To Win – Here is the 3 year 4 part plan

Last November I learnt something, I could win. Up to that point, I was just out there doing my thing to just achieve it. I never ever believed that I was good enough to win anything.

But after my first half ironman of the season I looked at the provisional results and saw me at the top of my age group. I didn’t believe it, I actually truly believed that something had gone wrong, they’d fix it and I’ll be near the middle. But that didn’t happen, I was still first. It wasn’t exactly a big age group, so arguably not that hard to win, but I still beat all the rest… but more importantly from that point on, my view point and goals have slowly changed. I no longer think I would not be able to win, I believe I can! It’s just a case of getting all the parts together correctly and I will be able to get there.

This is a scary thing to announce, because I could quite easily fall flat on my face and not get there. But I truly believe in aiming high, higher than you can ever imagine and then you will find a way to get there. I have done that all the way through my journeys the last few years. But for most of them, they were more about surviving,  Taupo was my first attempt to not just complete but to go that little extra further. I got half way there, but it gave me something else, the confidence to know I can go even further.

The other thing I believe is telling the world so that I am honest with myself. I have been quite on the plan, I might have hinted at it occasionally, but I have been a little to scared to tell the world. They might just roll their eyes at me and say I told you so. So I am going to tell you world, my goal is 10hr 30min .

OK, I am going to put it in a bit more context, after all, weather, course and circumstances all will affect the time, lets just say it’s a base goal, and yes it 90min faster than what I did at Taupo.

But I’ll take you through the 3year plan (well 2 year now, but might be extended to 3).

Part 1: Summer 11/12 – Half Ironmans. I wanted a break from the big rides and get a little bit of speed in the legs when running

Part 2 : Winter 12. Iron Distance. Wanted to do an overseas ironman to add into the mix, see the world. So entered Roth, its a fast course, so good to test out legs on a fast course, but being in the middle of a NZ winter, I know I will struggle to be at peak fitness

Part 3: Summer 13. Ironman. It was going to be Taupo, but I might make it Melbourne. But here’s the kicker, qualify for Kona!… so which ever one will give me the best chance to qualify. Gulp, I said it, that’s where the 10:30 comes in, I should qualify on that time. But I might not, it all depends on slots and who else is in the age group, but I will try my dambdest to get there. If I don’t, I might go for the next year, but maybe  I’ll just slink off in a different direction and give it up.

Part 4: October 13. Kona. Yip getting there is the goal.

I believe  my swim and cycle are good enough to compete against anyone in my age group, I don’t believe my run is. Thats my Achilles heal and always will be, can I improve the others good enough to compensate? The other Achilles is weight, and this winter my weight has gone the opposite to where I want it to be going, but hopefully I can over come.