2011 – Shit happens

I can’t think of a better description for a year. 2011 will never be forgotten, it will stay as legend in New Zealand. For me, in some ways a most exciting, interesting, devastating and frustrating  year. On a personal level it has finished almost as bad as it has started.

I haven’t added a post for a while. The reasons, mainly because didn’t seem to have anything to write about…. I had a mechanical (that’s a bit of excuse really.. more of a brain meltdown that couldn’t overcome a slight issue) at Ashburton half so pulled out on the bike. Then, after getting really excited for 2 weeks before Rotorua, I get sick the day before the race. How unlucky is that? It just wasn’t worth racing, so I got to watch instead. Which is an interesting experience… watching the girls get out.. “I would have been out about now… 3rd out of the swim”… I should have been off the bike by now… top 2… the run would have taken me an age. I did a loop of the lake the next day, it wasn’t a track best suited to me (not sure if there is a track best suited to me… but you know what I mean).

Anyway in the last 2 weeks the training wheels have fallen off and I haven’t been able to train very much… a few easy swims or bikes in the last few days…  maybe tomorrow… but I seem to have been saying tomorrow I will be back to normal for the last week. So my summer of Half Ironmans has not been very succesful to date, and I doubt I will be at 100% for Wanaka… just have fun might be the aim of the day.

Ok.. being sick for 2 weeks at the end of the year compares nothing to what happened at the start… I am just feeling sorry for myself.

On an interesting note, The Press this morning has Andrea Hewitt on the front of it (over the All Blacks) showing the positives of 2011. I wonder if the editor is a triathlon fan…