Challenge Roth – Part 2, the run

So the ride wasn’t as good as expected, looked at my watch, just under 6hrs. I was thinking, for F sake I have to run a marathon now, how the heck will I do that? But now that I think about, not quite sure what my problem was, you don’t ride 180 k without it hurting, and while I was slow, I was feeling fine. Looking forward to getting my shoes off, my feet were killing me.

The ladies in the T2 were really helpful, they help take things off, and put things on. Though transitions tents were communal which was slightly weird, not that I get changed or anything… And quite frankly was in my own little world, so wasn’t paying any attention to what was around me.

So started on the run, and it was hard, after the 1k, there is a slight incline for over a k, I just thought, take it easy and keep going. After 3 k, you turn onto the Cannel track, which is a nice packed surface, and started to feel OK… Saying good would be a little far…. We then left the Cannel to run through a little village. It was slightly mad down there, there was also a lot of kiwi and Swiss flags lining the road. Then my knee started to hurt, exactly the same as Taupo, except 10k early.. Crap of F’ing crap… Never had it during training, so not sure how to get around that one.

I think the knee being sore along with just being tired just mentally did me in and the run-shuffle walk started. It was slow and painful going. We returned back to the Cannel. The run is a T shape with loop bits at either end. So you get to see people running the other way. Just before 30 k you get to the other village at the other side of the T, and it was completely bonkers. The crowd is everywhere and lots of music, smoke from BBQ and people lining the street with beer (ok this was a common occurrence across the course) There were lots of people walking by this stage, so made me feel a little better about myself.

So many of fellow competitors tried to be supportive, which was funny when speaking to me in German. I kinda got the gist though of what they were saying, some noticed the flag on my number and spoke in English. It was amazingly friendly the entires way. And so many people running along that Cannel, at some points you could just look along and see the number of people snaking their way through.

Finally got off the Cannel to make the final 6 odd k through the town. The “bier mile” is at about 2 k to go. You are running over cobbles… Not the easiest at this stage, and you have heaps of people lining the course, or sitting at the pubs etc. the last k, I swore to run the entire way, and I did… The finish line was unbelievable, so many people and noise. I had a stupid team just in front of me, considered running past them, but just decided to take it easy and get over the finish line and have some space.

Got a hug from Felix at the end 🙂

Wasn’t my best race, I knew before it I was carrying too much weight to make a really good go of it, but the experience was unbelievable, and while disappointed in my time, can’t really give a rats arse, it was amazing, highly recommend it to anyone. I don’t think my description of it could possibly do it justice.


2 responses to “Challenge Roth – Part 2, the run

  1. I have a question please miss!

    So how do you top a race like that? Do you wonder how you could do another Taupo after experiencing Roth, or does it not bother you? I’d imagine it would be difficult to push your buttons at another iron distance race in NZ after getting such a buzz in Germany.

    I know I’ve said it before, but I loved the technology they used. I reckon it was better than being there, as I was watching peeps progressing around the map every couple of hundred metres. I even watched Paul pass someone on the cycle! SO cool.

    • Ahhh hmmmm…. I don’t think I can top the experience, but others will be different. As for Taupo, it will be all about the race, not the experience. It was really hard training for Roth because of winter etc. so I think Taupo is the best race for me to see how fast can go…

      Before the race I swore wasn’t going to train for another ironman in the middle of winter, but now I not so sure, I might not be able to go so fast, but who cares it quite fun to race overseas

      I’m not sure how the live timing worked, but we weren’t wearing GPS trackers, maybe they were predicting our speeds and working out where we should be

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