerned it might have been the competition, and thinking that wouldn’t have been a good look. But it was surely Ella, the competition was miles back)

Anyway, that piece of debate in my head kept me going for at least another 10mins. I was overtaking people on the descent even with my over cautious approach to the ankle. I was waiting for the 10K turn off, that was supposed to be the 6K mark and it seemed to take for ever. But eventually got there, Karen and Sharyn were standing on the corner so gave them a wave and for some reason that made me feel better.

The other hill

So about that 1hr mark there was another hill to climb, I got into a even lower gear and made my way up. I didn’t want to walk, because I do find it harder to get started again, but it was a bit of a debate when there was a guy walking beside me at the same pace as I was going. Eventually we got to the top of that hill.

After that it was mostly down hill, which to start with sounds great but the pounding on the legs takes the fun out of it.

The 16K mark (or I should say sign)

Just before I saw the 16K sign I was mentally over it, I had just walked up a little sharp incline, and wasn’t all that enthused to start running again, but I had. Then I came to a sign that said 16K. Wow, I only had 5K to go and looking at my watch, it said 1:30. I was doing much better than I possibly thought. I be in just over 2hrs if I kept that up. Nice, the motivation went right up, “5K no probs I can pull that off” and I actually picked the pace up.

I was going good too, we went past the last drink station (remember this) about 10 minutes later and then there was a open bit for a while before crossing some fords and another long stretch of road. We then turned of into the forest, looking at the watch, 1:55 “can’t be far away from the finish now”. The course winds it way through the forest, and at every turn I kept on thinking surely this is it! And then there was this very long straight road through the forest. At this point I realised that 16K mark had to have been lying and the wheels fell off.

Apparently, last year the 16K mark had been at the last drink station, that was probably 1.5-2K after where the 16K sign had been. There was also a 3K sign at the turn off to the last bit through the forest. But I missed that and I just wasn’t prepared for all of it.

Finally there was a 1K to go and then the finish line that I hadn’t seen last week. I timed myself at 2:23. I had planned 2:15 so wasn’t particularly happy with myself.

Apparently some people thought the course was 21.8K this year, because they had changed the course, still ain’t happy with it though.