I not a “What if” kind of person, but my performance in Taupo has been bugging me. That last lap of the run… I had always identified the last half of the run as my weak point. I had planned and trained for that very thing. But I failed.

Fortunately for me I had a great swim and bike, so I still managed to achieve my overall goal. Don’t get me wrong that is important, and I feel very satisfied to a certain level, but that last part of the race is bugging me.

Fortunately, Ironman 2012 is sold out so I can’t use this as a reason for going back and doing again. After all anything could happen in a race and you might just end up having a bad one. It is not worth doing one to try and prove a point to yourself, is it?

And as I swore to myself on that last lap, and I will hold myself to this, I am not doing another one till I can prove to myself I can handle that last lap of the run.

… I might need to enter Wanaka Half Ironman shortly just to stop me accidentally entering the full… 😉




Life goes on

This week is going to be my first full 5 day work week since the Christmas break. Though I am just waiting for another disaster to keep my record going. The week of the earthquake was supposed to be my fist full 5 day week. I think Friday is going to be a tough one for me.

Life is starting to settle down a bit, work has got its’ rythmn back… or should I say its’ Chaos. We just had a project launch today about a new site, quake related, it could be awesome. We have got a short period to get the first phase launched, but it’s long term prospect could be very interesting. Don’t worry you’ll find out more soon, I am sure I will be asking you to participate in a few weeks time.

All the downtime has done is put us behind on projects, no slowing down for us. Our office is temporary, as are the desks (aka tressles) and chairs(aka plastic). There is a slight fight for chairs, for us shorties stacking the chairs is required, but as the clients come in for meetings etc chairs get removed and I get left with one. I like to refer to us camping out in a industrial office space, its a cashel affair.

We will hopefully move into our new permanent office at the start of May, so we still got over a month to handle this. I’m sure it will start to wear thin by then and we will be glad to be moving. Though the new office is surrounded by KFC and a Burger King, shite lets hope that isn’t a problem.

As far as training goes, I haven’t really done much. I kind of got into a rythmn of jogging every 2nd day, no stress if I don’t, no pressure if I do. Quite enjoying.

But it is time to get a bit more serious. I am not really worried about fitness, I am more worried about weight. I have been eating crap, and while I have been getting better this week, I am not being very successful in reducing my intake.

Swim squad has started up again, in the outdoor pool and at odd times. Apparently the water has been unheated and was rather chilly for those on Tuesday, though they are heating it now. There is a session on Saturday so I thought I would go and join in, hopefully it would have warmed up a little by then. And maybe on Sunday, weather dependant, its time to take the road bike out for a spin.

Here I go again – The New Plan

I am not having any post event depression. I am quite enjoying having so much time. I get up in the morning, cruise my way to work. Plus I don’t feel pressured to leave work at a certain time so I get what I need to do done and cruise back home again. Not bored or anything (Yeh give me a few more weeks). But even this doesn’t prevent me from thinking what is next… and putting the plans together.

Firstly, I got to stop eating junk. I gave myself a week to just eat what I wanted, that’s kind of expanded to 2 weeks. Its really hard to get back to normal when your body has had so much sugar and fat. It makes me realise why it is so hard for so many people. Its going to take some serious will power to get back on track. Just have Aimee’s word buzzing through my head “Will power is not inherited its learned”

And it is important to get back on track. I lost a significant amount in the last year, not as much as I had hoped but I was looking at challenge Wanaka’s photos yesterday and was shocked at the difference, I really was fat then.

So anyway I want to continue on the loosing weight path, another 5-8kg will get me where I think I should be.

To the plan… Get faster and have fun.

So Half Ironman’s are on the list of things to do. I was going to start paddling about now, but as all the local water ways are pretty much screwed, I don’t think I will be. So maybe I’ll just go do some trail runs (Will see if I can be bothered doing bedrock50 in a couple of weeks).

An advantage for me, is that the pools are still closed and probably will be for another couple of months, so I don’t have to worry about feeling bad for not going swimming :).

