The Silver Subaru Conumdram

Today I took my car for its WOF at the vehicle inspection place. My god, I always get nervous when waiting for it to have its check over, waiting for the diagnosis, expecting the worse… everything was all good, thank GOD. I might have a love hate relationship with my car, but today its such a GOOD little car πŸ™‚

Anyways, there was 2 off us in the waiting room, a guy walks in. “Silver Subaru”, “Yes” we both say. “Station Wagon” the guy says. “Yes” from both of us again. There was a bit of a pause as we all look at each other. I say “Roof Racks?”. “Yes”. Phew, we identified the correct car. πŸ˜‰


This is more like it

Training… resting…. training…. do some organisational activity… resting…. training.

So much better than

training… work… training… eat… sleep… training… work… rush to get something fixed… work… training

Now how at my age and limited skill can I become a professional athlete? Much more the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind work that much, it can be a good and challenging experience, but I just hate fitting in everything into the hours I have available. And quite frankly 6hrs on the bike in the hills has to beat sitting at a desk staring at computer screen for 8hrs.

Though thankfully I have managed to organise my days off so that I don’t have a 5 day week until my Taper starts 2 weeks before Ironman, and then I only got 1 week of 5 days πŸ™‚ So things should be much less time stressed than what I had leading up to xmas.

Had a awesome swim at the outdoor pool this morning, rocking up at a much more realistic time of 7am and no stress to finish on time. Now some resting till a spin on the bike this arvo.

Today My Butt Hurt

Jo’s going to be so happy to hear me say that. For last several months we have been working on lots of exercises and sessions to get my Gluts to take the majority of the work on the bike, instead of those massive leg muscles that have been doing more than their fair share of the work.

This includes strength exercises, focusing on the Gluts, and sessions on the bike concentrating on making those Gluts fire. The last couple of hill sessions on the bike I really started to feel the Gluts hurting, and today the muscles was working towards its true potential.

Of course I am not sure how the leg muscles feel in all of this, they might start to feel a little left out 😦

Nad-ya’s a bit of a Id-jit

Christmas day morning, I woke up in Tekapo. As no one else was awake and it was a nice looking morning, I felt like I little bit of a recovery run. The only problem, I had bought no running gear with me. No problem I thinks… its only going to be an easy jog and I have the Salomon trail shoes that I use as my casual footwear.

So off I head in my casual shorts and top and the trail shoes I never managed

to find comfortable running in. I run to the church, as it was so early, was rather surprised to see people already there taking photos(apparently the church is the most photograhed part of NZ… aren’t people sick of it yet πŸ˜‰ ).

Lake Tekapo

I duck and hide behind the back of the church and stop for a bit and admire the view up the lake.

Then I head on back, about 10m from the church…

trip, *swear word*, smack, aggh; get up, look behind me, yes those tourist are still there and now looking at me; walk on quickly, dizzy faint feeling, stop at the nearest table and sit down and wait for the queasiness to disappear and investigate the damage…

Some how I managed to trip over my shoelaces. Those that don’t know the salomon shoes, they have their own thin laces with a toggle that tightens them. Nothing wrong with that, except my laces had broken and I had just knotted them together again… except I missed a few loops so the lace is longer than normal. I just wear the shoes casually, so never been an issue. So there’s a longer loop on and somehow I must have tripped over that loop.

I had manged to go down without the putting my hands out much. So hit knee, then shoulder, then head. If anyone wondering why I don’t do much trail running these days.. I shall use this as an example, I am such a clutz and the likely hood of disaster is high.

Now yesterday, the pain went away so I thought dodge a bullet and all is well. Ahhh but this morning, I woke up with one side of my neck with minor whiplash, a sore shoulder, which I don’t think will be able to swim. But the knee at least felt fine, so headed off for my bike followed by a long run of the bike.

No problems on the bike and no problems on the run… untill I get about half way up the last steep part on rapaki, the knee starts to pinch, then prood, then scream. I still had the summit and more worryingly a long descent to get home. After walking up the last of the climb I managed to run the rest of the summit. But heading down was painful and I really didn’t want to stress my knee and do anything stupid. So a slow walk back home it was 😦

It started as an awesome run as well, I seem to run much better off the bike than I do from cold these days. Cross fingers nothing serious and the body comes back together for the big week that is coming up

Long bays of epic proportions… ohh and a race

I’ll start with the race, after all it came first.

HOT Triathlon

This is a festival of events, I was in the first race of the day, along with the majority of participants. It was 500m swim, 15K Bike, 5K run. So short and sharp, not really my speciality (if I have such a thing), I don’t like pushing the “x” limit. My body much better designed for the longer events. Well anyway, it’s probably the only short tri I will do this summer. It’s a new event held out at Pegasus.

And it was a great event, really well run. John did an awesome job, about 3 days ago we got an email with a complete race information document. Only the really serious events (ie Ironman) give you those. It was really great.

