Battle Lines Drawn

It has been a while. I just haven’t had anything interesting to say, life has been ticking along quite happily. train, work, train, sleep, train… and life ticks on.

But I am down to the weekly countdown, 9 weeks to go. Training has been going exceptionally well, things just seem to be coming together and I am sure I am fitter and stronger than ever before, and I still have 9 weeks to go.

The only thing not really working is weight not coming off… well in the last couple of weeks its come off by default, you can’t train that much and consume enough calories. But I can’t loose enough in time to be where I want to be, and know that means I have to be realistic in what my run time will be.

Days are getting shorter and colder. I had a 6 hour ride on Sunday, I started of on the hills and headed over to kaituna Valley, there was sun out there… but then I headed over to Lincoln and behind the airport, the nor’easter was blowing and it was freezing. I decided Sugar Loaf is cruel, I could see it where ever I was, and knowing home was just at the bottom of it was tempting. When you look at your watch and see you still got another 3hrs to go and you see Sugar Loaf and know it would only take you 40min to get there, and you are cold and miserable and just not in the right headspace to be where you are… But I told myself harden the f up and kept going and somehow with about 80min to go I felt great and was flying, even into the headwind. The run was a little tortuous, but I made it never been quite so happy to finish a day / week.

The next month, is actually a little lighter in load, but I am sure will not be much easier, apparently week 4 & 5 are going to be the big ones. Feels like the final battle lines are drawn and I am about ready to charge.

The flights are booked, the accommodation sorted… OK not all, but the week before the race is. I decided to go for a tour package the week leading up to the race, that way I don’t need to worry about getting there and accommodation and being all by myself. Starting to get excited and anxious…. and looking forward to a warm summer 🙂


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