Some people call it a rest period….

…. I like to think of it as an alternative training regime. Ok, I have some days completely off, and slept in everyday this week, apart from the morning where a friend decides that she wants to run a marathon, and its going to start at 6am…

But I have had 2 runs and just done a 3hr hike, which I am sure would have been easier if I had just run it.

Wednesday, Paula wanted a running buddy. So she rings my cell as I was driving home, she was currently sitting outside zeros, I say sure I’ll see you in 10. We walk up Hackthorne and did a couple of sets between the cup and Takahe. It was nice little crusiy run. Then on Friday, it was Anita’s Off Road Marathon. I ran with them for the first 4 k’s up to the kiwi. It was fun running with the group, but was rather lonely on the way back down, plus my head lamp was getting low on battery so not shinning very bright, so was a bit of a dodgy way down.

Neither run was what I would normally do in training, and was with company, which certainly makes things a little different.

Today, I went off with Paula for a little walk from scarbourgh to godley head return. She’s training for Spring challenge, the rest of her team weren’t there, but we had a fun little walk. But man, my legs hurt on the way back. I was struggling come back up from taylors.

The ribs are almost healed and the cold is gone, but one more week of this alternative training, before getting back into it.


Mid Winter Blues

2 weeks ago my winter seemed to be going swimmingly. I had been doing all my training sessions, I had no reason to miss any due to weather or anything else. I was not really looking forward to the 2 weeks rest that was coming up, I didn’t really want to have to stop. I was enjoying training and life.

And then…

I crashed, but even then that didn’t diminish anything. The Monday after I went to swim squad, I was a bit achy in places, but nothing much hurt or felt strained. On Tuesday I had a really awesome run up the hill through Victoria park and then along the summit before returning home. My hip gave me a few worries near the end, but I just put that down to a lot of down hill jarring.

Then on Wednesday I went back to squad, about 45min in we were doing hard 25m efforts and all of a sudden, pulling was extremely painful. I called it a day on that, didn’t know what I had done but didn’t want to make it worse. For the next day or two after that, taking deep breaths were really really painful. I was ok biking and running was mainly ok, as long as I didn’t puff too much. It has made me realise that I do in fact belly breathe more than I thought, I have always thought I breath too much by expanding my chest rather than pushing down and expanding through the belly. But when expanding your chest it extremely painful you notice the difference in the way you are breathing.

So basically, I think I have either fractured a rib or pulled a muscle between the ribs. One really highup, near the arm pit.

I have not gone back to squad since, I was feeling a bit more confident with it, that I was going to give it a go on Friday. But on Thursday lunchtime, I got that scratchy throat feeling, and by the time I was about to go home, I was telling my work mates not to expect me the next day. I was hoping that I might be able to get to squad before the fall effect of the cold made itself felt, but when the alarm went of at 5am, my throat was screaming and I was getting the hot and cold shivers. I stayed in bed, and I was found in bed or wrapped on the couch that day.

Let me tell ya, sneezing is a damn painful process, that rib injury is still around and sneezing (which I am doing quite a bit) is f*@&ing painful.

So now I have proposed to Jo that I bring the 2 rest weeks forward a week, as I don’t see next week being very productive, and I am sure my motivation will be zero. Than hopefully the rib injury will be completely heeled and I be over the damn cold and ,crossing fingers, I’ll be super healthy and ready to get into the next 6months.

And I so can’t wait for spring to arrive.

About someone else for a change – Breath 4 CF

The other day, I got a pamphlet about helping to fundraise for the official Ironman charity (breath 4 CF). It made me stop and think. I am always doing this for myself, it’s my internal challenge to overcome, but maybe its time to also do it for someone else. So here it goes, I am going to try and help raise some money. I did stop and think, if this was the charity that I wanted to support, there are a lot of charities out there deserving of support, but I do not have a strong feeling of attachment to any of them. So for that reason, CF seems like a deserving charity and worthy of my effort. (visit for details)

I have never fundraised for anyone much before, I do not know the best way to go about this. I do however think that I need to get the people donating involved in my struggle, they are not only donating to the cause, they are getting something else out of it (plus a little motivation for me wouldn’t be too bad). So here I have decided what the rules to this fundraising effort will be.

1. A person signs up and donates (here) however much they wish to.

2. They choose a time that I am to beat (the only caveat, it can’t be under 11hrs 59min).

3. If I beat the time they then have to double their donation.

So a little about the athlete you will supporting:

I have been involved in Endurance sport for about 4 years, in those years I have done the Coast to Coast and The Kepler Challenge. At the start of this year (2010) I completed my first Iron Distance race in Wanaka. I finished this race in 13hrs 48min, I was there to finish the race and the only goal on that day to finish before dark.

Leaner and meaner than ever before

My decision to do Taupo was based around going faster and harder than ever before. To achieve this, I identified my main handicap, I was carrying too much weight. I am currently 6kg lighter than I was at Wanaka, the aim is to loose another 10 before Taupo.

So to help you predict a time, heres my strengths and weaknesses

The swim; probably my strongest discipline. I will never be the fastest swimmer in the race, but I comfortably arrive somewhere  in the 2nd pack out of the water. At Wanaka, I was the third Age Grouper female out of the water (time was 1:07). I expect me to be in a similar position in Taupo. I am swimming more now than ever before, so I should come out of the water fairly comfortably and well prepared for the rest of the day.

The bike; is my other strong discipline. I have always been fairly strong on the bike. I finished wanaka in 6:35, on a course not designed to suit me. I am strong on the flat, but not so strong on the hills. Wanaka is a hilly course, Taupo is a mainly flat course, much more suited to my abilities. I have identified the bike where I can make the most time, mainly by not coming off the bike too tired. In the lead up to Taupo, I will be spending more time on the bike on than ever before. I want to come off the bike in under 6hrs without coming off with too tired legs.