Back to the race…. As always, I arrived way early. I honestly planned to get there 7:30, ended up being there at 6:40. Go figure, I allow for contingency.

Rach captured, my “waiting moment”

I wasn’t nervous, but I don’t like hanging out around the hype of transition. I’ll always find a spot away from everyone to wait until its time to get ready to race.

Swim – didn’t go “great” I got stuck behind people at the start, I eventually got clear water and was able to breathe.

Bike – Also, wouldn’t put it in the “great” territory. The course has a lot of corners, which means a lot of acceleration. I find that hard, you just couldn’t get a good rhythm going… thus I couldn’t put my power into the pedals, like I like to

Run – Let me surprise you all, I will put this as my best leg of the day (well, I am comparing it to me and running). I got a nice pace going, the usual suspects eventually caught and past me.

I was in transition, just put my shoes on when the loud-speaker said Gail was on the run course, so she wasn’t far in front of me. I was about 1/2 way though my second lap when I heard she had finished… just to give you perspective.

But was extremely happy with my result, that had me doing about 5:10 pace around.

Epic Long Bays

I didn’t wait around and watch the rest of the races, or go to prize giving. That was because I still had a 4 hour ride to do, and I didn’t want to be getting home to late in the day.Β  I got home, had some food, chilled for an hour or so and headed out just before one.

The weather had turned to a nasty nor-east since the morning. It wasn’t cold, but it was windy and wet. I was fine heading out to Tai Tap, I had a bit of a tail wind. My legs were a bit sore from the morning, but they seemed to loosen up quite well.

But heading out towards the blue duck, the wind turned to a side wind and it was blowing! I ended up being scared shitless, I had abandoned the aero’s fairly early. But there were a couple of points the wind literally pushed me almost into the middle of the road. With the cars that go past down that road I was really worried. At one point if I hadn’t known that Eamon had an appointment, I probably would have stopped and begged for a pickup. As it was I was really close to just pulling over and sobbing. And was seriously considering turning around, but I would still have to deal with the side wind on the way back.

Anyway, I eventually got off that road, never so glad of anything. unfortunately, that meant I had turned into Gebbies Valley and right into the gullet of the wind. It was sole destroying, never have I groveled up that valley like I did today. Thankfully, once you make it on to the climb proper you get a bit of shelter.

Heading around the bays it was Ok, they are fairly sheltered. As soon as I crested Evans Summit, the storm seem to have completely cleared itself away. There was barely any wind (unfortunately, I had been looking forward to the tail wind home). I had planned to tack on a bit more at the end of long bays, to make up the 4hours, but I was so shattered, I just went straight home.

This is why I always do my long rides in the morning… I didn’t see another cyclist at anytime on my entire circumnavigation, so they obvious wiser than me


Walking is just Hard

Today I had a simple 2hr run. But nothing seemed right. Felt like my stomach had concrete in it.Β  Normally, if I start of feeling crap on a run, I’ll come right after about 30min, but it just didn’t happen.

I wanted to continue on, afterall, I am not going to be feeling much better off the bike right? But I decided to turn around early, I wasn’t going to make the 2hours, that’s life. About 1:20 my knee started to hurt so I walked to stretch it out a bit. Then getting going again was too hard. I thought, maybe I should just practice walking for a bit.

I got back into running for a couple of minutes, but ended up giving up. But as I walked back home, my legs really started to hurt. So I really have come to the conclusion, you just can’t afford to stop running for longer than a minute.

Once you walk for longer the effort to get going again is almost impossible. So thinking about Ironman Marathon, I just really have to know that you suck it up and run, you walk the aid stations but that is it. But lets hope I don’t feel as crappy as I did today on that run.


I truly hate missing the long session

Aggghh, this cold has got the better of me. I not feeling too bad, so I decided I’d get on my bike and see how I go. I knew I wouldn’t make the 4.5hrs planned, and it would be at a much easier pace. But I thought I could get a semi decent ride in.

I almost got up to the Takahe, when I started dry retching (and my HR was only about 150) and I had the cold clammy sweat going on. I decided that I had to abandon, to keep going was stupid.

I just hate missing that main long session of the week. Feels like the week is wasted, now I get to have a easy week, but this week wasn’t really hard enough to recover from. Plus its a really awesome day out there, and what the heck am I going to do with the day now?

Ahh, I am such a whiner. It’s only a cold, not like it’s a stress fracture to put me out of the game, or anything. Maybe I could at least do the strength exercises that I missed, so Jo and her pointy stick doesn’t come after me.

The new program arrived last night, I have been mulling over it this morning. Its hard, the week between xmas and new years is mighty, will be the biggest week I will ever have done. A few new and interesting things in it, along with the classics. Only 5 weeks till Wanaka! Imagine that, almost a year since I finished Wanaka Challenge.