Boom or Bust – Wanaka Half 2012

My race strategy can be a bit risky, but until its always come off. But this time it didn’t work, I haven’t quite worked out why… Not fit enough?? Don’t think so…. Nutrition screwed up?? Don’t think so… Just not my day?? Probably.

So the strategy is really quite simple, go hard on the bike. Risky, because I could go too hard and blow the run… Which is what happened. The last hill before the airport, just after 70K…. I hit the hill and hit the wall. My legs just said WTF and seemed to stop working. I crawled up the hill and then tried to recover as well as I could for the last 20. Unfortunately, that included 10K of head wind. So by the run I wasn’t right, I tried to get the legs working but they wouldn’t go, it was a shuffle. Felt like it was 2 years before and I was doing the 2nd lap of the run. At the first aid station, I slowed to grab a coke and kinda of stumbled, I was all over the place. 

So grabbed another coke and walked it out for a bit, and then a bit more.. got to the next aid station and downed some more coke and finally started to feel better and jogged through the outlet track, but I had given up on a good time, as soon as I stumbled to a walk, so I decided to just enjoy the lap. And debated if I could be slow enough for the Full pro’s to pass me.. I was! 

I didn’t have a clue who it was though when the lead male passed me, saw the bike and saw the guy and thought who the f is that…. then as I was in the last K Jamie Whyte came passed  ( I was just behind where they crossed and 1st place(Aaron Farlow) was coming back, could see the look in their eyes). So that was the most interesting part of the day.

Not great overall day, but think I can be happy with the swim and bike(even with the final 20K crawl). Plus at least I finished, that was quite frankly the most important part of the day for me mentally, other wise I would have crawled under a rock and stayed there for several weeks


Sometimes it just comes into focus

Gosh a couple of days ago I was moaning lost little soul. But within the last day things have just refocused themselves. Sometimes it just does that
I did need a break this summer, but half ironman’s and the not happening kinda threw my focus. But now I am looking past them to 6 months down the track. The flab i have put on needs to come of and the desire to train comes back into focus.

Sure, hopefully I do ok in wanaka, and I am thinking of doing a long tri down there at end of Feb for the Summer send off, but what worries me the most at the moment, is how I am going to handle the long bike sessions in May, and especially June… Behold the wonders of a new year and a goal within reach and striking distance