Finally theres the run; my weakest discipline and where the Wanaka race fell to pieces. I have proved over the years that I can run long, but I can’t run fast. This is where the drop in weight will benefit me the most. This year I got a PB in the Half Marathon, coming in just under 2hrs. I am aiming for a 4.5hr Marathon time at Taupo.

I have 2 lead up races to judge how well I am going.

November 20 : South Island Half Ironman – prehaps not my favorite race, but it is a fast race. It’s completly flat, though the Nor’ West can blow really hard sometimes.

January 15: Wanaka Half – Just the half for me this time. I will racing of a couple of weeks hard training, with almost no tapering. But it should indicate if I am on track.

So to Donate now

So if you would like to support me and CF, please visit to make your donation. You can add your time prediction in your message. But you can change your time prediction anytime before Ironman Taupo starts (thats March 5 2011).

Hitting the Deck

I have now crashed my bike 2 times. The first time was probably 3 years ago on a busy intersection, pissing down rain and a large painted centre line. I wasn’t going particularly fast, and crashed on the slippery painted line. Killed my derailer, but not much else damage done.

Today, was a little bit faster and a lot more isolated. I was on a trip around hilly long bays, coming down Coopers. I was actually being cautious, mainly because the road was still wet. The first 2 cattle stops I had taken rather slowly. I am not sure what happened on the third. I had just gone past a group of sheep that had been in the middle of the road. The mind was probably on the issue of why there always seems to be livestock on the Coopers road, can’t the farmers keep their fences in better nick? So it probably was a bit of distraction, and also the cattle stop doesn’t seem as bad as the other 2.

Anyways, something happened crossing the cattle stop, before I knew it I was sliding down the road. Luckly the road was rather smooth (you know where the tar has come up and covering the stones). I remember my head jarring hard and lying there watching my drink bottles roll on down the road.

I disentangled myself from the bike, and kinda stumbled over to the side of the road, only to get more of a shock when my front tyre exploded. The front brake had got under the rim, and the tyre was coming off, and with out the encasing of the tyre the tube went boom. Anyways, I grabbed the bike and moved it off the road (taking a quick damage report of the bike, thankfully it look mostly fine), not that there was any cars coming. Then sat down for a bit, I had the traditional shock thing going on, felt kinda of sick and faint. Anyways after doing that for a minute or 2, I decided I couldn’t sit there much longer (it was wet and cold), I got up and took a stock take of myself (funny how the bike stock take comes before you). My leg warmers had a hole in the knee, and a little bit of scratches and blood, but nothing too serious. My new shorts (first time I wore them) were all in one piece, I was rather happy about that. My hip felt rather sore, and had some abrasions, not sure how the shorts got away with that. My over boots also had I nice hole in them. I then took of my helmet, and discovered why my head felt so jarred. It was quite nicely mashed up, I was just glad it wasn’t my head.

My first thought then was concussion, but after analysing my skull, it still felt a bit shaken, I could see fine, think fine, and talk fine (yes I was standing on the side of the road talking to myself). I thought calling for help, but I thought it would take Eamon ages to get to me and I’d just get really cold waiting. So decided, fix the front tyre and see how I felt. Puncture fixed, bike examined, brakes all working, wheels rolling in a straight line… I slowly rolled my way down to the flat.

I did almost stop at Govenors and call for help, after all it was a shorter distance for help. But nothing seemed to be not working (my self included), help would just be lazy so continued on. Once I got to Evans I was starting to feel better, I think I had still been slightly in shock up to that point. But I did forgo the ride along the summit to finish.

Was never so happy to get home though, I have had better rides. Probably a good thing tommorrow is a rest day… I think I am going to ache in the morning.

Nice fresh crispy new programme

Huh… I wrote this last week… looks like I never published it. Well here it goes, a week late (and yes, I did enter Wanaka Half 🙂 )

Ahhh my life must be reasonably dull when the most exciting thing that happens, is I get a new programme. It’s like opening a christmas present, lets see what I have got. It does dictate the majority of my life for the next 6 weeks, I suppose that is reason in itself to get excited. Not that it comes as a complete surprise, after all I had discussed with Jo what direction training will take.

This 6 week program is only actually 4. I get a 2 week break at the start of August, kinda yah, kinda not. I am extremely worried about those 2 weeks, re the eating. I might get 2 weeks of training, but I don’t get 2 weeks of eating. I’ll defiantly have to have Aimees support for those weeks.

Otherwise, this program is all about the swim. 3 swim squad swims each week, that 3x90min = 4.5hrs in the pool each damn week. I am not sure how I am going to manage those Friday mornings. That’s the other thing, because the 3rd swim squad is on friday, Friday is no longer my rest day, Sunday is now the owner of that title. Which will be quite enjoyable, it does mean however that I do a long run on Tuesdays.

So let the program begin!

hmmm not quite yet, doesn’t start to Monday 😦

Congratulations to all those who got into the Kepler. I think that everyone I know who wanted to do it got in, which is pretty impressive.

I did almost this morning, accidently trip and enter the Luxmore Grunt. I had woken up about 6am, and as I was lying there, I thought about the Luxmore Grunt. OK, previously it hadn’t even crossed my mind (I think its my thinking the whole thing or nothing). But as I was lying there, it more and more appealed to me. But then I thought about the whole travel, accommodation thing. And I have my event budget all planned, and that ain’t in there. I told Eamon to not let me get up (I don’t think he remembers, he probably had no clue what I was on about anyway)… and kept lying in bed to well after 6:30.

Ahh you know how much I love entering things… I would have been at my peak @ 6:30 this morning. Maybe I’ll go enter Wanaka Half to make up for it 🙂