The enduro

So in summary it rained, the track was very wet, it was cold and it was short.

Not sure why I go and do these short races, I think I am supposed to enjoy them, don’t think I ever really do. I suppose there’s some satisfaction and they should probably help my speed.

When I left home, there was blue sky so I didn’t pack as much cold/wet weather gear as I might have. Neets had asked how far it was, I actually didn’t have a clue, I even zoned out at briefing and had to ask how many laps I was supposed to be doing, turns out I was doing 2 laps run, 3 laps of the bike, which ended up being (I just looked it up) 1.6R/9B/1.6R/9B/1.6R. Actually that’s shorter than what I originally thought, for some reason I thought it was the same distance as the last 2 races, with an extra run and bike at the end (I know, when I am not really concerned about a race I seem to turn into ignoramus. I really should pay more attention, but then maybe not).

So anyway, I had planned to use my normal shoelaces, with a dongle, so you don’t have to tie the laces. But while warming up the dongle seemed to lose in spring and wasn’t holding much. So I scraped that and I went back to normal tie shoelaces, which made my transitions pretty damn slow.

Anyway, first run went OK. The first bike it pissed down with rain and I just couldn’t put down the hammer, like I normally do. A couple of the corners were very wet, so I slowed down quite a bit and didn’t take them the very fast. The 2nd run was Ok, but I couldn’t get any speed out of the legs. The 2nd bike was a little bit better, but I think the bikes were just too short and I didn’t get much of a chance to get a rhythm. The last run was slow, but the legs didn’t really feel the previous legs.

So in conclusion a rather average race for me.


Spring is so close I can almost taste it

I had a great ride around hilly short bays, followed by a short run this morning. Lovely day out there, but now the grey cloud is closing over and tomorrow not looking so good. But at least its much more promising and spring only a few days away.. can’t wait (I know 1st September doesn’t mean that the weather all off a sudden gets better, but its more pschological to me).

I quite frankly had a shite week. Mainly because I just wasn’t sleeping properly. The main reason for that was my knee. On Monday, I even went to the phsyio to get it checked out. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything serious going on. The physio was pretty much stumped and suggested I sleep in a different position, well that not really going to happen, as I don’t really have any control how I sleep, when I am asleep. So anyway I kept on waking up with a sore knee. Then I just was overtired and Eamon’s snoring got me overly stressed (I kicked him out of bed a couple of times last week, poor guy, normally I don’t notice it unless I have trouble sleeping). Plus I went to Wellington on Tuesday which was a really early and late flight.

On Friday I decided not to go to squad, just to get some sleep. But that didn’t really work because the cats woke me at about 5:30. Arghh!

I finally had a decent night sleep last night, I shut the doors on the cats, then put in ear plugs and didn’t wake up at all during the night.

So training didn’t go all that well during the week, and ended up missing 2 sessions because I was just so tired. But at least its been an easy week, and missed the less important sessions.

So bring on “the enduro” tomorrow. This shall be fun, it’s a duathlon with an extra bike and run. So run, bike, run, bike, run, I am really going to pace myself and not kill myself on the first 2 runs.

By god that hurt

Training is getting harder, this week I had 13hrs to complete. Lets see this week I:

  • Swam 4.5hrs
  • ran 3.5hrs
  • biked 4hrs

Today was the big day, long bays plus a 40min  run. Jo’s added the intensity this year, last year the max run of the bike was 20min, this year I already got a 40min run. That run was damn hard work, I made it to 34min… I went faster than I had obviously thought I would as I got home 6min to early. I decided 34 min was good enough (well not good enough now, but good enough then). I must work on my determination to get a work out done.

In the middle of the night I had woken up with my knee in unbelievable pain. I have no idea what happened, but could hardly find a position where it didn’t hurt and as soon as I moved I woke up again in pain. When I got up I really didn’t think I’d be getting the main session of the week done, I put a bit of ice on the knee. And then I thought I’d test it out over the downs and see how it went. I didn’t even feel it on the bike, obviously that position didn’t aggravate it. Was still tentative on the run, I felt it a little to start with, but once I warmed into the run didn’t feel anything.

I felt pretty good on the bike, which was a bit of a surprise, considering I had done a 90min hilly run yesterday. I actually ended up doing long bays 5min faster than last week, though that’s probably because I had a friendly tail wind.

