Nutrition… Aka yummy, energy, health, well being, addiction and WTF

Recently I watched a you tube clip of tim Noakes talking about the problem with Carbohydrate… And his definition of what people who are “carbohydrate resistant” is. It struck a chord, this defined me.. In my laymen’s term, it means I can’t store carb as glycogen, so the body turns any that isn’t used immediately in the blood stream to fat straight away.

However, his solution was to strip carbohydrate from his life almost entirely… Which doesn’t work for me, I watched Nigella on Sunday the other week, and her approach to food is much more my style… Even her approach to her body and weight I can appreciate, but I am not that confident.

I have known for a while, that there is no scientific basis for societies current horror of Fat, especially Saturated Fat. We can blame one study, based on certain factors that said there might be correlation between saturated fat and heart attacks.. Time magazine used such info to give us nightmares about bacon and eggs… At the same time the food pyramid was making us eat in bizarre ways…

So what we (or I ) have been left with was a youth of cutting of the fat and eating carbohydrate… What I really liked about that Noakes video, is he says I am not like this because I am slovenly and Gluteness… I have told myself such things for many years, but didn’t truly believe it, or even if I tell myself that, I have always thought those around me have been judging me. It doesn’t help that for some reason I started a sport full of fit and skinny people..

“it’s as addictive as heroine” he says… That is why will power alone can’t get you to stop.

But where to go from here? I love my food, I love to cook, I love to eat… A life with little carbohydrate is a rather tasteless life, but also a rather planned and organized one, I am not prepared to go there, plus I am not 100% sold on its totally healthy ( don’t get me started on the “facts” out there… There is so much pseudo science, I am not sure how any body can truly believe anything, and the proper scientific research is all caught up in journals and peer reviews, and they can’t prove this because of that etc etc)

I am going back to what should be, turning things on there head ( you know a KFC double down might not be anywhere near as bad as a sugar filled hamburger bun), I am introducing the fat back into my life, cream and no cutting the fat of the steak… But also reducing the carb intake, and going low GI on that carb, as possible…

So far it isn’t working that well, glutted myself on ice cream twice this week…


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