Scuttle off to the physio with tail between legs

I might have mentioned in my weekly report to Jo last Sunday, that my knee was stiff after long rides, did she think I should go to a physio? It didn’t hurt while training, so I really didn’t think much of it, and was hoping she’d say no. But she said, as was proper… “Better get it checked out”. So I kind of dithered around, asked a few people opinion on their physio’s.

The trouble being, it doesn’t hurt. Felt a bit foolish going to the physio when nothing actually hurt to show them. I did that in the middle of winter, when the same knee woke me up in the middle of the night because it hurt. The physio at the time gave it a bit of a rub and a shrug, the pain stopped so I didn’t worry about getting a second opinion. I felt a little stupid after visiting that physio.

Anyway, Jo kept on nagging me during the week to see the physio, so I jumped in and went to the physio Jo recommended. Actually, the one she recommended wasn’t working so went to a different one (but same clinic).

So I enter the physio, and rather embrassed mention the issue/ non-issue at the moment. Rather than getting me on the bench and wiggling the knee around a bit, she kept on asking me questions and taking notes. When I mentioned the previous episode with the other physio she scoffed a bit and shook her head. Right now I started to feel a little better about things, maybe I wasn’t making a mountain out of a mole hill.

She eventually got me up and did a really details muscle analysis. Turns out my right ITB is really inflexible compared to the left. But the basic summanation of my problem is, my right glut med and left hamstring are weak which causes my pelvis to be out of alignment, which causes the ITB on the right to be tight, which when I start to get tired means that the inner muscle start to take the load and the patella is pulled a little out of alignment, which causes it to rub (or something like that).

So she gave me some strength exercises, took me through them in detail (ie she made me sweat). She also put some tape on it (its flexible tape, not like the stiff stuff you normally get), to pull the patella over a bit for tomorrows ride, so it shouldn’t be a issue. I’m going back to see her next Thursday so she can do the same for Wanaka Half.  But with exercises it should come right soonish.

So its nothing serious, after all it takes a 4hr + ride for it to become a problem, but as I have to a 6hr ride than 4+hr run in a couple of months , it might, not to mention the training to come. So I will be diligent and do my exercises.


2 responses to “Scuttle off to the physio with tail between legs

  1. Sounds like she has kinesio taped it (is it a pretty colour?!). That’s supposed to do great things (well, it didn’t for me, but it’s still supposed to do great things!). What a difference an attentive physio makes huh. Glad you have an answer and it wasn’t anything too dodgy that won’t come right with a bit of work.

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