Snow, ice, wind and lets not forget the earthquake damage

Well its almost time to leave on a jet plane. Training hasn’t been easy, the weather hasn’t played fair,  but it has gone pretty well. I will not be Jumping in and training for another mid winter Ironman any time soon… its not necessarilly the cold tht is the problem, its the dark.

But from tommorrow, heading towards warmer weather and longer days… I am a little nervous about the trip, will my bike arrive in one piece, being on my own in a strange country with strange language… Supermarket trip shall be fun 🙂

I  am looking forward to race day, that is something I know, it’s the same no matter the language.  I have no paricular goal, just enjoy the expereince.

Any way, bags are pack… and I am traveling light


I need to market my “harden the f up pills”

Ok, so when you are biking for 5hrs straight, by yourself, mostly on flat straight roads, your minddrifts, or comes up with slightly rediculous plans. The topic for today’s. ride, my harden the f up pills are awesome! I need to sell them to others.

The reason my mind was going there, since Wednesday when it snowed and we  had the coldest day in Christchurch’s recorded history, I haven’t missed any training sessions and today was the icing on the top. Snow still covered the ground as I headed out. I decided tdo stick to the flabe fans then head to the hills at the end of the ride,hogging on the assumption the hillswould need more time for things to melt. Got that wrong, behind the back of the airport still heaps of snow and ice, and I decided to turn back on McLeans Island after the bump, where snow still covered the road…. Whereas the hills hardly had no snow when I made it there latter in the day.

Well,it’s less than 30days to the race now. 2 weeks to I fly out. Got the last program from Paul last week, turns out he doesn’t believe in a long taper, so I still got a lot of training to do in he first week in Nuremburg. Which is probably good, will let me get used to training in the heat… Though here’s hoping I don’t get to lost on the 4 hr ride.(smooth roads, can’t wait 🙂 )