I had been awesome

But then a quake happened, this wasn’t just a minor emotional upset, where one has to control your desire for food, no this was much larger. You went from: I don’t actually give a F*@k, to: why the heck not. Your will power dribbled into powder and excess seemed almost to be the key.
There are other postives, possessions and material things just don’t seem as important anymore. But getting a handle on my obsessions was hard. A month or so a go I quite the V. I had sky rocketed out of control, after the quake I had started back on the habit to 1 a morning, then it became 2 or 3 a day. Way out of control, but it didn’t help my food obession.
Then last weekend, I had to admit defeat, my once loose size 10 jeans no longer fitted. I had to move into the “fat” jeans. I want to go faster this year at SI Half Ironaman, but how am I going to do that 5KG heavier? It was the point that my brain needed to just say no, so suddenly the old rythmn or food and faint hunger are back.
I am really concerned that I can’t loose 5Kg in 6 weeks, actually I know I can’t, so I might have to reaccess the goals. But all I can do is try and hope this determination holds


The warmer weather arrives, and the tri season is getting close

I decided to do half iromans this summer, so I wouldn’t have to do the big K’s over summer, but I am actually missing them and looking forward to some big training days, is some nice warm weather. I sure that to many spending 8 hours training during your weekend is nutty, but I’m looking forward to it.

Paul’s given me the next 4 weeks of program, and its looking awesome. I can feel the tiredness and the miles in my legs already, and can’t wait to get on with it (God, I’m sure “normal” people will be looking for the nutty switch about now). Plus in 2 weeks its a girly training camp to Wanaka, and looking forward to it heaps. A holiday away to one of my favourite places and some days to just train. Hopefully, the weather behaves itself, crown range is on the plans and I don’t want it snowing on me, nor’ do I want the wind blowing me sideways.

Though I hate daylight savings this early (yeh I’m prob the only one), but means that the longer bike rides during the week will have to be moved to after work, rather than the 6am start I have been doing the last few weeks. I suppose, I’ll adapt, for a few weeks at least.