A brief summary of Nuremburg

So I have been here in Nuremburg, Germany for a few days now, finally over the jet lag… Here’s just a few observations…

  • It’s hot! The legs actually feel spritely running of the bike, well compared to home when the legs are just frozen… So feel good for approx 5 min, before the heat hits and I feel like going to melt
  • Pedestrian crossing don’t make a sound when green, so have been known to stand there for a couple of light changes because I am not paying attention
  • Traffic lights are only on one side of the intersection, so if you go to far (as I normally do on the bike) you can’t see the lights
  • The bike lanes are fairly awesome, but even without a bike lane the drivers give you space. Today, I was on fairly narrow road and not once, did I get the “F$&@ that was close” feeling
  • Passport control was redicously easy, and no forms to fill in… Couldn’t believe I was actually officially in the country, I’m sure NZ will make up for that when I come home
  • the pool is pretty awesome, outdoor 50m pool, which is chilly compared to home. Automatic entry system, so don’t have to talk to anyone
  • My first run here, I decided to just run up and down the river, couldn’t possibly get lost doing that right? So left the phone at the hotel. Bad idea, got super lost, and the “return to start” function on the Garmin is crap.
  • The roads are super smooth mainly, but there are cobbles scattered around Nuremburg, which makes you loose half the drink from your aero bottle
  • There is a lot of noise to be made when the Germans loose a soccer game, wonder what it is like when they win?
  • the bakeries are yummy
  • the cheese is yummy
  • lots of things are yummy, pitty I am not supposed to indulge to my last couple of days here
  • I know a few friends who would love the shopping, the entires section of the old city is a shopping district
  • There is so much Christchurch could learn from this city, the bike ways, the public transport, the shopping district… Approx same size, though not the population outside or the history. This is why a lot of us don’t really care that much about the history…. It’s so young compared to this city.
  • Christmas in Nuremburg would be amazing!

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