So as I always need to list the races, and write them down, here are the races for next summer, no big A race this time. Had lunch with Emma today, and she practically has the same plan, so we might become tri travel buddies 🙂

– Ash Vegas Half

– A North Island Half, Probably Rotatrua

– Wanaka

-Motatapu Off Road Tri (Assuming they do decide to continue with this)

I’m quite liking this plan. Each race can be tapered and raced has hard as possible. Recovery is so much easier from a half. And more importantly, no huge long training rides required to kill your entire day.

I throw in a couple of spring races I think, maybe a few Half marathons, the christchurch one maybe, depending on where and when it ends on getting held.







Brain Chemistry goes Spastic

Friday afternoon, I was working and just got more uptight and frustrated, it was like I was itchy and mad and bursting all at the same time. I thought it was just because it was because I was tired and getting frustrated at a problem I was having. I got antsy and almost exploded at my team. I had to ask them to stop the music because I was getting more and more irritated. Completely unlike me really.

However, the same thing happened to me late this morning, and I was doing nothing, watching telly, pulling up a few weeds in the garden. I had to take myself off for a walk, after about 1 hour walking up the hill I started to finally feel more like myself.

I think I my chemistry must be screwed up, time to start eating properly and get a bit of exercise in. Maybe a quiet jog before work tomorrow, will hopefully calm the brain down,

Things I’ve learnt in the last few days

  1. My bike leaks. I picked my bike from Nades the other day. Apparently when they picked it up from transition, it was really heavy. The frame had filled with water. Maybe that’s why the last set of hills on the bike had seemed so hard 😉
  2. I drink a lot of water! I don’t normally keep track off how much water I drink. You just fill up a bottle out of the tap. But now I have to drink bottled water, between the 2 of us we get through almost 4litres in 1 day.
  3. I am glad we are nuclear free, for more reasons than before. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to have a earthquake and than worry about weather or not the reactor is stable
  4. I am a optimist. I have normally thought myself a optimist, but sometimes I wondered. But now I KNOW I am.



The Photo

This is the photo that will get framed and remembered, not the online results 🙂

IMNZ 2011 Finish

The other photos are here. Was rather disappointed in the official photos, as they didn’t have any of me on the run. But then the weather wasn’t conducive for taking photos

A few thoughts and reflections a few days on

Taupo is not an adventure. It’s an iron distance race, pure and simple. Most people who enter finish, the cut offs are not so hard that the likely hood off being pulled of the course is low. This is obviously in comparison to Coast to Coast longest day, where it is a great threat to many, and the race has no qualms about implementing it.

Wanaka, is much more a free spirit of a race. Even in the harshest weather conditions, Taupo doesn’t compare to the extremes that Wanaka throws at you. Maybe in simpler terms this isn’t a “hard” race. Yeh, I know, on sportzhub I gave a guy a hard time for saying it wasn’t hard. I will just add a qualification, and say it isn’t a “relative” “hard” race.

This race is about the distance, pure and simple. How long and hard can you go against the distance and can you get there in the time you want. That is what I wanted out of this race, and that is what I go.

As much as I hate laps and out and backs, I think they make it easier mentally, especially on the run course. Basically… run around top, back along the bay, up over a hill, down hill, up a hill, down a hill, turn into rainbow drive, run for a bit, turn into a little out and back, run a bit more, long descent, flat bit, turn, long flat out and back from aid station… that’s the course, it almost has rhythm to it. And because the next bit isn’t that far ahead you never seem to be worried about the extremity off the distance to cover.

At prize giving in Wanaka this year, one guy compared Wanaka to the early days of Ironman NZ. and I can see that. The organisers and structure seem very much the same, but because of size, time and prehaps the WTC Taupo is just a little bigger and more stand offish.

So now that I have done it, I am glad I have done it. I achieved exactly what I wanted to, the last lap of the run didn’t go as planned, but I always was going for 12hrs. I have got what I wanted out of this race.

Will I do it again? Maybe, but not for a few years. Maybe if I want to see how fast I can go again or something…. you never know maybe in 10years I might be fast enough to contemplate Kona 😉

But I have always known that me and Wanaka have a much better kinship than me and Taupo will ever have. So I am pre-disposed to prefer Wanaka. But I don’t think they need to competitors they can complement each other, offering something slightly different for people.

I have never had a great love for the Ironman Brand, but after the support they gave to us Christchurch athletes, I have softened towards them slightly.