Right next week is an easy” week. Looking at it I’m trying to work out where the “easy” is. Well, it says its only 9.5hrs, sweet:) Looking forward to some of the upcoming weeks, one includes a tri simulation, and then theres one where I am doing oxford half marathon, I doing reverse long bays the day before, 1 hour before the race and still supposed to get a PB in the half (hmmmm, thats a little optimistic I thinks)

Going to camp

I have decided to go to the training camp in Wanaka at the end of September. I registered in the middle of the week, almost a spur of the moment decision. But I think it will be fun, now all I need to do is work out how to get there and where to stay.

I’m over winter veges

I just been gorcery shopping. And just felt depressed looking at the vegetable section. I can’t wait for the range of veges that will be here in a couple of months.

I know I could buy salad veges (and I do for my lunches) but they are so expensive at the moment, and I prefer to buy in season.

This winter hasn’t helped that brocolli has been in short supply and way over price. Brocolli is normally my main staple winter veg. Bring on spring is all I can say right now!

Just a little bit slow and fat

I was the slowest person in the pool this morning, add on top of that we were doing breaststroke and butterfly (I am totally un-co with them) I just felt a bit blah (well not really, just wished I could have just done freestlye, at least then I feel like I am holding my own). Though while I was doing my breaststroke kick (it take me aaaages to do 25m) I got to look over at the elite squad and admire as they just glide through the water. Those guys just look awesome.

As to the fat, I haven’t actually gained weight but I haven’t lost any either. Went to see Aimee last night, and my weight was exactly what it was 6weeks ago. I can be heartened because that included my break and the toughest part of winter… but still that it a bit blah. Going to be tougher on my self the next 4 weeks.

I got a new eating plan… and as we going through it I had to confirm the snacks in there twice. My final comment on it “Thats heaps”, I don’t think I’ll be going hungry on this plan, just need to be orgainised.

Packing light

This morning I was walking to work from my car with, a bike, a pack back, a handbag,a laptop and another bag with my breakfast and lunch. With my load I negotiated a large front door, a elevator, 2 double doors, and managed to set the alarm off twice.

In the car, there was a recently used duffle bag and swimming toys.

Is that all?

The Equipment Trap

Sometimes, I go through a phase, which includes a credit card and the internet. It’s a bit of addiction really, you know you get that high when you purchase something. It’s about buying this or that, because it’s the “thing” to have.

I am on the side off thought, that it’s the engine that’s important, the rest might buy you a few minutes here or there, but unless you are at the front end of the field, it really doesn’t matter. But thinking this doesn’t prevent me from going on a buying binge. Winter is a bad time for this, I just been so cold, I needed new leg warmers, vest and even gloves. Of course I had to buy a new Helmet, but that is just a necessity.

In deciding to do Ironman this year, I decided I would buy the following equipment:

  • A aero helmet
  • A new wetsuit
  • tyres and running shoes as required
  • A Garmin 310xt

I haven’t purchased any off these yet, the wetsuit is going to wait till as close as the race as poss (probably January), it’s going to be my reward for losing weight. The aero helmet, just because I want one, same goes for the Garmin(but it is the last on the list, if I don’t get one I am not going to be particularly worried)

The latest purchase is a Adamo Saddle. We were talking about them at Anita’s party, and Zarnia loves hers. I decided I’d put a search on Trade me and see what turns up, might be able to get one as a “deal”. So there was one, and was reasonably cheap, so decided to give it a go, not really going to lose much any way. It’s the road version, not the TT, but looking at the website they recommend it for those who don’t have an extreme TT position.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, heres a picture:

So I put it on for my long bays ride today. My first reaction its short length ways. I think I need to try it a little further back, because when climbing I couldn’t get back far enough to push my way up the hill. But I did like it in the TT position, it is slightly wider at the front (the road model is supposed to be a little wider than the TT model) which was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t like it much for climbing or normal position, so I am thinking for general training to stick with my old saddle and bring out the adamo when doing a TT training.

So the Credit Cards and being put away, and I am not going to purchase anything else for a while. “I don’t need THINGS, they don’t make me happy”… maybe if repeat that to myself 10 times a day, maybe I’ll believe it.