3 Months On

Its a amazing how you… people… cities adapts to a normal relatively fast, when your world suddenly shatters and the old normal is no longer possible, a new way becomes the norm quite easily.

The desk/ office/ building I was sitting at 3 months ago no longer exists. A new desk, office, building has replaced it. Has the way of working changed? Not much we were practically back to normal working 2 weeks after.

After they took of the roof of the old building, it apparently lost all stability. All the concrete pillars had sheared between the floors. If it wasn’t for the roof, the building could have been down a lot sooner, it makes you shudder when you think about it.

Roads that used to be bumper to bumper all day are almost empty. It’s slightly bizarre looking down the new street we are working from and seeing the IRD building looking fine behind the fenced area… but shuddering at what you can not see beyond it.

Though it took a long time to get back up and running, swim squad has barely changed. Except we get squeezed into 2 lanes, but it works fine. Though, for those down the other end of the pool, it’s a new pool , a new situation.. but it is now normal.

On my bike, the cycle routes are different (and harder), but it’s just about being innovative and getting on with it. How will I feel when Evans eventually re-opens? I remember being doubtful of the cliffs after it opened after the September Quake, this time? I suppose it like everything you can be careful, but not worry about what might happen.

My favourite runs, are not accessible. While I am hopeful Rapaki will open soon, Captain Thomas may not reopen for a very long time. I am just getting a little bored with the hills that are open to me. No offense to those hills, I do love them, but I also love a little variety.

I am lucky, I have sewage and mainly good roads around home, others are not so lucky. But what has affected me and I haven’t compensated to a “normal”. The Supermarket! God damn, how can a supermarket rule your world so much. Rather than doing the “weekly” shop, it more like pop in to the supermarket and get what you need. But this has led to really disorganised eating habits. I just can’t get any sort of habit with my food, it’s all over the place.  I ran past the old supermarket this morning. They had just started demolition of the front of the building. But it’s still going to be many months before the supermarket is resurrected. So really need to get some sort of normal routine going for my food.


“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”

– Arthur Conan Doyle

In with the new

This week was the first of the new training with Westy. It did not start well, I managed to get a cold, so I was a bit limited in my capabilities for the first couple of days. Then yesterday after my long run my Asthma went out of control, probably due to the cold, so not the greatest of starts.

We are working towards Christchurch Half marathon in 3 weeks at the moment, so there is a lot of running with the odd cycle/swim  thrown in.

I decided to sign up to John’s Mid Winter Camp, 4 days cycling around the centre of South Island in the middle of winter. Just a little bit crazy, but heh why the heck not 🙂

Today we spent the afternoon, moving NV into it’s new permanent office at the Grosvenor Tavern. Not that there is anything particular wrong with the industrial part of Riccarton and a boring office block.  But it is just, well, boring. There is something awesome about being back in the centre, albeit on the edge. And I don’t know if you could get a more awesome building for a digital agency. The building has history, built 1877(I think), older than the Cathedral, was a tavern for years, before becoming empty and derelict.

After the September earthquake, it was in a pretty bad state, but rather than bulldoze it, the owner decided to spend the money and bring it up to the highest building specification. It was hardly touched in February, due to that work. So now NV Interactive, Strategy and a Cafe get to occupy one of the few historical buildings that remains undamaged in Christchurch.

The last week has heralded in a new phase of life and perhaps a little bit more “normal”


For all my life I have had the dubious honor off being born on the 11.11, remembrance day for some, but in my neck of the woods it is normally Show Week. And anyone from Christchurch knows that has to be the best, most consistent week, weatherwise, that you can get.

Now this year, it happens to fall on Show Day and also the year 2011. It isn’t a significant birthday, but it has a number symmetry to the date that will not occur again for another 1000 years, of course you could say that of any date… go figure.

I’m not much of one for a party, but I feel I should honor this birthday in some way this year… and why not do it the way I enjoy. So a triathlon seems like the logical conclusion.

Being as this triathlon is about me, its location has to be about me too, and in a location I love and not normally where you would hold a triathlon. Though this posses a few issue, need to find a lake that is warm enough, located close enough to a tarmac road to run to, but also be able to be close enough to an alternate location, in case the normally perfect weather isn’t perfect.

So what I do know for now:

It will be a 1.1K Swim, 110Km Bike, 11K run

It will be on the 11.11.11, for even more symmetry, it could start at 11:11am.

What I do not know is the location, I have thought of the following options:

1. Lake Mcgregor – Its spring feed, and road is paved to one corner, then Bike to Mt Cook and do a little run. The downside, its a little to far from Christchurch, the Nor’Westors can blow something fierce at that time of year and there isn’t much for a alternative course

2. Hamner Springs – Swim in the pool at the hot pools, then bike out towards Lewis pass in a out an back, then run through the forest.

3. Lake Lyndon or Lake Pearson, Bike to Arthurs Pass return and run off road somewhere. This is my preferred option, though I am trying to work out how cold these lakes will be at that time of year.

The alternative course would probably be lytellton/akaroa harbor with a bike around the hills.

I would like some company on my quest. There is plenty of time to get fit for it, or join me for one of the legs, or treat it as a good training day

Add it to your calendar, the date is easy to remember 🙂